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Topic Subject:Knight v Lobby
Cherub Lobby
posted 09-12-99 08:11 PM ET (US)         
Game Report !

RFC Knight (Choson) vs Cherub Lobby (Assy). Continental

Whoo hoo I thought against someone as good as Knight it was great to get a civ advantage… but it was all down hill from there !

I expected a heavy tool rush and due to lack of slingers decided to stay home and wall and rush to bronze where Assy CA’s could rule. My late and haphazard explorers found the one shallows had been dock blocked by the time I got there.. fine.. it went with my strat anyway. I found his forward buildings and had set a nice little walled up relocation spot.

Really poor food management slowed my bronzing though (what was I doing several bad errors .. idle vills.. heaps of wood.. forget to make more fb’s… forgot to build a rax in stone) He hit me with a bunch of slingers in late tool.. slingers just ate the assy bowmen.. and even CA’s later.( I should have made axers).

He beat me off the water and found what I thought was my nice little covert fishing spot. This seriously hurt my food production.

He somehow got into my walled base from behind (Tranny ? Hidden vill ?) and wiped out most of my wood production. By the time I had 12-14 Ca’s he had a zillion Broadies who became long swordsmen as my CA’s started picking them off !

Well played Knight.. I think next time I need Shang against Carth and I might make it to iron !

posted 09-13-99 06:15 PM ET (US)     1 / 2       
I watched the game on the Night's side (I wanted to see how plays a 1900+ rating player )

2 things impressed me in this game:

1) the way Night carefuly explored your area, finding a big hole in your walling you didnt see (no tranny!)

2) the way he attacked the Lobby's remote woodchoppers. He carefully guarded the issues to ensure your vills wont flee.

It was very interesting to watch Night in action..

Btw, Lobby, I really think you beat yourself in this game You had the winning tech tree but poor ressource management and walling killed the advantage . Usually, your game is very solid and unforgiven! (what did you smoke before playing?)
I hope to see you online tomorrow for our now traditional practice!



Cherub Lobby
posted 09-13-99 07:20 PM ET (US)     2 / 2       

I had what I call “Intimidation Freeze”

It is where… if you play someone who you perceive is much better than you…you do weird things. It like you expect to lose and play accordingly.

I cant remember that last time I didn’t at least set up to do a tool rush on a large non-med map… yet I abandoned the idea of rushing at the start … why ? How many times have you ever seen me wall up .. yet I went for walls.. I normally have 10-15 fb’s by tool I had 6 ? I can not remember the last time I forgot to build a barracks while still in stone (very frustrating getting into tool and seeing no stable or range ready to be built).

Add to this the idle vills (although this is normal) and the forgotten houses and you get a very poorly played game.. when what was needed was one of my really best games to match it with Knight !

My complete lack of fear, nerves, adrenalin at the start should have been a warning… I was just gunna drift along to a loss and say … well it was against Knight… I never do that in rated games.. no matter who I am playing I think I’m a chance !

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