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Topic Subject:More beginner questions
posted 02-22-99 08:36 AM ET (US)         
Some more beginner questions for you experts...

1. What effect does Jihad have on villager efficiency? I've seen the articles elsewhere that give numbers ... wondering just how bad it gets after you jihad.
2. Units vs. buildings. Attack damage seems to vary a lot. I was playing vs. computer yesterday and a stone thrower vs. one type of building did 57 damage. Vs. another it did 43. Can anybody explain?
3. What if your TC is destroyed early ? Is the only option to get to bronze and build a government center?
4. Aggressive units. Some will keep on attacking after one enemy is killed .. others (scouts come to mind) stop. Does anybody have a list or way to figure out what does what?
5. Does building type affect how fast it gets built (e.g. build time of a stable vs. archery range vs. house, etc)

posted 02-22-99 09:21 AM ET (US)     1 / 3       
Most of your questions can be answered at:

If your TC gets destroyed before bronze you can rebuild it if you have 200 wood. There is a bug that will allow you to build multiple TCs if you have more than 200 wood.

Almost every unit you have will keep attacking any enemy unit that is in there line of sight. the only exceptions are villagers and scouts. ofcourse some units can not attack things that are right next to them (i.e. - cats, heles, etc..) That is why you have to have very good micromanagement skills to pull off a scout rush (if done correctly one of the most crippling attacks in the game).

All the buildings in the game have build times (mr fixit site)

effects of jihad (mr fixit site)

Stone Throwers are one of the units that have "splash damage". The only thing i can think of regarding the difference in attack vs the building was that one ball hit dead on while another hit close to the building thus causing damage but not as much.

hope this answered your questions.

- BaaL

posted 02-22-99 09:24 AM ET (US)     2 / 3       

Hi lonewoof1,

Most of your questions are answered here at this wonderfull site made by mrfixit. He has designed unit tables that are really MINT! go here,

And yes the scouts will just stop after they kill or lose "sight" of their prey so they need more direction by you. If your TC is destroyed before bronze , you can build a new one. It is listed in the building choices. A strategy used by some is if your tc is being destroyed by the enemy and you have your villiagers run away and ready to start working again, then delete the burning TC so you can get the new one up.

And man can those Jihad Assyrians run like deer They are faster than Horse Archers!

Good luck in the deathlands


P.S. I think the information can be found here too at Heaven It's a great place.

posted 02-22-99 09:25 AM ET (US)     3 / 3       
heheheeeeeee BAAL we lurk the forums at the same time
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