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Topic Subject:an interesting strategy
posted 07-25-99 01:19 AM ET (US)         
today i was playing and had an interesting idea..... it was me(shang) and my ally(yammy) vs yammy assy....... i got a vil across the shallows near my enemy early on and dock walled behind me...... i started my forward base and was just about ready to hit the bronze button when i had an idea.... i set myself back a bit by building two slingers befor hitting the bronze button.... i then walked into my enemies town and stoned a couple vils befor they inevitibly boned my slingers..... now you probably think this was a huge waste but it worked perfectly..... when i got bronze in about 14:30 i got wheel, grabed some CAs and went into his town...... sure enough he has blown the resources on about 6 bowmen and 4 slingers and an extra rax to do it in for a defense against a tool rush..... but of course the CAs just cut these down and in the end my enemy was just set back alot by all the defense which was totaly wasted:-)

Wanessa Forever

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posted 07-26-99 10:03 AM ET (US)     1 / 2       
Yeah... the old tool rush feint !

It is often very effective if you are really going for a bronze rush.

Its especially good to use on maps bigger than large ! If you delay his bronze by even a minute its worth it(2 clubbers and a couple of slingers may cause a big panic)

It usually only falls down if he heavily tool rushes you at home !

A good variation of this theme is the 2 clubber rush at about 9 mins... they get boned but it sends the enemy into a frenzy.

posted 07-26-99 10:43 AM ET (US)     2 / 2       
The 2 armored clubbers attack is pretty effective for their cost (175 food). If you can attack their berry pickers these will actually be overwhelmed. Sending these to is woodies can be quite effective too.
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