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Topic Subject:Sunday, 11-29 game report
posted 11-30-98 05:44 PM ET (US)         
Sunday afternoon I logged onto the Zone and found Stooge_Farsan. He was in Quirinal so I joined him for a few 3v3s. We played 2 pretty boring games against teams that were predominately made up of rookies (not our choice). Stooge asked if I had tried on my stooge name so I left and came back as Stooge_Jehu.

Farsan advertised for a "No Newbies Please" game and we were joined by Stooge_D_Cat, Hari_Smurf, Majetik_id, and one other (orange color). The three stooges allied in a huge continental standard victory game. The game started with D_Cat (phoeny) at 9, Farsan (Hittite) was at 5, and I (Egypt) was at 7. Majetik (Egypt) was at 4, Hari_Smurf (Hittite) was at 2 and Orange (Phoeny) was at 11.

I had a slow start as I was scouting for a good shore fish spot near wood. I had two spots with 2 fish but no wood near by. I also hadn't found my berries yet but I did find three dumbos by gold and stone. I gambled and pitted the elephants first. I needed my first 6 villagers to kill two dumbos and set the 7th to cutting wood. My bronze time didn't suffered too much (about 15 minutes) and I eventually found 4 berry patches in my general area. But for a continental map I was woefully short of fish.

Farsan reported early that Majetik was at 4, which was dangerously close to him---and to me as it would turn out. After bronzing and building a range to go with my stable Farsan reported that he was under attack and needed help. For once I actually had some military units to help him out. I arrived with about 3 camels and 3 or 4 CAs but I ran into a very large Egyptian Chariot archer force belonging to Majetik. Farsan was putting up a good fight and I fell in and eventually helped repel the attack. Unfortunately Majetik quickly reloaded and came again with another huge force of CAs.

Majetik bronzed about 2 minutes before me. He definitely set the tone for the first half of the game for Farsan and I as he sent wave after wave of CAs at us. I had walled off access to my base from the middle of the map but Majetik was coming through Farsan's town. He attacked me killing some wood cutters and sending my villagers in to a panic. I was spending precious resources just trying to fight him off and survive. I mined more stone and began walling off between Farsan's town and me. I left an opening where Farsan had wood cutters near the water. It gave Majetik access but It also funneled his attack which made defense slightly easier.

During this time orange resigned. He had been killed off by D-Cat. D_Cat, who was in iron was now attack Hari_Smurf who was also already iron. Farsan and I were no where near ironing since Majetik had taken the early advantage and was keeping constant pressure in us. The only positive to this was that Majetik had not ironed yet either. I realized that staying hemmed in to my original spot was asking for a slow gradual death. I sent a few villagers to 10 where I found a great spot for boat fishing. I built a dock, started boat fishing, and built a TC near wood. Back at my home base the fighting had eased up and I was farming like crazy trying to get to iron. My new colony was growing and I started building stables to prepare for War elephants and Scyth Chariots as D-Cat continued to spar wit Hari_Smurf from his forward base at 11.

I made iron and started training war elephants at home and my new base. The map was literally covered with chariots so I didn't even bother with offensive priests. I trained my first batch of war elephants and Scyths at 10 and headed toward Hari_Smurf to test the waters. I was meet with heavy fire from the numerous balista towers that Hari_Smurf was dotting the top half of the map with. Fighting continued sporadically at and near my home base as Majetik now came at Farsan and I with scyth chariots. He did significant damage to me more than once but fortunately never finished me off. The fighting near the top of the map was hot and heavy. Hari_Smurf's cats and horse archers followed by balista towers were creating havoc and we waited for Farsan so arrive with his Hittite cats to help clear out those towers.

At one point Hari_Smurf chatted to us to quit toying with them and go ahead and finish it. This was particularly humorous to me because I assumed that he and Majetik were toying with us. At that point Farsan and I were still bronze and constantly fight for our lives.

At about the 1:45 time frame Hari_Smurf and Majetik decided to build a wonder. We discussed building a wonder also and intended to, but once the enormous effort of destroying their wonder began we never even started it. Hari_Smurf and Majestic placed their wonder in a position with a maze of military buildings standing between them and our positions at 10 and 11. The had fortification surrounding the wonder just out of reach of a Hittite heavy cat. We made a head-long attack running and banging through an hellish defense of ballista towers, hittite heavy cats, horse archers, scyth chariots, and priest. In the first attack I actually managed to get through and bust through the last wall just as the last of my units were killed. We reloaded. This time D-Cat and Farsan transported in to the less defended northeastern shore and busted through the wall with hittite heavy cats and scyth chariots. I was making another head-first rush through the maze with war elephants and Scyths. D-Cat's scyths got through and started pounding on the wonder. Hari_Smurf opened the wall and sent in horse arhcers and villagers to kill and repair. D-Cats last Scyth was destroyed just before he could destoy the wonder. I took advantage of the opening that Hari_Smurf created and managed to get a few badly damaged scyth chariots and a few dumbos to the wonder in time to bring it down with just a few whacks.

The final battles to get to the wonder were absolutely incredible. When I saw D-Cat's attack stopped just seconds before destroying the wonder my heart dropped, but then I saw what was left of my force make it through the small opening I was just as elated.

What a great game. No doubt, if orange had survived, it probably would have ended differently. If Hari_Smurf had been able to join Majestic in his early attacks on Farsan and I, we probably would not have survived. But such are the fortunes of war.

Thanks for a great game


posted 12-01-98 04:44 AM ET (US)     1 / 9       
Yes. It is another very good game I have played last weekends.

My scout villager wandered to 4 and found several houses and vills hunting - a very living town. I moved further to east and saw a group of vills pited by the forest. I tried to run, but groups of vills come from all direction and bone that one to death - that is about 5 min in game.

The air was densed from that point. I started tooling around 8 min in game - saw majestik's fish boat in a small pond between us, by my woodies. I was hasitating if I should go for a tool bowmen rush and had relatively more vills on wood... I checked vills high - majestik had 20 and I 21, he had also fish boats - so his real vills high must be lower than mine. So I think I might be able to bronze early than him. Unfortunately I had too many vills on wood, and too late to transfer them to gather food - I bronzed around 14 min, a few sec after him - when I was wating for wheel, I made one camel and started to wall off the edge and when I had 2 CAs I took them with the camel head to his town, and we meet each other near my wall foundations - I repeled his attack and send the rest of my army to his town head to his wood pit I know. He made a new TC there and I started to kill vills - he run his vills towards 3 and I chased them while his CAs chased my army- About 15 vills standed by the river holding woods to their chest - too bad I had only 3 VAs left and started killing. He then run his vills back towards his own army - I tried to concentrate on vills and his CAs made a quick work of my 3 already wounded CAs.

Back at town I have already walled off the edge and I left the hill towrards the center between me and Jehu unwalled, and started to move army there for deffence but his CAs were already started storming from there - I asked for help, run some vills towards 9. After Jehu helped to fend him off, I ran my vills back - i should pitted there and started to gather wood there - what a mistake.

I had a seige workshops up and started to make a few STs and more CAs and stationed them on the hill - he came again with more CAs, killed my army up there and got into our town again - after we repeled his attack, I sended my survival army to counterattack him, but only run into his large herd of CAs protecting his woodies. I saw Hari was cutting the same wood on the other side, but he had towers for protection. I left 2 CAs there and did not know what happened to them later.

Meanwhile, D_Cat was having a happy time leaving orange's twon.

Majestik rushed into our town several times and he managed to kill quite a lot of my woodies. That was the only forest near me on the west slope of the hill we defended - I should have moved some vills ealier on to other places to gather wood. I think D_Cat was fighting Hari at 1, and was talking about how many cats hari had, and hinted us if we could help him I pretended not understanding English - man I was fighting for my life.

Finally the wood was almost finished and I was also tired to defend those woodies - I asked where I can cut wood in safe (I had no resources for write) and Jehu told me near 8 so I moved about 10 vills - many of them had only a few hp left there. and had about 5 STs and 10 CAs stationed on the hill thinking to go iron. My 1 dock near my twon was really a waste with only 3 fishing spot. I had now another dock near 8 and gathering food there. When I had enough wood I made a government centre, then a new TC and started to make more vills.

Near the hill majestik tested the hill a few more times, but backed when he saw the STs --- but now he came again - during the fight I saw hari was building a large millitary base down the hill, I managed kill 3 builders and 2 workshops when his cats came and my army was gone. I gave up my town. My vills had now also finished that goldpile and I moved all vills to my new home at 8. moved more to 10 and started to cut wood there. My last army consisted of one STs and 3 CAs so I stationed them on hill where Jehu has mad a nice small catsle and had some camels and CAs there.

I was concentrating on rebuilding my town, and left Jehu to take care of them - my old town was like a ghost town without a sign of living. They took their time before they finally moved in and demolished it. Hari was aksing stoping to toy with them .... and I said I was still in bronze and how could a bronze hittite finish a iron hittite

I started ironing 59 min in game - I told them "IRONING" - their SCs now came to my my town at 8, I made an academy and pumped out 5-6 hops and moved some vills to my base at 10 through a small opening D_Cat left and walled of their. and had cats outside the wall. Jehu had small groups of army here and there.

At 10 and 11, Egytian SCs were terrorizing our vills and D_Cat had major bases at 10 and 12 and was fighting hari at 1 where a gold mine hari was mining and protected with ballista towers. I build up workshops and started to pump out cats there and help him to fight for the last goldpile. D-Cat had done a good job by sacrifice SCs to kill the miners, and when we finally took over the mine, there were still a lot of gold left.

D_Cat told all that who had that gold would won the game After a short time of quite, majestik started his wonder. I asked for tribute and get my H-cats upgrading and build workshops outside their town and their wonder was completed - when I build up the wonder on saturday night it was like that it took forever to build it up. And now they had already had their wonder before i had my first h-cats

With tributes from my ally I started to pump out mass H-cats and started attack their defending line with cats, eles, SCs and priests. What a fight - Jehu and D_Cats stormed in with SCs and eles and I concentrate to take down the towers. Majestik managed to convert 2 -3 of my cats, but those old dude did not live long - then I heard laugh from _D_Cat - when both sdie concentrated on north frontier, D_Cat trannied in some SCs and those SCs were dancing by the pyramide. I kept pomp out cats from 3 workshops and move 3 along the river side to where D-Cat landed his army. He had a fllet there and knocked dwon walls. Hari had HAs which took down those SCs and He was urging majestik to repare the wonder. Majestik send out SCs to fight my cat on the landing spot and I was trying to hit the wonder which had about 50 HP left, and forwarded my other cats on north. My cats did not manage to shoot a stone on wonder - then D-Cat said "only 13 hp left" - I move the screen to wonder site but could see any of our units attack it - the wonder was on fire and I saw a few millitary units standing there and 1-2 vills was repairing (?) - I thought it was probably over for us - then suddenly the wonder collapased - It had about 800 years to go (?).

Now I found attacking/defending a wonder is really exciting - it is time limited which make all players put out everything, hence the fight was really intensed. Hope more players play standard vic, and a conq game lasted over 3 hr is no fun at all, imho.

Thx to all of you for a exciting game.


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posted 12-01-98 05:58 AM ET (US)     2 / 9       
Thanks guys for a couple of great game reports. That sure was some game. I honestly had no idea what majestik(c) was up to for the first 25 minutes at least. Only later did I realise he had saved my butt.
I didn't have a good start, my berries were on a hillside and the first forest I found was in the middle of the map. The way I play Hittite on a water map requires a lot of wood!
I tried to wall off my corner /spur of the map and ran out of stone just short of the forest majestik was chopping east of farsans base. It was sometime then I noticed a "mess" of dead blue chariots (farsans). If he had got through then I was undefended, all I had was a military base in the centre.
Orange I think had been doing a little raiding, but perhaps it was just majestik, he left himself undefended and caved in to an attack from stooge_d_cat. That was a shame because I was trying to help him. But d_cat had cats (how apt) while I was still mainly ca.s. Orange maybe shouldn't have resigned then but if he had writing and looked at the state I was in I wouldn't have been able to blame him. Majestik gave me a chance to start to put together a reasonable defence. Yeh ballista towers and cats / heavy cats. Jehu and stooge_d_cat were paying a heavy price to break those positions down. Meanwhile we were making minor gains in farsans old territory.
I honestly thought you were toying with us, which I now know is a disservice to majestik_id. It was no surprise when he decided to try for a wonder, it was just a question of where to put it. We might have organised the defence better but up until then I was trying to protect resources.
I played a game last night where I scored 1500 points, 900 of those military mainly with my ballista tower / cat defence. Yeh I know a good player would not have kept coming at me and if I was good I would have been able to finish it earlier but honestly you should have been there!
I have already written one post singing majestik_ids praises but I have to say that the guy is a star. I played another game with him last night and we won a little too easily.
Farsan, yep the ca hoarde is still a valid tactic in ror, seems ever more common.
Guys, the forum party times don't really suit me but I look forward to the next beating!

posted 12-01-98 02:23 PM ET (US)     3 / 9       
I agree standard games are funner Stooge Farsan, Jehu and Hari. By the way do you prefer to be called Farsan or Stooge, I know Stooge is the clan name but just saying Farsan keeps sounding like just calling someone by their last name, kinda impolite sounding.

But anyway, Wonder games or artifact capture games have a suspense and excitement to them that add to the sence of plot and adventure to the game. Brave assaults and desperate defences are so much more fun and add that drama to the game which makes it even more memorable. I think I remember Wonder games better than any of the conquest games I have played.

Hope to play some games with Hari too, soon


posted 12-01-98 06:03 PM ET (US)     4 / 9       
Hi Laelius,

Call me anyway you like All stooges are alike - and farsan means me

By the way, you know both jehu and hari are stooges now. I wonder if you and Emily would like to join us First of all, you 2 are absolutely like us - like the game, friendly, like to play with friends, do not like rules or other clan staff things .... the philosophy of stooges is "no leader, no rules, and no meetings" - we meet when we meet. Besides we do not have female stooge yet :-)

Stooge_neuf has now set up a stooge page at - there we have also a small forums Please check it it out when you have time

Friends make the zone game even more fun experiences. As Emily_Snow mentioned in one post that " boyfriend and most excellent AOE partner Laelius..." - too bad that my wife do not like computer games, but I found most stooges are my "most excellent AoE/RoR partner" and of course other forumers like you and Emily_Snow are as well

CU again in zone.


posted 12-01-98 07:47 PM ET (US)     5 / 9       
That would be cool. However we joined the TMC "the muppet clan" clan last week. They also have no rules or meetings that I know of, our friend Oomgawa asked us to join. But if it is ok it would be good to be a member of both . I have not asked them if that is a problem, but I doubt it will be.

Thanks for inviteing us!

posted 12-03-98 09:50 AM ET (US)     6 / 9       
Cool if you two join us.

As Stooge has no rules - it means you can be in as many clans as you want Jehu is with _FC And if you visit vvv too, you can the FC clan and GOTB clan is in hot war ... well at least in that forum with word right now

And waht does "muppet" means ? I could not ind it in my webster's dctionary ?


posted 12-03-98 06:36 PM ET (US)     7 / 9       
Thank you Farsan, I would be proud to be a Stooge. :-)A Muppet is a sort of a puppet. Some say the name comes from marrionette+puppet. Perhaps you've heard of Sesame Street the children's educational television show? That show featured the first muppets I think. Then later there was a prime time comedy show called The Muppet Show that was all muppets and one human celebrity guest each week. You can see some muppets here. Anyway, that's probably more than you wanted to know! lol Will you help me think of a Stooge name?


posted 12-03-98 07:56 PM ET (US)     8 / 9       
Stooge_Emily of course

posted 12-04-98 09:52 AM ET (US)     9 / 9       
Hi, Snow,

Thx for the link. I was there and book-marked it - it is cool and fun, though I do not understand all those jokes I thought all those muppet are the members of TMC clan -seems not

As to the Stooge name ...I have anounced in stooge forum and ask for help

How about Stooge_E_Snow or Stooge_M_Piggy

A week passes really quick when one reading the forum And now Saturday night again - hope to meet you and laelius in forum party again


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