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Topic Subject:How to beat roman?
posted 04-18-00 03:49 PM ET (US)         
What's the best civ/strat to beat roman on RM medit?
posted 04-18-00 08:00 PM ET (US)     1 / 11       
i thought you were the all-knowing one .... what's the point of these posts?
posted 04-18-00 08:14 PM ET (US)     2 / 11       
Don't be an ass Blackheart. He's tring to inject life into the forum.
posted 04-18-00 08:38 PM ET (US)     3 / 11       
yeah i know im kind of being an ass ...... and i aplolgize..... just that some of your (wedsaz's) posts really tick me off...... liek where u claim oh you did this and that, but you havent played ror in a long time , nor do you have any screenshots to prove what you achieved... please i ask you .... tone down the fiction..... it doesnt "broaden horizons" , it just pisses me off .... because most of your strat examples are based on what COULD be done in a game, not what WAS done in a game vs decent opponents...... please just tone down that "consistent sub 11 bronze, 50 tower, and 30 ele+ha after ironing in 16" stuff .... and you will see that we can both enlighten this forum with useful info for those seeking it ...

Now wedsaz i know this doesnt have anything to do with "how to beat romans" , im just saying if you tone down the bs .... then i will gladly participate in any discussions with you and i wont flame you...... but if you continue that sub 11 min bronze stuff, then you really cant expect any less from me.... because i have played ror for longer than you, and i have never witnessed these outrageous tactics you speak of.... and based on my experience playing ror i know a lot of your super tactics are not possible ....... so please enough of that stuff , lets be friends, and happy further discussions on this forum.....

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posted 04-18-00 09:03 PM ET (US)     4 / 11       
This is what usually beats my when im roman.
I usually boom big time on Medit. Some minoan always comes at 8 min with a scout ships and takes out about 20 fishing ships. Then after that its all too hard to keep up with them. Too many compies to control
posted 04-18-00 10:56 PM ET (US)     5 / 11       
Sounds to me like you're overbooming, which is risky with any civ and isn't a weakness specific to roman.
posted 04-19-00 01:01 AM ET (US)     6 / 11       
Roman on Mediteraninan you ask? No Problem-beat them last night. Hittite is the Civ for me.

Typically I make 20 villas when I am Hittite to give a TTL of 23. 5 Berries, 15 Woodcutters and 2-3 villas exploring (depending on lions and gators). Once fishing is going, berry gatherers are moved to woodcutters. I make 15-20 fishing boats and move most of them to docks farthest from opponent once he Tools. My explorers build barracks in opponents land.

I will dock shallows in late Stone on a Medit map with 2-3 of my villagers on the other side, or wall with houses choke points if no shallows to prevent any enemy villas from setting up camp anywhere near my base. This prevents any popular Roman Tool attack- at least on the land.

Once I tool I have over 1000 wood with my 20 woodcutters going strong. I make 6-8 scout ships and win the sea. Roman is no match for Hittite on sea early. I make an archery range and stable in opponents land. I will guard shallows with my scout ships, and sometimes attack his woodcutters with 2-3 scouts if the sea is mine and my food is good. Meanwhile i make 4-5 more villas and put on gold, and make 3-4 more fishing boats once the sea is mine. Once I start to bronze i build a market and research woodworking. My explorers build 2-3 more archery ranges in opponents land.

In Bronze my explorers build a seige workshop, I make 8-10 more villas at my camp, have woodcutters throw up a govt center, research wheel, research nobility, and research scale archer armor, and upgrade to sentry tower. 80 seconds into Bronze the wheel is complete and I build 2-3 chariot archers in each range. It is at this point that my wood stock pile is being strained. With the new villas being created I put them on gold and build another T.C. by more gold. My villas that are in enemy territory build a TC by a gold pile. The TC will make more woodcutters and gold miners once the battle is in my favor.

I start my land attack with 6 chariot archers and-- I hate to admit this wedsaz- a camel. A stone thrower is being made. At this point, the resign button is a popular occurance. If not, focus all CA's on woodcutters, and use the Camel to combat any ST's. With the stronger economy, the world is your's.

Iron as you continue to send waves of CA's,ST's (now from several Seige Workshops, and Camels. War Galleys can also get involved with their incredible range. All this time I grow my ecomony. More fishing boats, docks, TC's and villas all over the map chopping wood, mining gold and stone,and upgrade to iron. Now it is a game of cat and mouse and the Hittie Cat will win - trust me. If they are still alive I will make 30 Ballista Towers, 30 Armored Ele's, and endless waves of Scythe--but it is usually 40-50 minutes into the game.

By the 50 Minute Mark, I can have 110-120 villas and an army of 40-50 Super Cats and and mix of 40-50 Armored Eles and Scythe, taken all gold and stone piles, taken all of the fish --but the game really ended when I stopped any Tool attack, won the sea in Tool, and had a dominate Bronze army due to my superior economy and his fragile one.

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posted 04-19-00 02:04 AM ET (US)     7 / 11       
Of course the hittite cat wins: it has double hps!
A few possible weaknesses you should be careful of: (no offense, just trying to be helpful)
1. "I will dock shallows in late Stone" - what if he sneaks a villie in earlier?
2. What if there's no shallows and no choke points? That happens a lot especially on gigantic.
3. "I make 6-8 scout ships and win the sea" - Easier said than done. He can make as many ships as you, perhaps more with the wood he saved on buildings.
Side comment: mixing units is often a good idea so you should actually be proud of adding in a camel.
4. 6 CAs and a camel? That's not a very big force, what if he has a dozen impies when you get there?
5. You better make that 2 or 3 stone throwers. Good romans will probably have many (half-cost) towers which would slow down your initial rush if you don't have many cats. Also watch out for suicide cavs and chariots, if he towered up he'll do anything to get rid of your cats.
6. Don't forget roman also has full scythes, and a full siege. (except for alchemy, but that usually doesn't change much) If things are really going bad, he may even turn fanatical and use martyrdom.
Other than that, nice strat. I can't wait to see what you'll post in my "How to beat hittite?" thread.
This is working! Now I'm not the one posting strats.

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posted 04-19-00 03:00 AM ET (US)     8 / 11       
wedsaz, wedsaz, wedsaz

You REALLY need to play more these days.

1- I will dock the shallows in late stone. Of course I will explore my area and look for signs that someone has beat me to the shallows (dead gators) and take counter measures. If he sneaks in, he will never be allowed to live - end of story. I will explore until I have peace of mind (and I am way paranoid).

2- Medit maps are easy wall, wall with houses, dock the shallows. It is probably the easiest map to wall. If it just can't be done, send artifacts to areas you think he might be coming and when it changes colors-send him a greeting party.

3- 6-8 Scout ships is a good start but, only for you wedsaz, let me state the obvious, you keep building scout ships until you win the sea battle. Hittite Scout ships are better than Romans. Sometimes you can do it with 6-8, sometimes 12-16. To save you from having to pointing this out, let me. If you have any extensive sea war and it goes into Bronze-it will hurt your ranges and stable production-but him too- and will slow your attack, but you will still have upper advantage.

4- You need to remember the circumstances. Opponent has just lost all food resources in sea battle. Wood is exhausted. Farms are needed and woodcutters need to now leave the woodcutting force to farm. Also by now, opponent knows you have docked and fortified the shallows and he isn't on your land. The battle has to take place on his land, and he knows it. Psycologically you have HUGE advantage. You have higher score: villa high, military high. He knows you are still fishing as he is farming. 6CA's and a Camel is more than enough to start the attack. I didn't say I stop building them and watch this little group destroy any and everthing. I start the attack with these numbers because I want to strike before he has put together an army. If he has impies there - GREAT - do their darndest. I will go chase down woodcutters regardless of what "forces" he has.

5- Oh I will make 3-4 stone throwers - trust me. In fact, when I'm done I'll have plenty of stone throwers because I will boom stone throwers for the rest of the game. Towers? I'm a Hittite with stone throwers. Quick refresher course on Roman Towers (and towers in general) vs. Hittite stone throwers = Hittite will be slowed down for about 10 seconds as he destroys any "matrix" of towers that stands between him and where he wants to go. Suicide units I see most often are woodcutters giving me the bone.

6- I will forget that Roman has full seige and full scythe because it means jack sh*t because HE WILL NEVER IRON. If things are going bad he doesn't use martyrdom, he uses the resign feature. In theory, Roman has great iron. One problem is Hittite has better everything in Iron- cats, balista towers to stop scythe, armored ele's, scythe. Save your brain cells and don't try to correct me either saying Helepolis can stop my ele's and scythe, and his heavy cats can try to tease my cats because it is all book talk B.S. If an expert Hittite player (that collected more gold than his Roman counterpart by like 10,000-15,000)is in Iron with Heavy Cats, and a strong econ to do whatever he wants it is game over. No mix of anyting short of a sync error or disconnected can get him out of the game without receiving a serious "blitzkrieg-like" (hmmmmm....) ass whoopin.

So find all my "fatal flaws" here and respond -please - I beg you.

posted 04-19-00 03:24 AM ET (US)     9 / 11       
I felt I had to bring up those questions, because although I knew the answer to most of them the newbies don't.
If we don't mention those 6 CAs and 1 camel are only a *start*, they'll make that and assume they won, which is dead wrong.
Oh, and I hadn't thought about scouting for enemy buildups because with my scouting skills I won't know they're there until their army starts hitting my villies!
I look forward to reading your post(s) in the "how to kill hittite" thread.
posted 04-19-00 07:20 AM ET (US)     10 / 11       
??? Who's the rook that is gonna use Romz on Medit!?!??!

I can name ya 4 civs (easily) who beat Romz EASILY on Medit without even having some problems...

posted 04-19-00 10:49 PM ET (US)     11 / 11       
In bronze, rome isnt too strong. Broadies get eaten up by almost any bronze-age archer pretty well. Normal chariots are OK, i've seen a few impressive attacks with them, cavalry are decent but not really worth the cost. Their broad swordsmen are their key though. As long as you know a few basic archer-dancing techniques. Rome has a hard time attacking in bronze.

In iron, rome is a very diverse civ. Although they do get full siege, decent stable, and decent priests. The fact that their archery is so pitiful really holds them down.

As far as medit goes, Minoan is a feared enemy because of their composites and full siege and they are very good on the water. But a minoan without a steady gold supply is one dead minoan

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