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Topic Subject:On the Zone..
posted 11-02-98 03:15 PM ET (US)         
So far I have played about 3 games on the Zone. These games have all been 3v3 or 4v4. To date, only 3 players have choson Shang in my games. I also have yet to see a 'no Shang' game. I am not stating anything with this, except that it seems as if the Shang Bandwagon hasnt filled yet. In the games with Shang I have not see much of a difference either. This may change, but for now it looks like the Xpack has only improved the game. Although even if Shang is unbalanced, The Xpack still is only an improvement since now there is only one fast Civ. But lets stay away from this topic. I am curious to see if anyone has had problems with people Banning Shang, if people have decided to Ban Shang themselves, and ,for people who have played shang, do you see a dramatic difference that warrants a "No Shang' game?

posted 11-02-98 05:29 PM ET (US)     1 / 3       
well post after 5 games on the zone i havent played one single "no fast civs" or "no shang" games, and ive only played a game with a shang partner who was shang by RANDOM civ. I think the whole shang controversy was a bit blown out of proportion, and i was just about to post something about this

i am NOT saying that shang is balanced, i am merely saying that it is not having that effect that [some of us] expected/anticipated

posted 11-03-98 03:11 AM ET (US)     2 / 3       
There's not that much ppl in RoR rooms so far to judge. Also, there're no ladder/rated rooms, so there's no real competition yet. As they appear, I bet there will be lots of no-Shang games because Shang is really powerful, lets face it. To see the real outcome we should wait until most of the perspective players get RoR and try it for some time to see themselves. I'd say it will be around mid-November.

As an example, I don't play Shang now because I'm sure it will win and I play for fun, not wins. So I played 5 Shangs, 4 of which were wins( 5th was a loss mainly due to sucky allies). Now I'm trying different civs in attempt to actually have fun. Phoenician and Minoan look promizing. Even new Macedonian is interesting to test.

posted 11-03-98 05:51 AM ET (US)     3 / 3       
Geez, a lot of "blind" people here!...

I was already massacred several times by Shang booms, in mostly Continental maps.

One of the times it was the creator of the boom himself that did it to me.

Shang is U-N-B-E-A-T-A-B-L-E in a 1x1 on a map with water (so that they can fish-boat boom).

Right now, everybody is experimenting and the room never really filled up.

There are posts in the Shaitans forum dealing with Shang and even an interesting article by Thump on the subject of Shang (read it, it's good literature).

In conclusion: If you play a lousy guy like me and I'm Shang - then you will be saying, "Haha, so THIS is Shang's power? No big thing, they were all wrong." . Just go out again and play someone really GOOD with Shang! Wow!

If you play a worthy Shang opponent 1x1, you will have no chance at all, unless you are Shang, or you adopt the "anti-Shang boom" measures that Thump and others talk about...

My 2 cents.

Your Old Friend (and don't say i didn't warn you!)

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