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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Age of Empires Heaven » Forums » Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition » OOH I HATE THIS ZONE PLAYER SO MUCH! WHAT A LOOSER!!!
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posted 12-24-98 01:06 PM ET (US)         
I'm VERY angry at the moment. Not to mention frustrated as well. I met this very annoying, cheating, betraying, lowlife player yesterday in a 3vs3 inland game in ROR's Quirinal room. Civs were random and teams were like this:

KA_Breydel : Macedonian (that's me)
Furh : Minoan (a new friend of mine)
Marcus_Petreius : Choson (never met him)

Rumata : Assyrian (I allied with him in another game, great player)
_Rangers : Phoenician (never met him)
_Socrates_ : Yammato (never met him)

When it was early Bronze, both Furh and Marcus_Petreius told me they were under attack. I had about 6 slingers and wanted to help Marcus_Petreius because slingers are slow and he was nearby me. I told him that. He said it was already too late and that I had 2 refugees coming to my camp (meaning 2 of his vills). I said "OK". I kept the 6 slingers in my own town to protect his 2 vills. I already had a large area with a lot of resources walled in and an awesome hill for defense on the enemy's side just before a shallow. I was vill booming from 2 TC's, had 4 siege workshops poping out cheap Macedonian stone throwers continously and slingers from 1 barracks as well, because the enemy had CA's. I think I can say that I had a nice defense for those CA's. Then this happened:

Suddenly Marcus_Petreius changed diplomatic stance with Furh & me to enemy and allied with the enemy. I thought he accidentally clicked a wrong button and asked something like "Huh?????". Then he said something about that he never saw those 6 slingers helping him. I still couldn't understand it and asked him why the f**k he did it. Then he said he follows _Socrates_ everywhere. Then I realised it. IT WAS SET UP LIKE THIS ALL THE WAY, EVEN BEFORE THE GAME STARTED!!! I started yelling at him and asked the 3 enemies what they thought of his betray. Only _Socrates_ answered and said "I asked him to do it". Yeah, sure man, it's part of your plan. A little later, Furh resigned and I did it too (after yelling some more). I even didn't bother looking at the achievements and quit the game instantly.

Back in Quirinal room, Marcus_Petreius (sounds even like Marcus_Betrayer) started harrasing me with Zone messages. I said I would post in Heaven forums what he did to Furh & me. He said "Nobody probably reeds that *****anyway". I hope it will turn out the other way and that this post has many replies. Obviously, the guy never heard of Heaven forums.

In one of his last messages, he said that I should "fight" with him in a rated room. Well, I'm sure that Marcus_Petreius plays this ugly cheating trick with _Socrates_ a lot in rated rooms, just to get a high rating.

Here is what I think we can do about it, because this has to be stopped:
1. We should never play ANY game with Marcus_Petreius or _Socrates_.
2. If you are a member of a clan, or you visit other forums too, please COPY-PASTE this text and post it in there. I'll post it in my clan forum too (KA = Kingdom of Ages at
3. Talk about those 2 cheaters to all of your zone friends. In general, spread the word around. Again, their names are Marcus_Petreius and _Socrates_
4. Please reply to this post to keep it on top of the forum.

Here in Belgium, we have to pay about 1$ (1USD) to the telephone company for each hour on the internet (and an additional 85$/year or higher to the internet provider). Playing with guys like them certainly isn't how I want to spend my money, I know better ways for doing that.

In case you think I'm a 12 year old child who can't stand loosing a game, well I'm 23 years old and I play almost every day at the Zone.


posted 12-27-98 07:59 PM ET (US)     26 / 35       
Christmas Eve - I'd been doing quite well in the rookie rooms of late, even in DM's (which I'm very unfamiliar w/), and decided to test my mettle in Quirinal.

First game, and right outta the box, I'm in a 3v3 vs. the triumvirate of Desert_Fox, Leviathan, and the antagonist in Ka_Breydel's tale, one _Socrates_ .

I even (in my zone alter-ego, HeliumKid), momentarily, considered bailing, having read this post shortly prior to playing. Glad I didn't.

I amazed myself by getting off, in a random civ game, to a very good start (got Assys). However, my partner (guan_le) to the north got hit very early on by Socrates, bailed immediately, and POOF!, and delusions off a quick advantage were squelched.

Still, I moved on leviathan, who had built a dock, a rax, & 3 or 4 houses on my remaining partner, BTQ. I took care of these in rapid succession, but progressed very little over that span, while Desert_Fox (Minoa) brought a sizeable contingent of compies to bear on BTQ. I helped as I could, but it strained resources. I had walled in, but was already running short of supplies.

Ok - the short end of this is that I stuck it out, as did BTQ (who was getting hammered by Foxy). I knew we were hopelessly outclassed and outnumbered, especially while Socrates was doing god-knows-what just to the north of me, w/ his score increasing in leaps and bounds.

Did we lose? Oh, HELL yes. Not even close. I even felt kinda bad givin' them a rookie "challenge."

But all three were quite nice about it (yes, I s'pose it's easy to be chivalrous when your 13 helis are blowin' the snot outta my walls, and tris are poundin' the coastline around 3/4's of my island...)

OK - I've rambled. Just meant to put in a good word for Socrates (whom I'd never met b4), AND his comrades, who were as gracious in victory as I hope I was in defeat (I even let 'em storm the town b4 I said nite nite).

Good guys all, and i'd be honored to get smoked by 'em again....

HG Alumnus
(id: Angel Washizu)
posted 12-27-98 11:08 PM ET (US)     27 / 35       
I agree with Omni. If there was nothing at stake (non rated), you should just resign. I hate it when people resign that I'm about to kill, almost more that I hate losing

I don't think you should be so hard on Socrates. After all, he was probably joking about the "pay your taxes" thing. Marcus was the lamer who changed teams and tributed his enemy, so I wouldn't give Socrates the poison without a fair trial Hopefully he'll do better than the REAL Socrates.


posted 12-27-98 11:28 PM ET (US)     28 / 35       
I have to agree 100% with Stooge Jay on this one. IMO , you don't join a 3v3 to do anything other THAN A 100% TOTAL COMMITMENT TO ALLIED VICTORY! If you wanna switch teams play a FFA. I have played with many Stooges and they are great guys and will do what I do.. scout to the last fishing ship when you are wiped out if it will help, etc.
About, that Marcus lamer.. I'll bet he has a new name now.
You all might say lighten up neilkaz.. but please don't get on my team with the intention of resigning fast or switching sides, BECAUSE I WON'T DO IT TO YOU !!

The Diplomat
posted 12-28-98 04:17 AM ET (US)     29 / 35       
To my point of view there are (at least) two types of multiplayer games, team games and free for all.

In a team game it is TOTALLY unacceptable to change alliances (can't this be prevented by using the team numbers on the game setup screen?).

A free for all is just that! This is the type of game I played at work for months. I admit sometimes it's frustrating to be working with someone who then turns on you, but that's part of the game. In one game there were four of us. I was attacking another player, who was allied with my ally! The fourth player kept himself to himself. I kept screaming for my ally to help me, but he wouldn't because my opponent was ALSO his ally. I think the game ended in a HC wood pile!!

The Diplomat

posted 12-28-98 11:45 AM ET (US)     30 / 35       
Well I must say that it's pretty sad that people would do this... Especially in a nonrated room. That said, here are some things you might want to consider.

1. Did Marcus' betrayal actually help Socrates win? If what Socrates said was true, then it couldn't have. (the alliance, not the tributing) Marcus could not have done anything to help with no resources.

2. Is it fair to demand resources in return for a temporary non-aggression pact? Is it fair to your team to obey? I personally think it's all right to give enemies resources in return for something else, but I welcome anyone else's thoughts on the matter. (I am NOT, in any way, advocating changing alliances to survive, just tributing resources) Also, what would help your team more, to survive and possibly rebuild at the expense of giving an enemy needed resources, or to die, giving your allies your resources and thus (possibly) keeping your enemy from building any additional forces.

3. It is just a game. They can't play this trick on rated rooms. It may be frustrating, but how much fun will it be for them if you do something either totally phreaked out or, and in the above case I believe the following would be justified, vil-hiding. (if it hurts you that much) Now don't get me wrong, I don't normally support this practice, but if someone is going to be lame to me then I see no ethical problem with doing the same to them until they resign. Just hide a vil and go do something else for an hour. By that time your enemy will have either dropped or discovered you.


posted 12-28-98 03:18 PM ET (US)     31 / 35       
Hi everyone,

I'm sorry that I couldn't follow the posts in here for 4 days. My tiny 7-year-old 14-inch monitor couldn't handle the 1024X768 setting much longer and decided to smoke up . But no tears for it 'cause I've got a brand new 17-inch giant on my desk now.

After reading all the new posts, I have these things to add:

1. First of all, I'm glad so many of you agree to stick with the team instead of resigning or collaborating. I fully agree with Jay when he says that leaving or switching sides creates an unfair advantage that no longer makes the game fun to play.

2. You haven't heard much words for MP from me since the first post here, but I want you all to know that IMHO, he still is the worst lowlife player I've met so far and I still hate everything about him. I hope he has the guts to post something in this forum.

3. I agree about the Stooge clan: They're a bunch of funny guys who play very good.

posted 12-29-98 01:09 AM ET (US)     32 / 35       
Hey Breydel,

As for MP, all I can say about him is that he is a NEWBIE. I used to be a NEWBIE, you used to be a NEWBIE, 95 percent of the players that have ever played AOE have been NEWBIES. The other 5 percent (Methos, Thump, Matty, etc.) had previous RTS experience from Warcraft and other games of this type.

How hard can you be on a NEWBIE, so hard that you take it to the point of hatred? I emplore you to give the dude a break like I tried to. You in your own words agree that it is just a game, with that in mind the next time you see MP how about teaching him what is acceptable in the AOE world.

Gee Whiz... I can remember the first time my village fell to the awesome rush of Yamoto Cavalry. I distinctly remember it took place at the 13 min mark of a game in which i was still tool with 16 villagers. I learned alot that game because Hunter_Xenophobe the commander of the killer Yamoto was nice enough to tell me what I was doing wrong. As a matter of fact he offered me the same pact I offered MP. Fortunately for my teammates I didn't change my diplomatic stance with them.

I love Age of Empires and honestly feel it my duty to aid those that genuinely want to learn more about the game. Granted, I am nobodies expert but in a case where I can help a person with 16 villagers at the 13 min mark, I will do just that. I declare, how much fun is it to just kill poor defenseless villagers and watch the fellow resign and not know why he/she is dead?

Alas, I digress...

Bring The Noise

posted 12-29-98 08:48 PM ET (US)     33 / 35       
Hi Socrates,

I could be wrong, but I don't think MP is a newbie. As you can see in my first post here, he challenged me in a game in the rated room. I don't think newbies would do such thing. When he started harrasing me with zone messages after the game, he had a VERY big mouth too for a newbie.

Then also, after he was attacked, he never asked me or Furh for resources. He also never told us that he wanted to ally with you or that you demanded him to handover resources. I remember when I was AOE newbie, I never stopped asking questions to my allies. He almost didn't open his mouth before he was under attack by you.

But you're probably right, I exaggerated when I said I hate him. I just wanted to tell you all how much I despised his actions in that game. All I ment is that I never wanna meet him again.


posted 12-29-98 09:47 PM ET (US)     34 / 35       
I would just like to say that i have played many a game with socrates and on every occasion he has conducted himself in an honourable fashion! It is in my experience that he knows of no other way to behave and therefore i believe that the afore mentioned accusations to be false! "LONG LIVE THE MENTAL"!!

posted 12-29-98 10:00 PM ET (US)     35 / 35       

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