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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:Apoligies to Scarab and Vixen (and a war story)
posted 05-23-99 10:09 PM ET (US)         
I had to minimize RoR for just a moment to check on something for my dad, and when I brought it back up, it froze up. I'm very sorry, espically to Vixen, as I wasn't able to finish kicking your @$$. j/k

Scarab, you really ticked me off when you destroyed my 20 some boat fish op, but I had nearly all my vills chopping wood, so I could replace my ships. You made a HUGE mistake in allowing me to recover. My ally was pretty good, and gave me like 900 food, which I really needed. After my fleet was sufficient, I replaced my ships. You finally sent a follow up attack with like four galleys against my 20-some triremes. I really used those on Vixen, and I would have done more if my comp didn't freeze. Those boat ramps (as I've heard them called), are really effective, if you don't get hit by scout ships early.

I had like a 25/15 14:30 tool, so I did pretty well. I had about 8 axers to, to defend against a rush. I didn't wall of for the first time in a while.

And to Vixy: I only sent about half my force at you, and I was propping up a forward base near you of about 2 siege workshops and 3 archery ranges, so more would have been pouring in.

I would love to play with either of you again, espically Scarab, since you kicked my tail in that first game we played and I really want to pay you back. I would've that game (it would've been a Minoan vs. Minoan and Hittite, once I finished off Vixy (I think I would've) and I would've payed you back. But I really want to try.

Anytime you're ready...

posted 05-24-99 09:10 AM ET (US)     1 / 4       
When your compie and cat army was attacking Vixen, your ally was all but finised and sent whimpering into the protection of your base. I had upgraded camels, compies and cats swinging around the map counter clockwise, as well as a build up at 2 in order to cover a retreat of Vixen's. The game would have been different had you not gotten disconnected, but the end results would have been the same (easy to say that now! ).

The game lasted about a half hour longer than it should have. Vixen and I hunted your ally down to the last house before he resigned. BTW, your leaderless compies didn't like my heavy catapults *SPLAT* (hehe)

In the match before the one with 'her Vixeness', How did I end up with Assyrian?? We were playing Nomad, enemy picks your civ...I started off being nice and gave Computer5, what else, Carth (hehe). He showed me by giving me Assy! Needless to say, Jaheed and I (after our speed jaking ally resigned) won. Although we had to destroy a wonder on the way. It was fun. I actually tryed (succeeded) a dock start. Lots of fun in both games. (excpet for the hide-and-seek in the second one).

Great games!! You're on for a rematch (or seven!)

see you in the Zone!!

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posted 05-24-99 12:40 PM ET (US)     2 / 4       

In that other game to which you refer, we were ALL amazed at comp5 giving you Assy - I'm still pretty sure you must've paid him! Still, as I was given Hittite (also perplexing), I'm not gonna complain (much!).

As to yer speed-jackin' ally, all I can say is anyone who resigns after a mere 2 or 3 camels & 2 or 3 CA's arrive (I might have killed 2 of his vills at this point) - well, good riddance. Oh, and I loved his scout rush on me when I was in Bronze! LOL! Still, w/ comp5's exit shortly after (when Jaheed's camels had likewise made an unwelcome appearance), apoc & I were a bit, shall we say, overmatched.

The wonder idea was his - we both knew it wouldn't work, but it did make the final minutes kind of amusing. (Did you enjoy my one Hittite priest in there making his gallant last stand?) And let Jaheed moan all he wants about receiving Greek - his phalanx & cats were VERY hard to stop.

Those "pick settings - pick other civs" are a lot of fun - they really throw you. I didn't even notice that was a Nomad start! So much for "HCCC" when there's no "H" to "C"!

posted 05-24-99 12:51 PM ET (US)     3 / 4       

Even being totally aware of Nomad start (I chose it ) I pressed HCCC myself! It's kind of a reflex.

That game was fun. When our ally set the speed to 2.0 for the third time, I changed him to enemy. It was so funny... "C'mon Jaheed..." lol

Too bad nobody wanted to try a coop. It's lots of fun...

BTW, greek sucks, carth sucks. Persia doesn't suck that much... And I told you I was starting to learn how to play greek, as everybody loves to give them to me for some reason...

May your weapons be sharp and your ping be green

posted 05-24-99 01:48 PM ET (US)     4 / 4       
Aye, Jaheed:

Well, better you get Greek than Persia! Yes, we all know Persia is horribly handicapped in RM, but if you start near some elephinks and zelle herds, you can zippa-dee-do-da MUCH faster than any civ - even outpacing the Shang Surprise in the early game.

I took a screenshot from the 2nd "pick other civs" game, in which I DID get Persia, and found a "Persian Paradise" of a 5-elephink herd near a large forest, w/ 2 more eles only about 12 tiles due west (and also by a resource - stone, perhaps). If only I'd thrown some villies on gold early, I could've had my all-time Iron record! Not that it mattered, since I wound up playin' Dropsy, anyway!

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