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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Age of Empires Heaven » Forums » Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition » FINAL TEAM LIST FOR TOURNAMENT!!!
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posted 05-21-99 00:58 AM ET (US)         
This is the final list!

Team NumberTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3
1Stinger's RingerRouninSting (aka Trunks)Breydel
2Road KillArmagednS_HemlockAPC_Vixen
3Tool rush baitApocalypse77borgboy12maimin_matty
4The Holy WarriorsFWH_WolfpackFanatic_KabanJihad_Jake
5Rock, Paper, ScissorScarabStaffaEug1
6VampyresKurtiebirdfangr aoerat
73 StoogesStooge_aholicStooge_jehuStooge_Bangdoll
8Dragon's BreathPendragonWRBScrithorangepanther
9Dangerous Old Manking_highlanderjaheedDOM_Pelligrew
10Real RookiesSiNCeReFXSergei_MakarovHacker_Neo
11First 2 DieField_Generaldisciplejim APC_ChubbyHubby
12Ike Turner's Honky Elites_CuC_CaLdraserXxgermanicusxX
13Mogwai: "Don't get me wet"_RCF_Day(Knight_Day)_RCF_Night(Knight_Night)_RCF_andarchist
14Happy Go LuckyMulan98APC_DoinkVidere
15The Old Goobersandyhreecbeanphlsphr
16GX_Alliance_Winger_ CentaurieCLAI44
17Darq OnesDarq_NeilDarq_SoloDarq_Neo
18The Big Fart RollercoasterMIC_TszHoWongMiC_Shrubbery MiC_Biodigestor
19Need the TrainerPotejonLuciferSteve Ryan
20the team that probably won't winmixmaster_fcZEKEVAFanatic_Fatal
21The half-way retired pingpong ballspingpong_ball2pingpong_ball5pingpong_ball6
22The Newbiesdarq_woginatorbud_garrek_jethr0_
23aloha wildlifeFeral_DogFeral_HamsterFeral_Monkey
24aloha apprenticesaloha_atconaloha_macealoha_coconut
25PMDaRq_oneeyeFTW_wate rmanGSPrince


Do not post anything in this thread except your match schedule once me and scarab finalize the match-ups.

If you have time, then i would like to meet with you tomorrow(friday) night to discuss about the match-ups


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posted 05-21-99 01:12 AM ET (US)     1 / 31       
is there anyway you could make this thread stay on top without ppl replying to it?


posted 05-21-99 04:58 PM ET (US)     2 / 31       
oh, forgot to mention. if you're in the tourney. then please add all these names to your friend's list. it would be much easier to schedule a game if you know who's online.


posted 05-21-99 05:14 PM ET (US)     3 / 31       
attention team 21
i tried to add pingpong_ball5 and pingpong_ball6 to my list but it shows up as doesn't exist. could you please clarify why it's like that? i need the correct zone name. give it to me by sunday or i'll take your team off the list.


posted 05-21-99 05:54 PM ET (US)     4 / 31       
Match-Ups: 1st Round
1. Road Kill vs First 2 Die
2. Tool Rush Bait vs Rock, Paper, Sissor
3. Holy Warriors vs GX_Alliance
4. Vampyres vs Happy Go Lucky
5. 3 Stooges vs Mogwai: "Don't get me wet"
6. Dragon's Breath vs Dangerous Old Men
7. Real Rookies vs the team that probably won't win
8. Darq One vs aloha apprentices
9. The Big Fart Rollercoaster vs aloha wildlife

1. Stinger's Ringer
2. Ike Turner's Honky Elites
3. The Old Goobers
4. Need the Trainer
5. The halfway retired pingpong balls
6. The newbies
7. PM

I match teams based on similar skills level. For example, maimin vs staffa, borgboy vs eug, and apoc vs scarab. i have played with them so i think that they are pretty much equal in skills. Some of the players here i haven't played with before, but i have heard of, so i will have to go with other players' judgement of their skills. I do this as best as i can, so I apologize if you think it's unfair. I tried to give 'lesser' teams a chance. If anyone has anything to say, then please give me your opinion. But this is how the match-ups will look and will not change. I will consider your advice for the second round.
I know some of you will probably flame me for letting my own team go bye this round, but let me say this. I believe that in taking time making these up, I would deserve it. Anyway, the other six teams consisted of players who i have never played or even heard of, so that's why they get to go byes also.


posted 05-21-99 06:12 PM ET (US)     5 / 31       
Rounin, i strongly disagree with your seeding, if seeding by skill the correct and accepted way to seed is the best get byes, then best left vs worst, 2nd best left vs 2nd worst, etc.... If you didn't wish to do it this way you should have done it entirely randomly... Seeding equally skilled teams vs each other ensures that the best matches will be in round one and the most qualified teams will not make it to the finals, not the best way to run a tournament....
posted 05-21-99 07:21 PM ET (US)     6 / 31       
I remove my original comment. I look forward to our team's first (and probably only) match, and I will leave it to others to discuss the selection of "byes," which is, to say the least, very disillusioning.

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[This message has been edited by armagedn (edited 05-21-99).]

posted 05-21-99 07:36 PM ET (US)     7 / 31       
A differing view

If this is a FUN tournament then I don't see what diference it makes. I would have done this differently , but the advantage of this seeding is all first round participants will get to play a reasonably competitive game. I for one do not want a bye. If my team were to get one, what little enthusiasm that remains after the recent controvercy would probably drain further. These method is certainly open to justified criticism, but the postive element of good first round games outweigh the likely negatives of completely random seeding followed by some ugly blow-outs. My team is clearly mid-level in this tournament so I could easily be the victum of one of those blow-outs.

If the goal of this tournamnet is to crown the best teams then you must agree with Jihad_Jake's seeding suggestion. It is very much like one I posted elsewhere. But does it really matter?

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posted 05-21-99 08:01 PM ET (US)     8 / 31       
Hone your swords, make plenty of arrows, feed the horses and camels, build some siege,,,,Now the real game begins....ARE YOUR READY TO RUMBLE.......good luck to all and have fun because that's all I plan on having fun..see you on the battlefield!!!!!!!!!

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posted 05-21-99 08:04 PM ET (US)     9 / 31       
don't take this the wrong way, but what the hell is a bye??
I for one would not care who I played thouhg i would like to try to kill matty(sure) or staffa(yeah right)

- Pote

"Your shadow is the proof of your excistence. The shadow is the sun's footprints on earth."

posted 05-21-99 08:57 PM ET (US)     10 / 31       
hi, id like to make
some wisdomic comments.

first off, Rounin and Scarab and other officials involved, i want to say u 2 are doing a great job and DONT TAKE any sh!t from no one even me hehe.

these are only my comments and suggestions for
the future of the tourney.

i understand the first round pairings are done
and it cant be changed so i guess team #4 will meet their
doom ))))))))). aah getting back to reality anyways i agree with jake that it wasnt
the best way BUT i see how u can make it fun so
that no "best" team will beat on the "worst" team.

since its for fun, i dont really care. i mean this isnt
pro sports! random matches might have been better though

also, if this is a true single elimination by any meaning,
we should know who were playing in the second round.
DONT make up matches after each round. thats really unfair

if u keep matching equal skilled teams after each match
u could possibly end up with a very skill lopsided final.

lastly, for the poster below, a bye is when u have
an uneven # of players and someone usually the best team
get an "automatic" win or bye as they call it and move
to the second round.

have a nice day


posted 05-21-99 09:23 PM ET (US)     11 / 31       
as i said, i apologize for the way the match-ups are. but i done that for a reason. i want the players to have fun and competitive. if i put random match or seeding it the way jihad does, then what will the fun or competitiveness be with an expert team slaughtering a rookie one? now, if this is an actual competition where you get awards or prizes for winning, then well, it's different. but this is a tournament where we just want to gather players together and have fun.

and by the way, i want to remind that you must finish your three matches in 10 days and report back here as to who wins. and please post your game schedule here so that official watchers know when to watch your game and record and write stories for it.

this is an one round elimination, so there's no way you could match players for the second round until you know who's the winner for the first.


posted 05-21-99 09:31 PM ET (US)     12 / 31       
i do not want start an argument over nothing. but i just want to reply something to your post earlier. you said that the way the match-ups are now, then the most qualified teams will not make it to the finals. this is what i have to say regarding that:
I believe that every team here is qualify to be in the finals. And every team here are given a chance to by using the system of putting them against an equal skill opponent. And if your team is going to win, then no matter which team I put you up against, you will still win.


posted 05-21-99 10:37 PM ET (US)     13 / 31       
rounin, when i talked about the second round i mean
like the winner of this round one match will play
the winner of that round one match. for example:

team 1
team 2
team 3
team 4

in the above team playoff,
team one will play team 2 and that winner will play
the winner of 3 or 4 and etc.

that is what a tru single elimination is

have a nice day


posted 05-21-99 10:38 PM ET (US)     14 / 31       
Ok fine I accept your pairing however I INSIST that you make the brackets for all the rounds now rather than waiting for the winners. IF as you insist all the pairing are "evenly matched" then it should make no difference to you and hence you should be able to finish the tourney brackets now. As a single elimination tourney you simply say: the winner of teams x and y will play the winner of teams u and v. If its a bye team you say the winner of teams x and y will play team z that got a bye.... just do this all the way up till you have just two teams left playing each other.... one comment on your response: if you believe everybody is qualified to reach the finals then why not seed randomly, assuming everyone is qualified then there would be no rookie stomping by experts (which frankly isn't going to happen, because tho there are experts in this tourney I really don't count any rookies)

And I really wasn't suggesting that you should have seeded based on our expectations of the winners, I wouldn't like that either, but I don't think you did it right either, I'd have to say I'm firmly a supporter of Lady Luck when in comes to tournaments and such.....

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posted 05-21-99 10:41 PM ET (US)     15 / 31       
I agree whole-heartedly with jake on this one.

(Great, facing borg and matty in the first game )

You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war.
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)
APC_eug1 and I am

posted 05-21-99 10:57 PM ET (US)     16 / 31       
Hey eug! We ARE evenly matched. I haven't played you in a while but we were pretty even then


Zone Name: Borgboy12

My ICQ# is: 16785505 And I am currently:

(id: Al_Kharn the Great)
posted 05-21-99 11:03 PM ET (US)     17 / 31       

If apocalypse77 is out, I'm in for him. Make all neccessary changes/corrections, Rounin.

posted 05-22-99 07:42 AM ET (US)     18 / 31       
What is a bye?
waiting list?
I don't know skill, therefore I wait?

- Pote

"Your shadow is the proof of your excistence. The shadow is the sun's footprints on earth."

posted 05-22-99 10:27 AM ET (US)     19 / 31       
It is totally disgusting that the pairings were not done for the entire tournament in a 100% random manner. I am equally sickened that the person who made the pairings gave his team a bye.

For those who asked, a BYE IS FREE PASSAGE INTO THE NEXT ROUND !! You may say what's the big deal, the best team will win anyhow ? Yet, as we all know, some games of ROR are determined by luck of the map etc. So, obviously you'd rather have a bye than not !!

The pairings aren't random and the director has given his team a bye. As a result what was supposed to be a fun and fair event no longer is.

I will post a new thread further discussing this atrocity so that no one will miss it... neilkaz..aka DaRq_Neil

posted 05-22-99 10:33 AM ET (US)     20 / 31       
Well its either give some teams a bye or have an AoE season. Then determine playoffs or something. but that will take 4 ever.
posted 05-22-99 10:48 AM ET (US)     21 / 31       
i wanna know when im playing and who im playing, can someone please tell me?

is this and elimination tourney or somthin else?

posted 05-22-99 10:55 AM ET (US)     22 / 31       
Off course some teams have to get a bye !! With 25 teams you must have 9 first round matches and 7 byes. My only complaint is a VERY strong one that the brackets were not made randomly... neilkaz...
posted 05-22-99 11:02 AM ET (US)     23 / 31       
hey mixmaster.

go here for what u want

posted 05-22-99 07:29 PM ET (US)     24 / 31       
I have been able to take a few minutes and jump here to see what`s new. First, I`d like to say what is the intention of this post, so you take it the way I mean it.

First, I think you are doing a great job. You got a lot of people in your tourny and you must feel really excited by this. It might also be one of your first tournament experience, as an organizer, and I want to tell you you are doing a nice job.

Second, concerning the match up of the first round and my team`s opponent(aloha wildlife), I`d like to know what was your reasoning to have them play against us in the first round since they got the most vote for 1st place and our team got none? Do you want to get rid of me that quickly? Aren`t those 3 aloha buddies 3 experts? I am sad to say the MiC team is only composed of 3 Wannabe experts? hehe... Thanks for the challenge!

However, I think the methodology you took to match up teams is VERY unorthodox. If I can give you a few advices without having people freakin out (with reason sometimes ), I`d be glad to give you a few hints (or to anybody else) for the futur.

I have been in the competition world for many years. I have organized many chess tournaments. Some of them were just for fun and others were officially rated. In the actual APC tourny here`s the way I think you should have matched up the teams and what kind of tournaments also. You decided to go for a člimination tournament`(french term at least). This means, if a team lose, it`s out of the competition. I think with this choice you will remove the fever or your tournament very quickly. You have about 50 peoples playing and right after the first round, half of them will be out. I tell you what`s going to happen, they will post their match story and then lose interest in it very quickly. By giving a bye to 7 team, you kinda decided to have 5 rounds in your tournament, taking for granted your not going to give byes anymore.
round 1: 9 teams vs 9 teams + 7 bye teams (9 teams will be eliminated)
round 2: 8 teams VS 8 teams
round 3: 4 teams vs 4 teams
round 4: 2v2
round 5: 1v1

For a tournament of this size (60+ players), the number of round is somewhat small. You should have gone for 6-8 rounds, allowing you to update some interesting `result table` for a while, keeping a trill for some time and having enough matches to really know who`s the better team(for the following reason). The elimination tournament form should not have been taken here. You should have chosen either (since this is for fun and not a UAT) a round robbin(you have too many players for that) or a Switz system (chess term). With a round robbin, each team would play each team, so you would need to have 24 rounds (obviously too many!).

The switz system is the better choice. The way to proceed is to decide a number of rounds first (let`s say 6). Then you establish the strenght of all teams(1 to 25 in our case) and rank them (hard to do in our case) from the strongest to the weakest. You separate this list in two. The first half is composed of the strongest teams (1-12) and the second half composed of the 12 weakest (13-24. Team 25 get`s a bye). To pair the teams, you then follow the following rule for the rest of the tournament: Match together the teams that have the same number of victories together, having the strongest team of the strong group playing the strongest team of the weak group... and so on for each round. If a team lose, it`s stays in the tourny, it will just play teams with the same number of loses/vic. The winner of the tournament is the one having the most victories. In case of tie, just make a few more rounds JUST FOR THOSE teams to separate them. This system would take you more organisation than the elimination one but you would keep the interest of everybody and at least have a methodoly to pair teams in a fair way, since the weaker would never play the stronger.

Thank you for reading this long post.


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posted 05-22-99 11:02 PM ET (US)     25 / 31       
Yes, replace me with Al_Kharn the Great (unless Borgie says otherwise).
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