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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:Anyone have the RoR demo?
Caesar Constintine
posted 04-17-00 07:43 AM ET (US)         
I think that the best levels were in the RoR demo game, if anyone has it, please send me the senarios (in the demos senario folder probably)


My email is

Caesar Constintine
posted 04-17-00 03:02 PM ET (US)     1 / 10       
Oh! come on now, someone must have the demo, it's avalible almost anywhere!!!
posted 04-17-00 05:04 PM ET (US)     2 / 10       
The cpx files in the demo don't work with full-version RoR. I tried. Unless you have a converter or sumthin...Also: The AoE demo was better than the AoE full vs. for campaigns.
posted 04-17-00 05:11 PM ET (US)     3 / 10       
i myself dont and never played any of the campaigns..... i mean NEVER..... they're just pointless.... u get a pre-built town and u just have to build some more and win .... also there is some weird stuff in campaigns, like laser shooting towers .... therefore campaigns dont teach you how to be a better player.... i started off with random map default resources and never intend to do any of that other stuff.... as it simply doesnt help you stay competitive on the zone
Caesar Constintine
posted 04-17-00 09:44 PM ET (US)     4 / 10       

The levels (campains) are more than city building, there are some where you start off with just a villie or just military units, some don't have any villies at all, the RM and DM are better but the game is fun too. As for the laser towers, I've only seen one of them in the levels.

posted 04-18-00 07:34 AM ET (US)     5 / 10       
hi heaven peeps! I started aoe the same as Blackheart With RM,noreveal defaults. **sigh** never made me a better player ok, ok I got a little better!! I went from really sucks to poor player
Caesar Constintine
posted 04-18-00 07:55 AM ET (US)     6 / 10       
Now try the Death Match or multiplayer if you have not much (I really don't like DM, but I play it to get better), it will make you a better player, remember theses tips on RM, (to anyone reading this post)expesilly if you'r a newer person at AoE.

*The computer cannot put villagers in transport ships.
*They(computer) usually have 2 docks, and if you post your navy outside their island or the location where they are, all along the coast, they can't, or wont usually build back their docks.
*On very hard the computer cheats.
*Build TCs where they cannot be reached by a navy, or and army, posibly a hill.
*I always use atleast 23 villagers to start off with.
*Fishing ships are good at scouting and they gather fish slower than farms but I usually have 6 of them.
*If there is a small pond of water inland, not near the coast I put a dock in it,so if a dock on the coast is attacked, it will never be upgradeing something becuase the one inland will be the dock that you upgrade from.
*build towers on hills, people on this forum did test to see if it is slower to go from a hill and back up to get berries or faster to get them if they are noty on a hill-- what they found was that it is equal, slow up a hill and fast down it, for towers that slow up a hill is what you use it for.
*Wonders, some have 600 pts. others have 500 pts. be sure to protect it by putting towers or walls and afew troops.
*My civ.s I play are Carthogianin and Greek, these are just my fav.s if you don't know what techs one has in the book it will be there. Everyone has differant favorite civs depending on what their favorite unit, tech or quality.

I hope this helps some of you out there, I know Tenaciti
is not a newer player well 800+ post is big but I did not know the things above till a while ago, maybe you, or others did not know afew of the things above, I just told you what I do, I know many people do it differant, better or worse the above is just how I do a RM or DM.

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posted 04-18-00 08:26 AM ET (US)     7 / 10       
I am so thankfull for a 'free day' to catch-up on forums

Thank-you for the advice Caesar Constintine I agree with you on all your tips. I play vs the computers with some friends, it's a lot of fun to whip on the poor 'puter player' with priests

My problems are in multiplayer, I can start ok with no villie lag....problems are the resourse balancing, deciding tool/bronze attack, doing all walling & scouting in a decent time. I've only played a couple of aoe2 games in the past weeks.

Last night I played 3 RoR games for the first time in months! One game was random 2v2, my allie was a very good player hardimsille?(something like that name) he was hittite and I got persia...the enemies were good too!! both from the 007 clan. I was able to keep up with them all 'till bronze when my allie was attacked and called for help...I sent some cavs but it was not enough and he was angry with my suckiness. I was 'ok' just need to play more

Caesar Constintine
posted 04-18-00 10:14 PM ET (US)     8 / 10       
I'm not to good at multiplayer, but when I play I try to get nice allies, sometimes hard to come by on the Zone. There are a few things that I also like to do that works with a computer ally, many of my allies on the Zone will not let me do this, and I see why, but I think its a good idea for not giving up...

Take a villie and bring it to your allies TC, build you a TC, if in bronze and if in Tool build a barracks until you can get in bronze there, and if you'r city is defeated, you can help fortify his, and maybe he may let you have afew resources. It's just an idea- it usually gets low ratings by many people, but I think it will work.

About the small problem(you'r ally getting mad), you know what they say "practice makes prefect" (sometimes )

I am trying to improve my skills, and gradully I'm getting better, I now can play on Moderate, with 1 (me) agianst 3, with a score of 1,000+, I don't really know what score classifies you as an expert or non (I think I'll post about that one.) But RM and DM have helped some.

posted 04-19-00 00:25 AM ET (US)     9 / 10       
My experience is that zone ratings don't mean much. Some get to high ratings by cheating, and some become very good players without ever playing even one rated game.
You'll know you're good when you win in most games. You'll know you're an expert when you rarely ever lose. Always remember this: nobody's perfect, even the best have flaws.
What helped me a lot was making a plan before every game, and analyzing every game to find my mistakes... even if I won. Some allies, even among good players, object to making a team plan, but I think it's necessary in order to achieve the higher levels of play.
There's a fun strat that I used to do with palmy/roman/minoan, I hope you like it. It's for a 3v3 huge medit, and requires careful team play. Of course, sometimes adaptations must be made as situation demands so YMMV. Here it is:
1. Minoan fastbooms (I'll explain if you want), roman heads for a fast tool (8-9 mins), palmy runs for a superfast tool (7:00-8:00). Roman sends a villie to palmy's town while tooling, and a forward builder or even 2 to the adjacent enemy. If roman is in the pocket, he should attack the enemy adjacent to palmy.
2. Palmy tools, builds market asap, and gives his stone to roman. He should then build a stone pit and put his next 3-4 villies on it. Roman builds a barracks in palmy's town near his woodies as soon as his villie gets there. He should also start building his forward barracks near the enemy as soon as he can. Palmy should also make some trade boats to start making gold out of his fishing food, so long as it doesn't chew into his villie flow.
3. Roman tools, builds an archery in palmy's town and starts towering it, while starting his tool rush. Palmy must supply whatever resources he doesn't need for immediate growth to roman's axer/sligner/tower rush.
4. Minoan tools, starts making warboats. Palmy stops giving wood to roman, starts giving it to minoan for the boat war. After the villies on palmy's stone pit, he should send the next 6-8 on gold.
5. Minoan bronzes, makes some camels while he researches impies and makes some siege workshops. Palmy supplies as much gold as he can, which is a lot. Roman should be done rushing the first opponent by now, and should stop there to jump to iron. Palmy can stop mining stone, and should put those villies either on wood or food to get himself to bronze.
6. Minoan bronze rushes the adjacent opponent with his compie/camel/ST army, or the one adjacent to palmy if minoan is in the pocket.
7. If minoan's attack is won and down to mop-up, he tells the others so palmy can start giving the gold to roman to help him iron faster.
8. Once roman is ironing, palmy should focus on getting to bronze so he can get maps before the game is over, because by now it's pretty much won.
Probably the easiest role in there is roman, since a roman axer/tower tool rush is hard to stop and palmy is supplying most of the stone. However, his role in towering palmy's base and providing palmy's tool defenses is still essential. I think it's a good role for an eager newbie, who can learn much by watching his 2 allies while still being very useful.
Then there's minoan, any intermediate minoan player can conduct a boat war and bronze rush with compies right? The extra wood and gold from palmy, however, allows him to do both and more effectively than normal.
The palmy tribber is probably the most critical job in there, and yet there is little glory for it. The veteran should be palmy, since he has to understand all 3 roles to know who needs what when. He also has to know how to handle palmy's economy, and has to watch his allies giving them tips. Basically, like a mentor bringing his students for a field trip.
Caesar Constintine
posted 04-19-00 10:59 AM ET (US)     10 / 10       
Wow! I think that one would work great, the only problem is, like you said, finding allies who understand what you are trying to do, sometimes nice ones are a hard-to come by.

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