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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:becoming a well rounded ROR player
posted 07-28-99 01:11 PM ET (US)         
Lately i have been playing all kinds of settings even venturing into esc. for those high resources reveal games. Dont get me wrong, I love the default cont settings but playing sm islands or hell. Also tooling someone or booming right to iron. Playing DM and RM. Beleive it or not these all help your games.

For a RM player to play dm will help his Massing of units, Unit control, and over all productivity of resources and time management. Not to mention it helps you learn hot keys.

Reveal. This has helped me fine tune strategies and booming. When i am trying out an idea i have the reveal on so i know if i have the resouces the strat will work.

The Med and high res skip the O so difficult first couple mins of the game. and helps you work on the middle parts.

When i was in darq and was taught to boom (thanks neil, solo, neo) like no other. What im saying is dont become a specialized player. Neil (not to pick on you) Only plays water maps at a certain speed certain settings. Now while he may be one of the best boomers in the game, people know what to expect when they play him. Try a tool rush at 9 flat or attacking all out in stone.

One last thing... Recently i have been letting people watch me play. Any of you are welcome to watch, take notes, what not. I warn you i havent played in a month but the strat is there.


ps sorry it got so long i am really bored at work

posted 07-28-99 01:30 PM ET (US)     1 / 5       
I KNEW I recognised your name...
I would love to be able to boom like Solo. In fact, from what you just said, I would love to be able to boom like you
I've been trying to catch Solo on, to take advantage of his offer to watch him at work, but so far no luck. So... If... you can extend this offer to me I would much appreciate it.

He's a rabbit...

And he eats them...

Which is why they call him...


posted 07-28-99 04:21 PM ET (US)     2 / 5       
Oh no,, I don't think you're picking on me.. you're probably right that I should play more settings than def res watery map RM at 1.0 preferably and 1.5 w/arguement.
I'd probably fight better if I played some DM, but I am better militarily than I used to be a few months back. I do play an occasional non watery map.. but still need to optimize how to bring farming into the economic/military expansion equation for Hills in the bronze age.

I won't player reveal because I don't want to be scouted w/building foundations. More importantly I don't play reveal since my eyes seem to have too much difficulty telling red from orange and yellow from brown in ROR. IE when a reveal game starts I often can't even tell where my allies are with all the confusion of colors on the mini map.

As for using reveal to fine tune booming etc.. I do that simply by playing the starting map over and over, while using the same starting exploration pattern and not "cheating" since I know where everything is.

However, some DM would help me multitask better I think ..neilkaz...

posted 07-28-99 07:33 PM ET (US)     3 / 5       
LOL neil I don't play reveal map for the same exact reason as you. Often I will have build on my ally thinking he was an enemy coz I was unable to know when he was located on the damm map. This is not a joke seeing all that map at once tends to make me dizzy. Plus people house wall me like noone would be able to do on non-reveal. I actually make bad economic choices 2. Opponent probably foundation hover me to find me.

For 3 months now when I'm in a game and turns out that reveal is on I wait at 5minutes mark and just quit. Prooving undoubtly that am not a rating ***** by giving away something like 20 pts sometime. I am a reveal map moron this is no joke.

Playing different map is great it makes the game exciting if you ask me. I don't play narrows nor coastal on the other hand coz I just don't get those 2. For instance yesterday I played medit, conti, inland, hillz and large islands. Inland is fun 2 coz booming is very risky coz fish are not abundant. You can also get those conti sweet spots. Usually use a bronze or tool rush strat or CD's crappy bronzing on those. Inland seems to have alot more wildlife then other maps... I did not play alot of old AOE if you can't tell and inland is refreshing!

In the large islands game I had a nice 37 pop with low 14 mins bronze with hitite . Wood with 2 elephs+1sf pit first then dock then granary then dock, dock. Docking second is incredibly awesome in my opinion. I cleared the sea crushed opponent by building on him but of course as in all my god damm large islands match I got builth on. I had mined stone tho and my woodies were protected by 6 or 7 bronze age towers... Don't know if am stupid or something but I always get builth on in large islands. Am I stupid or is this normal? Anyway he got crushed coz those 10 CA were like 75% of his pop at that point... I played alot of small islands (like 70+ games) and in those it was a boat fight and building on opponent islands was a foolish act as you would always see his peons/buildings really fast...

posted 07-28-99 08:04 PM ET (US)     4 / 5       
I played quite a lot of large island large map 1v1 in AOE and ROR and I'd advise making a scout or two as soon as you tool and ran him around to make sure you don't get built on and to check out your island very well.

If you are playing 1v1 large isles HUGE or GIGA map your land mass is SO large that basically you will be built on if they want to, but still it is a big help to know when and where they are. Also walling off any undefend penisulas etc can save you from raids in isles games... neilkaz...

posted 07-28-99 08:45 PM ET (US)     5 / 5       
This is coming from someone who doesn't play nearly as much as he used to, and was never that good at rm, but this is about dm so the last doesnt matter. In dm reveal map is usually turned on. (or at least it was when I played on the zone) Now in dm, this is not near as bad as it is in rm, because of a few things.

1. Expansion. The point in dm is to expand as much as you can in the first 5 minutes, or at least to lay the foundations of a tc near a sweet spot. Therefore, even if you are not intentionally trying to foundation scout, you have a good chance of coming across an enemy's building and/or foundation.

2. Towers. Most good dmers (especially Choson) build towers all over the map. If you are the builder, then if someone is wasting their time doing this, they still have no idea whether this is a bunch of towers, or military buildings, or your main base, unless they are very good. (Even then it involves huge amounts of time and a fair amoutn of guesswork.) If you are the scouter, well, stop wasting your time and start building!

3. Massive armies very quickly. If you are sending armies of scythes or legions or whatever in various directions, you have 5-10 minutes before you find them anyway. Whats the point of wasting time foundation scouting when you could be queuing up more units, building more tcs, or constructing more towers?

The bottom line is, foundation scouting is not just ineffective in dm, it actually hurts you. If it is dm, and someone wants to foundation scout me, I'm all for it. That's probably anywhere from 10-30 less scythes/legions i have to deal with, or it gets put off anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. Rm, of course, is an entirely different story.


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