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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:Fine tuning my boom
posted 06-16-01 10:05 PM ET (US)         
One quick question about my boom. Keep in mind this is doing a 30-45 villager boom with mino or hittite. I always had my 5 berriemen pick until the berries ran out but sometimes I have 7-8 berry patches and it takes longer...I was just curius if I should take these pickers off of berries when I have 5-6 FB's or my second dock up so I can keep a constant villie flow...any opinions here? I'll test it some tomorrrow but would like some feedback ty =).
posted 06-16-01 11:37 PM ET (US)     1 / 2       
I think you would need a bit more than 5-6 FBs to maintain villie flow, probably like 8-10 of them.
Keeping villies on berries longer would give you a faster tool; moving them to wood earlier would give you more food or wood in tool (depending on whether you make more FBs or the same amount as usual).
On conti SF+wood pits are an obvious choice, but on medit the shore is generally too far for this to be worthwhile. However, a hunting+wood pit is a possibility, and could still provide for a faster dock time than a granary start without interruption in the villie flow; it can't produce tool times as early as a granary start since you sooner begin relying on your fishing boats, but if you don't tool before 10-11 mins anyway that shouldn't matter. Persian can be interesting since they can both tool fast *and* dock early from one same pit start, but you have to make full use of that early strength before your opponents reap the full benefits of artisanship (+20% woodcutting, +12.5% range) - hence the challenge, to win with persia you *must* be aggressive ( not like me ).
So what you should do, or what is 'better', depends on what you're trying to achieve. A faster tool/bronze leaves you weak if your initial strike fails. The middle ground can't compete with a larger boom, and isn't fast enough to prevent it. A bigger boom is vulnerable to a competant early attack. What to expect from your opponent is a factor here, therefore.

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posted 06-16-01 11:54 PM ET (US)     2 / 2       

I usually start taking villagers off of berries when I hit the period button and a villager is waiting to pick berries in a bush that a few are already at. When they start to cluster and there are only 1-2 bushes left I will have them build a second pit and have them chop away.

Like wedsaz says, you need more than 5-6 fbs to support your economy.

I have found that each Medit game I have to evaluate things around 7:00. I might have to get another land food source, I might do 4 docks, I might Tool attack on land... there are many things that ultimately affect how hard I boom and how fast I Tool.

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