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Topic Subject:Best Civs?
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Kurtis Augustus
posted 02-13-99 09:16 AM ET (US)         
In your opinion, what are the best civs?

Of course, I will not include Shang here for two reasons. 1) Everyone thinks they're the best, and 2) I personally don't see why they're all the rage ( fast yes, but what do they have that others don't have better?.)

I personally like:

1) Rome
2) Macedonia
3) Phonecia
4) Assyrian
5) Egyptian

I could be wrong though...and probably am.



posted 02-19-99 01:21 AM ET (US)     26 / 29       
This isnt a list of which civs are best, just which ones i love playing.

tier 1- egyptian, hittite, phoenician, roman

-Egyptian is just a blast to play even in late iron egyptian can do some major damage to anyone except helo civs which is the only thing that stop their scythes. Priest are also a factor. If anything in iron they can be a real pain to play against

hittite- they are ass kickers

phoenician- great navy and wood bomus helps a lot and variety

rome- people under estimate rome. There are 2 civs that will flat out beat rome Hittite and Sumerian. The rest either rome can handle or can waste. Think about it all the upgrades, all the infantry, all the siege, all the boats plus scythes. Pure awsome no other civ has all this.

tier 2- minoan, macedonian, sumerian

minoan- real well rounded. Will lose to hittite and sumerian but all other it can hang with. Also a bronze powerhouse which can only be stopped IMO by macedonia. Hittite just cant handle 20 +11 range comps in bronze that are well positioned

macedonia- really a FUN civ to play. You die in iron but it is sooo fun to kick everyones ass in bronze. They are the only civ that may be able to handle minoan

Sumerian- the first civ i was ever good with will always be faithful

-the rest i never play they dont intrest me

worst- Shang

Shang- such a bore to play no competition

The Who

posted 02-19-99 01:44 AM ET (US)     27 / 29       
I think almost like Ender and Emowilli here but upgrade Rome a bit.

Tier 1 Shang
Tier 2 Phoe
Tier 3 Mino, Hitt, Summie, Egypt, Rome
Tier 4 Assy, Yam
Tier 5 Cho, Bab, Mace
Tier 6 Greek, Carth, Persia, Palmy

I have been playing a lot of Rome lately. That is one good civ with many options. Many games I tower/rax flood the map which saves wood (rax unit are cheap) and allows me to fight at sea/boat boom and farm/TC boom(63 wood for farms) The wood bonus helps all game long. Rome has a vicious tool rush and the rax's you build don't have to go to waste. Another game I went Hcats/heles and wasted the Phoe phant herd. Rome towers aren't strong but you can build so many and put them all over the map on hills to do 6 damage.. creating quite a nuisance. Rome has a very good economy and the options of rax/scythe or siege allow you to tailor your play to most any game situation. I have no trouble surviving bronze w/towers/rax/slingers.. often used offensively. IMO Rome belongs in the 3rd tier for sure... neilkaz ...

Kurtis Augustus
posted 02-21-99 05:50 PM ET (US)     28 / 29       
Just ignore this post. Look at the one above.


Kurtis Augustus

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Kurtis Augustus
posted 02-21-99 05:51 PM ET (US)     29 / 29       
After a little experience, I've had a change of heart. I got my butt kicked on the zone by archers the other night, and I absolutely loath preists. So guess who I'm backing now? Yup, Macedonians. On the next night, I sent out a hoard of hoplites, and ripped through my opponent. I sort of view them as a counterpunch to priests and archers, two things I hate most.


Kurtis Augustus

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