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Topic Subject:really annoying thing
(id: DaPsycho_is_Me)
posted 08-31-99 06:17 PM ET (US)         
sometimes while im playing on the zone something really annoying happens. rite when the game starts i press H and hold down until i hear the sound, make a villy, select two villie lay down two houses...and suddenly my screen goes blank and AoE minimizes. I find myself lookin at internet explorer and of course it freezes for four or five seconds while loading back. So i have to wait those four or five seconds to maximize AoE again. This doesn't happen all the time...its only happened 4 times out of the 15 or so games ive played but its really annoying and i usually end up a little behind the other players. what the hell am i pressing or doing wrong to make this happen? has this happened to anyone else??

and im not pressing that alt+del or whatever you press to switch screens. all i press is h,c move my mouse and click.

please someone help me

~WOOO HOOO!!! I'm officialy a member now! im so happy

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posted 08-31-99 06:27 PM ET (US)     1 / 2       
This hasn't happened to me but I wonder about holding down the H key. When I start a game I just press it and wait for the TC to be selected. It always works. Maybe it does something when you hold down the key.
posted 09-01-99 07:02 AM ET (US)     2 / 2       
Hi ya This happened to me several months ago... I discovered that a program was auto-starting every 20 mins and the game would minimize. It is soooo annoying to lose all that game time.

I agree with Thinker42 don't hold the H.... what i do is move the mouse a little, when the curser moves the game is in sync. Then HC, grab house, start explore and more HCCC's....then the first new vill is born

Good luck in the deathlands

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