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Topic Subject:Sign the petition. Sign it. Pleez. Now. Thanx.
posted 06-09-99 08:45 PM ET (US)         
I am so sick and tired of getting Greek, playing with Greek, talking about Greek, and having anything to DO with Greek. So I am making a petition. I dont know whether you would relly call it a petition, but when you sign it you agree not to play with Greek unless you recieve it in a random civ.
Pleez respond with your forum name; and Ill add you to the list.

1) Skipole(aka. Preist19)
2) APC Ruvim
3) SINGH23
4) Radagasst
5) Cherub Lobby
6) Sergei Makarov
7) Scarab
8) armagedn
9) Toasty_Goast

Sign it! Pleez!

Real sigs:

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posted 06-09-99 09:04 PM ET (US)     1 / 10       
Here ya go, my real signature.

I am sick of Greek: x


posted 06-09-99 09:42 PM ET (US)     2 / 10       
i cann't offer my real signature( no scanner or anything else which allows u to put my picture or anything else into the computer {ie. digital camara } via copping it to da hard drive) ...

but i do not like greek
they suck

i only use shang pho. roman and yamato

add me to dat list


da only sikh tru to da game, AOE fo life

yea, an u know dis

posted 06-10-99 00:37 AM ET (US)     3 / 10       
Gee, I never use hittite or shang myself- everyone please sign this petition and have it include those civs as well.. Of course, Phoe is too fast, so let's add it to the list. Of course, no one ever uses palmy or carthage, so they should go thier too- and that mace civ, along with persia, doesnt even get the wheel- the also deserve to be added. Since aassyrian doesnt get fully upgraded sige, they are usless in iron, so they belong here also. And Rome, they have such a crappy bronze, we might as well put them here. Of course, yamato sucks now that camels are out, so lets add them. Babaylonian and egypttian have too powerful priests, and we all hate priests, so let us include them in this fine petition as well. Of course, choson has good priests also, so they are included. Minoa doesnt get ANY chariots or chariot archers, so they should be included. Of course, considering that sume is just a crappy hittite, I will add them also. BTW, anyone for a non random civ game?


Cherub Lobby
posted 06-10-99 00:55 AM ET (US)     4 / 10       
Hey sure I’ll never use Greek if I can help it.

But why would you want others not to use them ??

If someone wants to use Greek let ‘em go for it. My Shang/Pho/Yam/Assy will eat them alive by 25 minutes.

I’ve actually been annoyed with the trend for “Really Slow Civs Only”.

This is so someone can finally use Macedonia and those cheap ST’s

(And damn it they beat me… I should have gone Hittite not Egy (cant Convert those damn Mace doh))

posted 06-10-99 01:52 AM ET (US)     5 / 10       
LOL, "real" slow civs, as in "real" rookies.
posted 06-11-99 10:28 AM ET (US)     6 / 10       
Most of you know I'm knew to all of this. Whats wrong with Greek?
posted 06-11-99 10:43 AM ET (US)     7 / 10       
Hey Vela,

There is a post like this one in XAoEA forums. Here is what I said:

Its what people who play Random civs fear most - getting Greek. What are you gonna do with them?
Second, why do they suck?

Lets look at their bonuses.

1) Hopolite, Phalanx, and Centurion 30% faster.
So? They are still slow, vulnerable to hit and run, and week against towers
2) War Ships 30% faster.
When do you need to outrun you opponent?

Now lets think about that? What other civs have two lame bonuses? Now lets veiw thier tree...

Infantry: No BS's, LS's, Legions. Hopies, phals, cents. Theres something.

Archers: None. NONE?!? I think archers are the most popular unit today in AoE.

Cav: Cav, heavy cav, no more. Ouch!

Seige: All; but thats not useful till bronze, just like thier infantry.

Boats: All; Okay. But why use 'em while you got Hittite, Phoanny, Minoan, etc? You like thier speed?

Buildings: All; but so do all other civs. If you were using those to your advantage; Bab, Shang, and others are so much better than that.

Technologies: Well, other than in the temple, this is where they do the best. If you like to research all the technologies, well, ok, use Greek :}

Overall, thier tree is OK, but why use them when you've got Hittite, Egyptian, Yam, Assy, and so on.

Greek is pathetic until Bronze when they are week. You need to spend time in Iron before you can reach Greek's full potential.

I got a tip: Use a different civ.


posted 06-11-99 11:13 AM ET (US)     8 / 10       
Yes, with Greek, you have a "slow" civilization, that is, a civ w/o any economic bonus. Worse, their best unit (centurion) is slow, expensive, and easily converted. Also, they have no effective military until iron, which they will rarely reach.


No economic bonus, plus no archer support (for home defense or troop escort, not to mention the ability to raid & kill vills) = speedy death. Besides, no opponent is going to let Greek get to Iron (and get centurions) if they can help it.

Another issue is their gold dependency - without any economic bonus, this also spells doom for greeks. From the bronze age on, the greeks have no land units that do not require gold. (The only post-tool age, non-gold-eating unit the greeks possess is the galley/trireme! But, hey, at least it's FAST!)

Here's another interesting feature. Most agree the Greeks were at the bottom of the barrel in AoE, so what did that sympathetic group at ES do for Greek in RoR? Hey, RoR gave us FIVE new units! And they gave the Greeks... ONE. Yup! No camels to help offset a pathetic bronze, no fire galleys to protect those fast triremes, no scythe chariots to give them a worthwhile, Iron Age non-gold eater, and of course, no Armored Ellephinx (since they had no elephumps to begin with).

But, HEY! They got slingers! Woo-HOO!

It doesn't stop there. Take Death Matches. I don't play them, so any DM'ers who can tell me where I'm wrong with this observation may certainly chime in. But why would you play them in DM?

Their best unit, the centurion, is still easy prey for priests and HHA's. Sure, they get full seige, but if you want seige, you want Hittite muscle or Sumerian firing speed. Or Roman, who also gets full seige, improved bowman, and scythes! And, of course, the gold issue! It's still a finite resource (w/o trade, which is inefficient and far more dangerous, not to mention resource-intensive). No scythes!

Sorry... if you want a challenge, if you know you're superior to your opponent, or if you have lost your job, your mate, your dog, and just want to end it all... Greek's the One!

posted 06-11-99 12:20 PM ET (US)     9 / 10       
All civs don't get all buildings.

Mace: No Temple
Persia: No Academy

posted 06-11-99 12:39 PM ET (US)     10 / 10       
Slow centurians???? True, they're not an Assyrian villy w/wheel and Jihad, but they're not that slow.

Academy units useless against towers, LOL. (hint: get the storage pit upgrades), they rip through towers.

The main reason that Greek is one of the worst civs is their gold dependance. Their lack of any ranged bronze unit other than Stone Throwers gives them the weakest bronze. It means you have to focus on Hoplites, Cav's, Stone Throwers, and Priests (which no one uses in bronze). That does not make them unplayable. Do you people whine every time you play a random civ game and you dont get Minoan, Phoeny, Shang, Assy, Hitite, or Yam?

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