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Topic Subject:A nice little tool tip !
Cherub Lobby
posted 07-29-99 02:18 AM ET (US)         
This has worked like a charm for me in about 3 or 4 of my latest games.

When tool rushing send you clubbers at his woodies before the armour upgrade has clicked in. People almost invariably fight when he clicks them and sees they are unarmoured (I do thatís why I thought this might work) After all 2 vills can take out 1 unarmoured clubber

The amour upgrade clicks in while you are fighting and 5 clubbers that might have normally taken out 1or 2 vills have 8 piled up in no time (especially if you clicked the attack upgrade from a 2nd pit at the same time).

Often the enemy does not react in time and loses too many vills to recover ! If he sees those clubbers have armour he will run immediately (I sure would).

Clubbers look so pathetic too and often wont cause the panic run that axers or slingers do.. but lets look how damaging they are to vills. 1 Armoured/Attack Clubber can take out 8 vills while a bland one can take out 1 (of course vills will fight back in numbers but then so will the clubbers).

On another note I have noticed a disturbing trend among even high rated players.. I have won several games lately by the enemy not getting armour. If you are fighting tool wars unarmoured .. you are dead.

In one at a time attack :
1 Armoured Clubber beats 5 Vills & 3 Bland Clubbers
1 Armoured Scout beats 8 vills, 5 Bland Clubbers & 3 Bland Scouts
1 Armoured Axer beats 10 vills, 6 Bland Clubbers, 4 Bland Scouts and 1-2 Bland Axers

etc etc

posted 07-29-99 02:30 AM ET (US)     1 / 5       
Hmmm...sounds interesting Lobby, have to try it sometime. Thank you for tip.

Bond. James Bond.

posted 07-29-99 10:21 AM ET (US)     2 / 5       
That is a great idea. this way you are not waiting to attack also. Another tool strat is to wait till you have massed units and hit his woodies. There is nothing like 4 armored scouts coming in someones town to make them **** there pants. Armor is a must for any unit no matter what time it is in the game. Also i beleive the sight upgrade is key. Not to ramble on but there is nothing like when he runs his villagers. I know your not killing anyone but while there running he isnt gathering any more resources. I dont see it as a waste when i have 2 clubbers following 3 to 5 villies. when they stop they are mine and more times than not it leads me to there pards town. If they do run though dont run your entire army leave most to kill the houses and maybe even a bronze upgrade building or 2 = )


posted 07-29-99 01:37 PM ET (US)     3 / 5       
Cool, Thx for the awesome statistics, it will REALLY help, i think :-) I swear, i SUCK at using the SB for tests.


posted 07-29-99 02:28 PM ET (US)     4 / 5       
Done it
I did it before just to put the enemy in defensive mode while I was bronzing, but since I used to do it I usually check if the clubbers have armor or not every 5 secs while boning.

In Ferro Veritas (Latin), "In the Sword is Truth"

posted 07-29-99 02:43 PM ET (US)     5 / 5       
Damn you, Cherub Lobby!

I have used this trick occasionally for some time, and now you expose it to the world?

Seriously, though - the primary reason why this is a good tactic is due to the fact that Clubbers in general seems less threatening than Axers, and in particular the unarmoured thing (hah! He must be a newbie!) - getting the armour as you attack.

Another thing to do might be to send a few vills to the middle of the map, set up a pit, barracks, etc. and then use Clubbers as Scouts instead of vills or regular Scouts - but this depends on the kind of attack you're going to make use of. Clubbers has the basic advantage that they do quite a bit better against wildlife than vills, they move faster, and you won't lose any significant production.

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