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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:The Six Tribes RP
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Phil Shaw
posted 11-15-01 04:05 PM ET (US)         
This is an RP based on my multiplayer scenario for RoR: The Six Tribes. (Still in development )
If you don't post for two weeks, your character will be considered dead. (You can post to make sure that doesn't happen - if you are going on vacation or something, notify me and your character will survive).

You can't post more than once a day, or post twice in succession. Editing is allowed.

Don't flame.

Have fun

The tribes are:

The Sea People
You start in a floating city. You can be a merchant (selling fish and fish catching equipment), a soldier (paid ~50 a week), or a sailor (with either a trade or fishing boat).

The Druids
Starting in a temple on an island, you can be a merchant (selling food and relics (Tell you what these are when someone becomes a Druid)), a soldier (paid ~75 a week) or a priest (Advance through the priesthood by reading and learning)

The Nomads
Desert dwellers(So you start in the desert). You can be a merchant (sells meat and water bottles), a soldier (paid ~100 a week) or a Camel Rider (automatically a Sergeant (See below) in the army)

The Farmers
Peaceable farmers. (Start in city, or on farmhouse if you are a farmer) Can be a merchant (Sell Sheep, Seeds, Food and Farming Equipment), a soldier (Only paid ~35 a week)
or a Farmer (grows crops and breeds animals to sell)

The Plainsmen
Trading tribe (You start in trading camp). Jobs available: Merchant (selling various gold and silver jewels, gemstones, food and other trade items), Soldier (~50 a week, can make extra money by accompanying trade caravans), or Horse Rider (Automatically Sergeant)

The Forest Dwellers
Fiercly territorial people (start in forest). Jobs are: Merchant (Selling bows, arrows and meat), Soldier (Paid ~75 a week), or Archer (Automatically Sergeant, know way through forest.)

You CAN change jobs, but not tribes.

The Army hierachy is as follows:

Common soldier

Sergeant - Gives orders to 10 common soldiers plus self, paid ~5 extra than Soldier

Captain - Gives orders to 3 Sergeants (who give orders to their soldiers), paid ~10 more than common Soldier

General - Gives orders to 2 Captains, paid ~20 more than common soldier

Commander - Gives orders to 2 Generals, paid ~50 more than common Soldier.

Battles will be decided by tactical decisions. It takes several days to destroy villages, towns, etc.

All players start with ~500

Oh, and remember to check this original posts for updates etc.

General News
Trouble seems to be brewing outside of the Trading Encampment, a potentially hostile clan of Desert Nomads is nearby. PeteTheBold and Hidden are investigating.
The Druids, if Hidden is successful, will soon have a rebellion on their hands.
Pay day is Sunday

Player News
Hidden Trixter is a renegade Druidic soldier in the Trading Encampment, looking for people to help him ferment rebellion among the Druids(~1025)
Items Club, Axe, Relic, Tunic, Ointment (Half Bottle), Gold Necklace, Scroll
Training Club Training, Axe Training, Horse Riding Training

Legion is dead, due to inactivity(~0)

Pete is a common soldier in the Trading Encampment. (~525)
Items Club, Axe, Tunic
Training Club Training, Axe Training

Mage is a Camel Rider Sergeant of one of the Nomadic clans, with 10 trained clubmen under his command. He recently beat off a rival clan.(~450)
Items Club, Axe, Tunic, Camel
Training Camel Riding training (Not available in the shops )

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Phil Shaw
posted 12-27-01 08:04 AM ET (US)     51 / 73       
Mage: As you approach the Weapons shop with your men, a horn sounds. Your camp is under attack!

The leader of the attacking group is riding a camel, like you, and he has several unmounted men with him. How will you approach this fight?

posted 12-29-01 02:50 AM ET (US)     52 / 73       
Sorry for not replying earlier

Ok, I guess I and my men hightail it back to the town and report, before their stupidity gets me in trouble.

Phil Shaw
posted 01-02-02 06:32 AM ET (US)     53 / 73       
Happy New Year everyone! (And Happy Christmas as well)

Pete: Your sergeant is disappointed that you didn't learn more, but the army has been put on standby.

Hidden: This means that you may be called upon to fight.

Pete: You are given some Stealth Training, and are sent to find some men to find out what's going on, the other two were hopeless

Hidden Trixter
posted 01-02-02 06:49 AM ET (US)     54 / 73       
PeteTheBold, can I join your little group? Along with the ones who look like they could handle a fight? We all have horses, with the appropriate training, and you could give us Stealth how about it?
Phil Shaw
posted 01-02-02 05:08 PM ET (US)     55 / 73       
Hidden: The men won't join you unless you give them ~50 each, plus any loot they may pick up.

Total cost: ~200 (There's 4 of them)

posted 01-02-02 09:33 PM ET (US)     56 / 73       
Im under attack....
ok heres what I do, I run into the weapons shop and take axes for all my men, tell the shopkeeper that Ill bring the axes back as soon as we kill the enemy, and give the axes to my men.
Then We rush out of the fort and prepare to face our advesary.
Phil Shaw
posted 01-03-02 06:49 AM ET (US)     57 / 73       
Mage: Hey, good thinking. With clubs that they know how to use, and an axe each to flail about with, your men are completely unstoppable.

One of them does exceptionally well, bringing down 4 of his opponents.

You yourself are going after the leader. He is clearly a skilled rider, but you are more heavily armed than him.
How are you going to try to beat him?

posted 01-03-02 11:44 AM ET (US)     58 / 73       
Easy enough, take off all the armor im wearing and get rid of all weapons but the axe and rush at him, running the horse with all its got. As I get along side him, Ill cut the legs out from under his horse and watch him sail through the air. Then Ill grab him and take him in for interrogation. What torture methods do we have?
Phil Shaw
posted 01-03-02 03:28 PM ET (US)     59 / 73       
Mage, Considering you aren't trained with the axe, that may not have been a good idea...

Luckily, you, aided by your men, bring down the leader, though you are injured slightly.

What are you going to do with the other Camel (still alive, amazingly), and the corpses?

Mage's Clan
1 of 10 soldiers dead, 2 soldiers injured (including Mage)
2 villagers

Other Clan
10 of 10 soldiers dead, leader of soldiers unconcious, but fairly unlikely to wake up.

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posted 01-04-02 11:43 AM ET (US)     60 / 73       
Ok, well ill get the poor maimed creature(the camel, not the enemy leader) a doctor and repair its damaged leg(s). Ill get my bud that died and build him a funeral pyre to creamate him. then will take the enemy and bury them in the desert.
Ok, now i think i need some axe training
posted 01-04-02 06:07 PM ET (US)     61 / 73       
Ok Hidden, come along with or without your men. Lets see, I think I will give Hidden, his men, and my men some stealth, and then look around to buy a bow and get training.
Hidden Trixter
posted 01-05-02 07:10 AM ET (US)     62 / 73       
Ok, I'll pay the people, and we'll all come along for the ride.

Thanx for the Stealth Training

Phil Shaw
posted 01-05-02 03:56 PM ET (US)     63 / 73       
Mage, you had to give those axes back...

Hidden: That'll be ~200 please.

Pete: Your group now consists of:

You (PeteTheBold)
3 clubmen
Hidden Trixter
4 others (that Hidden found in a bar)

It'll take 2 and a bit days to give them all Stealth Training. Therefore you'll finish at about 6 am GMT.

posted 01-10-02 11:44 AM ET (US)     64 / 73       
Oh, I do, I thought the Blacksmith was killed in the attack.
Well I guess Ill go give them back.
Then lets prepare a retaliation attack!
Phil Shaw
posted 01-12-02 11:01 AM ET (US)     65 / 73       
Mage:The blacksmith is very grateful, and gives you an axe for free, but you had to give your mens' axes back.

How are you goint to handle the revenge attack?

PS: I won't be on as often at the moment, as I'm having to pay as I go on the Internet again - long story.

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posted 01-15-02 08:40 PM ET (US)     66 / 73       
Ok, i guess I'll lead Hidden and our men back into the hills in the general direction of the other group.
Phil Shaw
posted 01-19-02 07:24 AM ET (US)     67 / 73       
My problem with the internet has disappeared as mysteriously as it came

Pete and HiddenA few of Hidden's men are complaining that you both have horses, but they don't.

[This message has been edited by Phil Shaw (edited 01-19-2002 @ 07:26 AM).]

Hidden Trixter
posted 01-20-02 11:49 AM ET (US)     68 / 73       
I'll give up my horse if PeteTheBold will.
Phil Shaw
posted 01-23-02 03:47 PM ET (US)     69 / 73       
Pay day was yesterday, but only Mage is somewhere where he can recieve pay - PeteTheBold will recieve any pay that he missed out on when he returns to camp.

Pete, will you give up your horse (you can come back and get it later.

Mage: You deliver the enemy camel to the stable.
your General has ordered you to take over a ruin, several day's ride to the east. However, your men lack supplies to cross the desert.

It would cost ~2700 to provide camels for your men
A more affordable option would be to buy Water Bottles (~25 each) and have your men cross the desert on foot.

Hidden Trixter
posted 01-26-02 09:46 AM ET (US)     70 / 73       
After tying up my horse, I get my men behind me and sneak into the - uh - place.

PeteTheBold doesn't seem to want to answer. Neither does anyone else

Phil Shaw
posted 02-03-02 08:02 AM ET (US)     71 / 73       
Alright Hidden. People don't seem to want to answer do they?
Hidden Trixter
posted 02-07-02 03:54 PM ET (US)     72 / 73       
My duty is clear...

Recruit the Nomad Clan to fight for my cause. I've betrayed my government, now I'm betraying the person who gave me the money to betray my government. I'm guessing that this guy wants to lead the new government. Well tough. I'm going to do it. The Druidic country shall become a place of learning, where peaople from every other nation can come to, it will be neutral in all wars, it will try to abolish war.

But first I'm going to butcher everyone who gets in my way.

After attempting to recruit the Nomad Clan, I'll head to the Forest, and recruit as many as I can there. Then I'll pick upp supplies at the Farming uh..Place, maybe get some Sea People to join, then its back to the Holy Island to reform the government.

Phil Shaw
posted 02-08-02 04:48 PM ET (US)     73 / 73       
Ok Hidden.

Your impassioned speech sways the Nomads to your cause. However, the men who you picked up in the encampment are spreading trouble.

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