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Topic Subject:Age of Empires: The Rise or Rome RasPatch
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posted 08-05-09 08:50 PM ET (US)         

v0.5 is now complete and available via the granary.


Feel free to email if you have any questions. My email address is rasteveBBBatBBBtalkBBB21BBBdotBBBcom (remove the BBB's).


- Single player games now have 200 population limits as default
- Civilisation unique bonuses improved to strengthen weaknesses
- Super units have unique abilities
- Iron age market technologies have special bonuses
- Ships and buildings are prone to fire damage
- Shield upgrades apply to all units with a shield
- Gaia buildings have the Roman tileset
- Installation does not overwrite original game files

Balance Changes
- Cataphracts have double LOS (super ability)
- Legions train 6 seconds faster (super ability)
- Centurions have 1 range (super ability)
- Gold mines have +200 gold
- Stone mines have +50 stone
- Foot archers have 90% accuracy (previously 100%)
- Mounted archers have 80% accuracy (previously 100%)
- Clubmen, axemen and short swordsmen no longer affected by shield technologies
- Scythe chariot, heavy cavalry and cataphracts affected by shield technologies
- Broad, long, legion, hoplites, phalanx, centies and scythes start with 1 pierce
- Heavy horse archers speed increased to 2.6 (previously 2.5)
- Fire galley deals 12 fire damage (shield and armour cannot reduce damage)
- Fire galley deals +12 bonus vs ships and buildings (no change vs ships)
- Scouts have 12 LOS (no longer increased with each age advancement)
- Stone throwers, catapults and heavy catapults minimum range +1 (3)
- All farm technologies +150 food yield (previously +75)
- All wood technologies +25% woodcutter work rate (previously +0.2 work/sec)
- All stone technologies +40% stone miner work rate (previously +0.3 work/sec)
- All gold technologies +40% gold miner work rate (previously +0.3 work/sec +25% coinage)
- All gold technologies +2 gold carriage (previously +3)
- Coinage increases gold mine yield (amount of gold) by 40% (previously 25%)
- Craftsmanship increases arrow and missile speed by 20%
- Irrigation reduces farm cost by 50%
- Jihad +20% villager speed (previously +0.3 speed)
- Alchemy gives additional +1 bonus vs ships and buildings (including previous effects)
- Assyrian cavalry, heavy cavalry and cataphracts have +2 pierce bonus
- Babylonian stone miners +50% work rate (previously 44%)
- Carthaginian fishing and trade ships have 30% speed increase (like transports)
- Choson short, broad, long and legion have +60 hit points bonus
- Egyptian gold miners +50% work rate (previously 44%)
- Greek slingers have +1 pierce armor bonus
- Minoan improved bowmen also have +2 range and los (like compies)
- Persian hunters +70% work rate (previously 67%)
- Persian scout ship and war galley also have 50% fire rate increase (like triremes)
- Roman barracks units (club, axe, sling, sword) have 33% attack rate bonus
- Cheat units are no longer affected by technologies or civ bonuses
- Hero units are no longer affected by technologies or civ bonuses
- Text improved for technologies (popup help, status line etc)
- More help references added to Rise or Rome content (for future changes to help file)
- Buildings and units have been grouped differently

Bug Fixes
- Status box text size reduced ("200/200" no longer overlaps command buttons)
- Removed redudant technologies string references (alpha/beta strings no longer required)
- Hero12 is now named Hero Pericles
- Elephant king attack animation now shows correctly
- All trees contain the wood that is displayed in the status box
- Assyrian villager speed bonus of 20% (previously 18%, not 30% as quoted in manual)
- Assyrian archers fire rate bonus of 40% (previously 27% for bowman, 36% for mounted)
- Assyrian placed elephant archers are affected by 40% fire rate bonus (scenario builder)
- Babylonian rejuvenation bonus of 30% (previously 27%)
- Babylonian placed war elephants no longer upgrade to armored eles in post-iron settings
- Carthaginian transport speed bonus of 30% (previously 25% for light, 43% for heavy)
- Carthaginian placed rafts are affected by 30% speed bonus (scenario builder)
- Choson priest cost reduction implemented as a subtraction rather than multiplication
- Choson post-iron barracks now train legions with the hp bonus
- Egyptian nobility yields +33% bonus +15% hp for chariots (previously dropped 1hp)
- Egyptian chariots hp the same whether nobility researched or iron/post-iron start
- Greek heavy infantry speed bonus of 30% (previously 33%)
- Greek warship speed bonus of 25% (previously 17% missile ships, 22% catapult ships)
- Hittite placed triremes are affected by +4 range/LOS bonus (scenario builder)
- Hittite placed impies no longer upgraded to composite bowmen in post-iron settings
- Hittite duplicated afterlife restriction removed
- Minoan post-iron archery range now trains composite bowmen with the range bonus
- Palmyran villagers work rate bonus of 50% (previously ranged between 33% and 50%)
- Palmyran repairman and builder work rate bonus of 50% (previously 0%)
- Palmyran farmers work rate bonus of 50% (previously 0%)
- Persian elephant speed bonus of 50% (previously 56%)
- Persian trireme rate of fire bonus of 50% (previously 39%)
- Persian placed hoplites no longer upgraded to centurions in post-iron settings
- Persian farms no longer benefit from irrigation in post-iron settings
- Phoenician catapult ship rate of fire bonus of 65% (previously 72%)
- Phoenician unknown restriction removed
- Roman swordsman attack rate bonus implemented as a multiplication
- Shang duplicated villager bonus removed
- Sumerian catapult class rate of fire bonus of 50% (previously 43%)
- Yamato villager speed bonus of 20% (previously 18%, not 30% as quoted in manual)
- Yamato ship bonus of 30% (rounded up, previously dropped 1hp and fb/fs at 33%)
- Yamato placed war elephants no longer upgrade to armored eles in post-iron settings
- Phalanx upgrade now adds 1 to researched technologies score within achievements
- Centurion upgrade now affects placed phalanx units (scenario builder)
- Long swordsman upgrade now affects placed broad swordsman units (scenario builder)
- Legion upgrade now affects placed broadies and long swordsman units (scenario builder)
- Trireme upgrade now affects placed war galley units (scenario builder)
- Added fire galley prerequisite text to galley upgrade
- Aristocracy now increases academy units speed by 25% (previously 28%, 21% Greek)
- Added centurion prerequisite text to aristocracy
- Nobility now increases hit points by 15% (rounded up, previously dropped 1hp)
- Added scythe chariot prerequisite text to nobility
- Added ballista tower prerequisite text to ballistics
- Added juggernaught prerequisite text to engineering
- Alchemy now adds the correct attack type to each unit
- Alchemy text now details actual benefits
- Wheel technology increases villager speed by 60% (previously 64%, 54% Assy/Yammy)
- Artisanship now increases LOS for all archery range units (previously omitted mounted)
- Added correct technology effects text to all market technologies
- Catapult upgrade text now follows standard convention
- Heavy catapult upgrade now affects placed catapult units (scenario builder)
- Fixed more help reference for catapult (previously pointed to heavy catapult)
- Cataphract upgrade now affects placed heavy cavalry units (scenario builder)
- Armor text has been changed to make effects clearer
- Added heavy horse archer prerequisite text to chain mail for archers technology
- Added cataphract prerequisite text to metallurgy technology
- Storage pit attack technologies have been altered to remove legacy elephant affects
- Shield text has been changed to make effects clearer
- Armored elephant prerequisite text added to iron shield technology
- Changed the way astrology effect is applied
- Changed astrology research text to include affects on healing rate
- Fanaticism increases rejuvenation rate by 50% or 40% babylon (previously 43% or 34%)
- Legion prerequisite text added to fanaticism technology
- Added babylonian rejuvenation rate change text to fanaticism technology
- Changed medicine research text to declare actual benefit
- Added building exclusions to monotheism research text
- Changed jihad technology text to indicate actual affects
- Changed martyrdom technology text to include enemy priest exclusion
- Guard tower uppgrade now affects placed sentry towers (scenario builder)
- Ballista tower upgrade now affects placed sentry and guard towers (scenario builder)
- Removed duplicated archery range upgrade for iron age advance
- Removed duplicated technology effect from medicine technology
- General reinforcement of technology prerequisites

Test Packs
- DM Test Pack: Includes Choson, Persian and Egyptian DM games (2 maps for each) - 1v1 Iron Hillz (large) setting
- DM Test Pack Unstable: Same as above but the AI scripts are very prone to crashing on my machine.
- RM Test Pack: Assyrian RM game (2 maps) - 1v1 Stone Hillz (large) HARDEST (starting resources boost) setting

Dat Change Count
v0.1: 446 dat changes
v0.2: 602 dat changes
v0.3: 313 dat changes
v0.4: 2401 dat changes
v0.5: 1001 dat changes

Total Changes
4763 dat changes
298 dll changes
4 AI replacements
5 PER changes
15 other changes

v0.6 Proposal
This version will concentrate on the units, and will include such fixes as enabling units in the editor, placeable gaia units near edge of map, text updates etc.

I will also make the following changes to heroes:
  • All ranged heroes will automatically have alchemy and ballistics
  • All heroes will have increased attributes (as techs no longer affect them)
  • Villager heroes will no longer change to villagers when tasked

    Further balance changes:
  • Archers fire 100% accurate: More units get shields now
  • Stone: Mines have 350 stone (+100 on original, +50 on last update)
  • Egypt: Gets 40% coinage-like bonus to replace current gold bonus
  • Palmyran: villagers have 40% work rate
  • Shang: ballista/helepolis missiles travel 20% faster
  • Persian: barracks units cost 20% less
  • Babylonian: priests get 30% conversion+healing bonus instead of rejuvenation rate bonus
  • Phoenician: 20% work rate woodies
  • Sumerian: academy units cost 20% less
  • Hittite: siege gets 50% hp bonus and not 100%, missile and siege ships have +2 range bonus (not +4 for missiles ships)

  • Siege can be repaired by villies
  • Trade involves more resources

    Please let me know any problems, suggestions or general feedback.

    Just in case you were wondering, this patch builds upon the RoR v1.0a US Language version.

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  • AuthorReplies:
    posted 09-01-09 12:08 PM ET (US)     51 / 269       
    posted 09-01-09 11:57 PM ET (US)     52 / 269       
    The installation also adds some "test packs" into your campaign folder:

    Choson DM - computer player will try to mass produce legions, build plenty of ballista towers and use several priests for support

    Persian DM - computer player will try to mass produce armored eles, and build guard towers and train priests for support

    Egyptian DM - computer player will try to mass produce scythes, with ballista towers, chariot archers and priests as support

    Assyrian RM - computer player will jump to bronze before building an ever-growing CA army. They will produce a small number of bowmen just in case you plan to tool rush. If the game goes on long enough the computer player may start towering, and use a couple of stone throwers to help their chariot archers. In the rare occurance the computer player gets to the iron age, they will switch to horse archers, and eventually upgrade to heavy cats and ballista towers. A couple of priests may also be used.

    I am interested in the following feedback:

    1. Any occurances of crashes (which scenario and what was happening).
    2. How difficult the computer player is to beat.
    3. How similar the AI is to a standard "human" multiplayer game.
    posted 09-02-09 01:40 AM ET (US)     53 / 269       
    I tried the Assyrian random maps.

    Usually when I play against Assyria on RM, they rush me. In your Assyrian RM, the Assyrians were much less aggressive and never advanced to the Iron Age. So, they were easier than usual.

    I also noticed that your Assyrians tended to clutter their buildings around the Town Center "clogging-up" their villagers.
    posted 09-02-09 10:26 AM ET (US)     54 / 269       
    I tried to mimic a good human player, so here is the computer player priorities:

    Priority 1: Get to Bronze Age ASAP
    Priority 2: Get 24 villies before Bronze Age
    Priority 3: Boom in Bronze
    Priority 4: Get to Iron Age if 100 CAs are on the map

    I have playtested around 20 times (not including previous versions) and here is my "average" findings:

    Me: 24 villies, Tool in 11, Bronze in 14
    Comp: 24 villies, Tool in 6, Bronze in 10

    The computer player hits me around 14/15 mins into the game with 3 bowmen and around 5 CAs.
    I also noticed that your Assyrians tended to clutter their buildings around the Town Center "clogging-up" their villagers.
    Around 14 minutes into the game the computer player should have 3 town centers, one clogged with farms and housing. More often that not villies can find their way around the most dense parts.

    Did you play with the hardest setting?

    Which map (1st or 2nd?)

    What is your strat (villies, tool and bronze times, rush/boom?).

    More often that not, I lose to this setup.
    posted 09-02-09 11:43 AM ET (US)     55 / 269       
    Oh I see 1 problem with the clutter - when a couple of villies get trapped the computer player abandons scouting (and therefore will not find you early). When the farm is depleted they resume scouting.

    It is very very rare for the computer player to hit iron, as they will try and maintain 100 CAs first.

    Things I may change:
    - reduce number of archery ranges
    - modify default cty file (try to force more room around tc)
    posted 09-02-09 05:04 PM ET (US)     56 / 269       
    Here are some vids of the Assyrian RM map 1:

    Sample of me losing:

    Sample of computer player (watch):

    Sample of me losing again (but quicker):

    [This message has been edited by Rasteve (edited 09-02-2009 @ 07:44 PM).]

    AoEH Seraph
    posted 09-02-09 11:43 PM ET (US)     57 / 269       
    *Standing ovation*
    Like britney, you did it again Rasteve. Videos are always a nice add.
    posted 09-03-09 00:25 AM ET (US)     58 / 269       
    Don't worry, I haven't stopped. Just finished v0.3.11 now I need sleep

    [This message has been edited by Rasteve (edited 09-03-2009 @ 00:31 AM).]

    (id: Cyrix)
    posted 09-03-09 03:07 AM ET (US)     59 / 269       
    Like the patch, but I'm so used to playing on 50 pop limit that I hardly go above it. Plus I always get in trouble when I start going above 100. ^_^

    I'm liking the fixes to Palmyran, their villagers are amazing now both build and resource gathering wise.

    The only minor annoyance is with the centurions, the range isn't a bad thing, but it's a little too far, I observed one attack a unit, but at 2 range their spear animation never hit the target but the target was still taking damage from what I've observed. o_o

    Anyways great patch!
    posted 09-03-09 12:28 PM ET (US)     60 / 269       
    I like how you can fast build with Palmyrans, getting those walls up fast really help.

    I agree with the centies. The range in v0.2 was set as 1, but didn't really have an impact. The 2 range in v0.3 does have a more noticable impact, but the animation does not fit (like you say). I will go back to 1 range for v0.4.

    I have been playtesting the Assyrian map 1 and I will make some more changes for v0.4. If you tool rush the player is out of the game, and if you wall the computer player threat is non-existant. Possible changes:

    - Use axemen instead of bowmen (limited retrain)
    - Have computer player build stone throwers and towers earlier
    - Have computer player maintain a lower number of CAs
    - Increase chance of getting to Iron slightly
    - Larger villager boom

    Note that the original AI script was orientated for a bronze archer war. A seperate iron archer war is included, which I will use as an alternative computer strat to get to iron quicker. There is also an "immortal" assyrian ai, which I will look at in due course.

    [This message has been edited by Rasteve (edited 09-03-2009 @ 12:29 PM).]

    posted 09-03-09 02:51 PM ET (US)     61 / 269       
    I tried that assyrian map and I just simply walled and toolrushed 1 player and then I could make a huge army and then strike hard against the other remaining players.

    The centurions 2 range looked very funny cuz the cents didn't hit the opponent but he got injured but it works perfectly against AEs! I love how they smash down an elerushwithout any big losses. But the I think the greeks will get very strong in dms with a few lines of cents guarding some hcats.

    About the Shang bonus, +1 piercing armour for cavs. That isn't on this patch, right? Will that be in the x-pack or in v4.0?
    AoEH Seraph
    posted 09-04-09 02:15 PM ET (US)     62 / 269       
    But the I think the greeks will get very strong in dms
    What?! O.o honestly i thought the Greeks were already quite strong in DMs.
    posted 09-04-09 02:47 PM ET (US)     63 / 269       
    Yes, but not strongest. Now they can even kill a persian elerush with a few cents. I just played a dm game at gr where I was Greek and opponent persians. My cents got killed quite easy by eles if I wasn't attacking with about 5-7 cents at each ele and then my cents lost almost half life when the ele was dead. Now I can put cents in 2 lines and only the first line will get injured
    Champion of AoEH
    (id: Fruktfisk)
    posted 09-04-09 03:01 PM ET (US)     64 / 269       
    How about 1.5 range then?

    //The warrior of Isola

    "I lack quotes that demonstrate Humor Intelligence or anything about me."

    Cleidopus gloriamaris
    posted 09-04-09 06:11 PM ET (US)     65 / 269       
    Yes the Assyrian RM sucks if you wall and them "boom" or tool rush. I will add some early axemen and bring the stone throwers in earlier.

    I may also look at the comp player building walls. I have heard that the computer player doesnt wall (I have read this somewhere) but if I can get the AI to build a number of walls this should help.
    How about 1.5 range then?
    Yes, I am playing around with the range now to get the spear animation appearing as if it has connected.
    posted 09-05-09 05:03 AM ET (US)     66 / 269       
    Only orange walls. And he did that right after my toolrush
    Champion of AoEH
    (id: Fruktfisk)
    posted 09-05-09 11:33 AM ET (US)     67 / 269       
    Computer player wall just fine. Erm... well, in fact pretty bad, but they can build walls.

    //The warrior of Isola

    "I lack quotes that demonstrate Humor Intelligence or anything about me."

    Cleidopus gloriamaris
    posted 09-05-09 12:33 PM ET (US)     68 / 269       
    In the assyrian testing map the computer build wall and towers at the other side of the lake.
    AoEH Seraph
    posted 09-05-09 09:08 PM ET (US)     69 / 269       
    Yes, but not strongest.
    Even with the improved Centies greeks won't be the strongest.
    Hittites have stronger centies than greek, remember (and armored eles, and stronger cats, and better archers and cavalry and... lol)
    posted 09-05-09 11:38 PM ET (US)     70 / 269       
    ęb-OMNI-Fan Site
    What is that?

    The best stuff I made for Age of Empires:
     Composite Editor 1.1 Rated 5.0 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Utility)
     Coke vs. Pepsi Rated 4.4 ★ ★ ★ ★ ⅖ (Multi player scenario)
     The Map of the World (Real world map)
    posted 09-06-09 12:21 PM ET (US)     71 / 269       
    In the assyrian testing map the computer build wall and towers at the other side of the lake.
    Lake? The test maps are all hill country...
    ęb-OMNI-Fan Site
    Copyright owner
    posted 09-06-09 01:45 PM ET (US)     72 / 269       
    Mine was medit :s
    posted 09-06-09 06:12 PM ET (US)     73 / 269       

    Strange, mine look fine. Are you playing the test packs via campaign mode? I will take another look.

    I am just sorting through v0.4 and hopefully looking at a release in the next 24-48 hours. It will not be big as the last patch (in terms of new changes) but I want to release every update quicker (for testing purposes).

    Changes so far (included and tested):

    - Alchemy bonus damage enhancement
    - Coinage bug fix
    - Age advance text bug fix
    - Temple technology text balance change
    - Wall and tower upgrade text balance change
    - Storage pit text bug fix
    - Market technology text bug fix
    - Government centre technology text balance change
    - Logistics text bug fix
    - Nobility scout text bug fix
    - Alchemy slinger text bug fix

    I will also add the proposed slinger and elephant storage pit tech changes (for testing purposes, although these may be reversed at a later date), fire galley damage change (no longer attacks using melee attack type), oak tree straggler bug (something I have introduced) and centurion range balance change (lower).

    If I see any other quick fixes (including the AI test packs) I will action these, otherwise expect to see an update very soon.

    I will also release an early beta version for the xpack (new units, buildings and techs!!) by the end of the week.
    posted 09-06-09 06:59 PM ET (US)     74 / 269       
    You got quite something coming up here, whilst I do not agree with all changes, generally the changes look very good. Besides, being only at 0.3 and it already looks this impressive, you can't help but wonder what things will look like when you reach 1.0.

    There's one bug I'm wondering about though, do you have any plans to fix Hero 12 (give him his proper name and enable him in the scenario editor?), or would it make custom scenarios that use him less playable? I mean it is and oversight that he was left like that, isn't it?
    posted 09-06-09 07:17 PM ET (US)     75 / 269       
    Yes, I will change the Hero 12 name (it is on my to-do list). I need to do some research into the scenario (Siege of Athens) and the Peloponnesian War? to come up with a better name.
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