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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject: Please stop fighting
posted 04-21-00 10:44 PM ET (US)   
I'm an admitted "rook" - a word that the experts seem to sling at each other as if it were a dirty word.

You know what? As a newbie, I can't decipher all of those stats and strats and tell who is right among you but I don't care. I have found that many advices from ALL OF YOU have helped my game.

I wish that you would all stop fighting. Remember that it's only a game and it's supposed to be for fun. It is not a lot of fun when I post a new thread with a question about the game and the next day I look and to my dismay, see that the thread has degenerated into a 25 posting with nothing but insults and useless fighting about who's better and who knows what.

If people want to mud-sling then they should do it offline, privately by e-mail. This forum is supposed to be a place for open exchange of ideas, tips and stories. Not a place to publicly demonstrate the total lack of respect for individuals that we have thus far seen.

Humbly yours,

the "rookie"

posted 04-22-00 02:47 AM ET (US)     1 / 13  
NO! DONT STOP! This is great!!! The forum is more active then its been in ages! Ive been an AoE-er since it came out, i just NEVER worked on RM skills, im a die hard DM-er that can duke it out in the 300 pop wars with the best of em'

so i guess im the expert-rookie

posted 04-22-00 03:04 AM ET (US)     2 / 13  
I think there's a fine line between heated debate and fighting. That line is called mudslinging.
A dedicated DMer? I may want to look you up when I can go on the zone again, I've had some good fun as a palmy tribber but it takes an ally who's good with the military.
It would allow you to take a "slow civ" such as hittite or egypt, or an fast but not very big civ like persia. The extra few k of wood and gold you'd receive frmo the tribber in bronze can make a big difference. Sort of like being in DM against an opponent who isn't.
posted 04-22-00 03:13 AM ET (US)     3 / 13  
Arguing about strategies and beliefs is one thing and is fine but name calling and ranting and raving on and on is rather boring, quite silly and gets nowhere.

Personally, it makes it hard when I have to sift through all of that mudslinging crap to try and find some valuable ideas about how to play AoE.

It should be possible to disagree without having to insult each other.

posted 04-22-00 03:17 AM ET (US)     4 / 13  
That would be good wedsaz except one thing, i dont even know who palmy is! i only got AoE and AoK!! i want RoR badly but i cant find it anywhere...

yes i am a very dedicated DMer, i perfected DM strats all AoE Civs... some are good for stone age starting DMs and others good for Iron age. Greek is a top contender(caus of there wide tech tree)and so is assy for there archer speed. But the 2 main ones are Hittite and Choson. Everyone i see at the zone is either hittite or choson, but against choson a very good civ is Assy or Greek. Greeks have good seige shops and there cents are good. a group of greek helo's and cents together are good for killing choson. Assy is good against choson to. a group of 25 or more horse archers can kill many legions before many archers die. Hittite's power house is in there siege shops of course, with the 300hp of heavy cats they are close to un stop able, even when a crazy fool gets in the middle, the 300hp saves you there..some times... oh but i could go on forever... alot of people like blackheart say DM has hardly any strat and is just a big free for all... but thats not true, i know, ive been a DM since the game was made, and there are a bunch of strats just like RM...

posted 04-22-00 05:56 AM ET (US)     5 / 13  
Hmm, well in AoE the closest equivalent would be phoenie I think. I don't know if the latest patch reduced their woodcutting in AoE as well though. Also as a general principle civs that are good in RM must have some significant bonus that has effect in either tool or bronze, preferably both. For example, shang is fast and has a full bronze, minoan has cheap boats and good compies, hittite is slow but has strong CAs and STs, and so on. Hittite or egyptian with a phoenie tribber used to be good, if their woodcutting bonus hasn't been toned down in AoE then it should still work well.
If you want RoR, maybe you can order it online somehow? There may be a link on AoEH somewhere, or on MS or ES's RoR site.
posted 04-22-00 08:59 AM ET (US)     6 / 13  
Gamers love to fight
posted 04-22-00 11:48 AM ET (US)     7 / 13  
Combat Villager, (mispelled?)has RoR, you'll have to buy AoE agian maybe, it is called AoE Gold Edition and is way cheaper than AoK, thats what I have.

Dave, you think this forums bad and treat rook--'s bad, no, usually everyones nice on this forum (and its Pharaoh and Caesar 3 counterpart.)and honor your opinion, but I don't suggest that you go to the AOK forums...

posted 04-22-00 11:53 AM ET (US)     8 / 13  
jeez just ask someone with a warez ftp to send it to u.....
posted 04-22-00 12:38 PM ET (US)     9 / 13  
Caesar Constintine, no I don't think that this forum is bad. I wouldn't be here if I thought that it was bad. For me it's a great place to learn about the game. I don't think that I would have improved as fast (in one month) without the forum and peoples' answers to my questions. Not that I am any good at the game - still pretty lousy, but less lousy than if I had never visited the site.

I have no objection to people arguing about stuff - I do it myself. And it's great for discussion. I meant - no more name calling and insulting. That stuff gets boring pretty fast. That's all I meant.

posted 04-22-00 01:53 PM ET (US)     10 / 13  
Oh, okay
posted 04-22-00 03:45 PM ET (US)     11 / 13  
ok blackheart i will take your advice

Any one have RoR on a warez ftp??!

posted 04-22-00 04:41 PM ET (US)     12 / 13  
I am a vet rookie;my game stinks. Even though we souldn't be fighting, it is really fun. I have siblings, do i am used to it
posted 04-24-00 10:18 AM ET (US)     13 / 13  
It's all good fun!! Mudslinging, strats, flaming, civ discussion, death threata, balance... Somewhere along the way I came to love the whole experience, dead or not. Welcome to our disfunctional family of 30 forummers.

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