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Topic Subject:Domains stomp on little sites....
posted 11-02-99 11:32 PM ET (US)         
Gee I was mad when I found out theyre was a site called agersHQ, my site rise of rome graphics HQ.

My site was smurfed I say bam talks about agers though.

Wonder how he found that name no other site is named that but mine.

AgersHQ doesnt have orginal content, just the exact same news copyed from

When I have plenty of my own news, and content.

Boy I dont want to spend 70 bucks to register a domain.
but im thinking about it. maybe

I get 59 hits a day avg barely but that is nothing considering how much I have to offer.....

my url

posted 11-03-99 08:40 AM ET (US)     1 / 4       
I think AgersHQ is part of In fact, I'm sure it is. That's why they have the same news.

"A battle won is not a war won"
My AoE/RoR website: .

Josh the Great
posted 11-03-99 02:22 PM ET (US)     2 / 4       
AgersHQ is indeed made by Merlin who designed

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posted 11-03-99 03:01 PM ET (US)     3 / 4       
do you have to register a domain name so no one else takes it? I didn't know that..well you should register if the name is important to you
Someday I'm gonna learn to make a web site..long time from now if i don't put any time into it.

I did learn how to upload files to a FTP recently! amazing for me

posted 11-05-99 05:21 PM ET (US)     4 / 4       
Hello Ghost, you didn't respond to my email, and I see this. Ghost, AgersHQ is an original idea, yours is about graphics, and ours is about creating an Ager community. Big difference. Why do we have the same news as ? Well for one, we have this thing called shared news (you can learn about it by clicking on the button "Alliance" to your left). And with it, anyone who is in the community can share the same news, they can change the wording of it if they want, or just quote it. Its up to them, but its to share news. I am very busy with the AgersHQ working on it and all kinds of other things in my life and still finding time to play AoK, I don't have much time to do news. We are looking for newsies (or whatever you want to call them) that are willing to write original news articles about the news all over the place. Until then, I am doing the best I can to do the news, if you look down, a lot of it was my own writing. But the particular day that I copied the news from , I tried to change it a bit, but I was in a real hurry. Merlin did create, he maintains it, along with , which he created, and the same goes for and I am sure others that I am not aware of ( I think he also does). Merlin is a wizard; he shouldn't be worried by people like you who can't think of your own domain name. Say ? I am sorry we took your URL, I can't help it. But I can tell you this, if you take people will think you are smurfing us. I myself will write news on the main page saying its not true if that happens. I will gladly help you think of a new domain, I wouldn't be surprised if you could get hosted by until you can get your own domain, check out the benefits, their pretty good.

AgersHQ DOES have original content, we created just about everything in that site on our own, but we have used some images and such from because the owner of both sites told us to. You have a nice, I really think you should get more traffic then you do. I wish you good luck with your site

AoErat, no, as you might of read above, I was just in a real hurry that day.

Tenaciti, congrads on learning ftp

Lately, famous people (ie, Arnold S-word-that-I-am-NOT-gonna-try-to-spell, will smith, etc, celebrities) have been trying to get a website with their name on it (ie, ) but they are already tooken by "cyber sitters". Cyber sitters take a famous persons (or companies) name of a domain and "sit" on it, they either use it as a fan site, or sell it to people for large amounts of money (even the person that they stole it from). So the Celebes have been dashing to get their domains. Some lucky ones got all of em, (.com, .org and .net) before the cyber sitters did. But most were not so fortunate. So they proposed a law to congress (or something) making this illegal, so people cannot do it. And the law passed, now you can't. A good law IMO, now the celebs get their domains back. But you can't reserve something unless you have a big name or something. I don't know the exact laws about it. But they exist; feel free to search CNN for the article

HQ Commander
Helping to create an Ager Community

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