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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:The Champion of Light Tourney
posted 10-22-99 09:47 PM ET (US)         
I've wanted to host this type of tournament for quite some time, but have never seemed to quite come up with the rules and varieties that make a great tournament special. I came up with this type of format by looking at 3 key factors that make AoE/RoR varied: Map sizes, Map types, and Age starts.

All games are RM and 1 on 1 and each tournament will have one main factor that will remain the same.

Tournament 1 - Tiny, Small, Medium (map sizes)

Tournament 2 - Small and Large Islands (map types)

Tournament 3 - Inland, Highland, Coastal: old AoE played maps w/o Isles (map types)

Tournament 4 - Large and Huge (map sizes)

Tournament 5 - Medit, Hill Country, Continental, Narrows: new RoR played maps (map types)

Tournament 6 - Gigantic (map sizes)

Tournament 7 - Varied Ages: start in tool, bronze, or iron (age starts)

Tournament 8 - Nomad Start (age starts)


- Speed will be set at 1.0 or 1.5 (depending on players' choice). If both players cannot agree on the speed, then it will be set at 1.5

- All players are refrained from using any bugs/the trainer. Suspicion of bugs/the trainer or possible cheating in any way must be backed with proof (screen shots). If accused of using the bugs or the trainer, cooped players will be included by my choice (keeping things un-biased) in watching your actions.

- "Phantom walling" will not be allowed as a tactic in this tourney, doing so with the purpose of not completing the wall will result in elimination from that tournament.

- "The Kiss of Death" will be allowed as a tactic in this tourney. IMO, it is a fair tactic because you lose stone in hopes of the opponent relocating.

- If drops are to occur, (although they don't happen as much in 1 on 1 games, but they still do happen sometimes) the game will either:

a) be restarted


b) be determined by one of the players conceding defeat if he was losing at the time.

Try to get a screen shot before you drop if possible.

I will make the best decision based on the information presented to me.

Keep it clean fellas, there's not point of winning if you cheat to do it; takes away the challenge and fun which makes this game great.

Things to Note

There is no need to sign up for any of the tourneys, just join Tournament Room # 1 for the first of 8 tournaments.

- Due to the latest poll I've taken on zone, most people want this type of tournament to have settings that are not announced. I totally agree with you guys on this one and although I finished creating all the settings by using a random number generator, I will not announce the settings anywhere until the tournament starts in the tournament room.

- Each of the premier 8 individual tourneys will be single elimination. If you lose in one of the tourneys; just join up for the next week's tourney and try again. Choose any tournament you want to join.

- If you are emerge victorious in one of the tourneys:

a) I'll need your email address and message you when the playoffs to determine "The People's Champion" start.
b) An individual who wins one of the single individual tourneys CANNOT join another of the 7 tourneys. Doing so will have that player disqualifed and the runner up from that specific tourney will take the slot for the playoff tournament.

The minimum amount of rounds for the premier 8 tournamets is 4. That means a minimum of 16 players per tourney. If an individual tournament does not attain 16 players, then the tourney date will be post-poned to a further date. This means more that if you guys want a tourney with 5 rounds then 28 players will be needed to join, etc. The basic thing is, the minimum number of rounds that will be played is 4 (so 16 players needed to host a single tourney) I will announce the new tourney date on the forums (GX or AOEH).

After the 8 individual tourneys are completed, the result will be 8 individual champions... who will be "The People's Champion"?

The Playoffs

The new room will be held in the Tournament Spotlight.

Based on the first two champions to enter the Tournament Spotlight Room their game will immediately start. These two will have a best of 3 series.

An example of the Playoff Format

Let's say:

Player A = Winner of Small and Large Islands Tourney
Player B = Winner of Tiny, Small, Medium maps Tourney

The situation is: Player A enters the room first and Player B follows him a few seconds later.

In this case..

Game 1 will be:

Either Large or Small Islands (based on my determination prior to the match)

Game 2 will be:

Either Tiny, Small, or Medium sized map (again, based on my determination prior to the match)

Game 3 (if necessary):

This game can be either nomad, varied ages, large and huge, gigantic, inland, highland, coastal, mediterranean, hill countryk, continental, or narrows.

Basically, any setting that wasn't in the previous two games.

The benefit that I will announce the tournament settings when you arrive is that you have a general idea of what the settings will be, but you still aren't exactly sure. Thus, practicing one setting will not necessarily lead you to victory. Keeping you on your toes will be one test on the road to becoming "The People's Champion"

Rules for the Playoffs

The speeds and rules are the same for the Playoff Tournament compared to the individual tourneys. That is, cheating/use of bugs will not be allowed, and the speed is either 1.0 or 1.5

The Playoff Tourney Format(explained further)

- The winner of this 9th and final tournament will have a minimum number of 8 games played (if he sweeps every round) and the maximum number of 12 games played (if the winner were to play a "game 3" in each round).

- It is highly unlikely we will be able to finish this entire playoff tournament in one day as should be the case with the individual tourneys so new dates will be posted as necessary.

- If drops are to occur (in the Playoff Tournament), (although they don't happen as much in 1 on 1 games which is why I chose 1 on 1 games instead of team games, but they still do happen sometimes) the game will either:

a) be restarted


b) be determined by one of the players conceding defeat if he was losing at the time.

Try to get a screen shot before you drop if possible.

Who can participate?

All zoners may join any of these tourneys in hope of becoming a champion and making the playoffs.

I hope we can all have fun and enjoy ourself from the start of tourney # 1 until the end where "The People's Champion" will be determined.

A Final Word

Good luck, have fun and never give up on the fight.

Sportsmanship, good behavior, and your cooperation are essential in leading a FUN tourney, try to keep that in mind.

"A defender of truth
A guardian against evil
Protecting the common man
Light shines on him eternally
A Peoples Champion he is and will forever be."


(Any questions or comments email me at
I'll check these when I'm free to look at them at school)

PS - Thanks to the KAK and %Kudas for helping me with these tournaments

posted 10-29-99 11:50 AM ET (US)     1 / 3       
What is "The Kiss of Death" Walling in your opponent's TC?


Boneser again
posted 10-29-99 12:32 PM ET (US)     2 / 3       
You have certainly put a lot of work into this, Turals. Keep us posted on the results if you can.

Do I have this right? 16 players sign up. Winners advance. Therefore 4 rounds minimum. This means someone who wins all 4 will have to play for approx. 3 to 6 hours ( 45mins to 1 1/2 hour games) not counting breaks in between. It might be doable but I still wonder about the logistics of it. Not many people can spare that amount of straight time just to play. And rescheduling is always a nightmare.

Best of luck in any case because I know you are going to need it.

posted 10-30-99 11:17 AM ET (US)     3 / 3       
I hear ya Boneser about the logistics of this tourney. But, I did mention rescheduling will be allowed (used whenever needed). So, however slow the tourney rolls along, I'm not gonna fret about that... Whenever people show, they show, if you wanna enter the tourney, just go. With this said, the problems with rescheduling have been eased a bit. And yes, your correct about the rules concerning 4 rounds minimum (16 players). 16 players, think about that, I can just advertise on the day of the tourney for ppl to go to the Tourney Room 1 and get as many people as needed. I think that's pretty doable right there. Games will last for as long as they need to be. From 5 minutes to 3 hours, etc.

And, to Cruentus, your right about the "Kiss of Death"

"Kiss of Death" = Walling in opponent's TC

Any other questions/comments post them up here, GX forum, zm me when I'm on at Citadel_Zonic_ , or just email me at


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