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Topic Subject:Last night tourney games
posted 09-11-99 07:44 AM ET (US)         
I managed to get 2 tourney games last night:

1st match Rererepeat (Sumi) vs Lucifer (Assy) medit map
(potjeon was watching)

The civ match up was pretty even.
I tooled with 40 vills and managed to sneak out a villager on his side. I began to forward build but rrp disccovered my explorer. My vill flew but had built 2 archeries. It was pretty late, I had enough food to bronze and was well walled. So I decided to fake a tool rush and bronze jump. I just trained two archers. Rerepeat overreacted and attacked my forward base with a sizeable tool army and towered the vicinity.

Since he had burned all his ressource in his tool army, I bronzed before him. My war galleys took the sea and 6 Ca's raided his town! I boomed with 85 vills, ironed and began to bring Catapults to destroy his towns. His resistance was heroic. He had walled himself on a hill forest, defended by stone throwers! (a kind of Massada situation =) )
I opened a breach in his walling, my horse archers slaughtered the remainings villagers.
Well played Rererepeat! It was my best tourney game so far "strategically" speaking! I wish you good luck for the rest of the tourney!

2st match Sgtdesantos (shang!) vs Lucifer (Mace) conti

The macedonian LOS bonus is really awesome. It allowed me to quickly find the Sgtdesantos's base avoiding detection.
I tooled rush with 4 armored clubbers and 1 scout and killed his wooding operation. Then I bronzed and tried to finish him. But a late and powerful tool counter attack hit me and killed a lot of vills. His economy was almost dead yet, I trained 3 cavs and managed to destroy to destroy his army.
Good game Sgdesantos!
I hope we'll play soon again!

The tourney so far was very very interesting. I had a lot of fun. The games were always very very thrilling! Thx boneser for this amazing tourney! And thx Borgboy for your dedication!

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posted 09-11-99 07:56 AM ET (US)     1 / 1       
Without all of you it wouldn't be fun now would it?
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