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Topic Subject:para, FAngr, Chubby, General, Kurtie,
posted 05-09-99 08:12 PM ET (US)         
Well, first of all, I need to ask the learned gamers of the list just what exactly they think of palmy. I’m not sure whether the 20% faster work and armor balances out the 75 food cost. Is palmy fast? Or semi-fast?

OK, that little question being put out of my mind, here’s how the game went. It was me, green, minoan, Kurtie, cyan, phoeny, chubby, yellow, sumer, versus fangr, brown, palmy - random civ choice, para, red minoan, and donnie, orange, minoan. The map is coastal, gigantic.

Well, the game started, and I am at about four, chubby is at six or something, and Kurtie is at about eight. I built up and stuff, and put down two docks, hunt two ellies, and do two berry patches. I have two separate wood operations. Kurtie says he will tool para, and he tools way before I or chubby does. I waste about two minutes trying to get my vills to bone on of fangrs that is strolling about my town. While I am trying to tool, I am fb booming, and I decide I need another dock. I slap it down, and a fishing boat pops out. How nice, I think, and click on the boat. Uh-oh, What in the wolrd? It’s fangr’s boat!! I built a bout three scout boats, and find that his docks is right on top of mine, soon I see two houses from the shore. I am very scared by now, as fangr’s reputation is great indeed. I scream for help to my allies, shaking and quaking and nearly paralyzed with fear.
“What’s Wrong” chubby asks noncalantly.
“Fangr’s right on top of me!! AHHHHH !HELLLLPPP!” I reply calmly. One thing that made me happy was that I tooled before fangr. I build four slingers and do stone mining, as I am anticipating a bronze ca’ charge. I hit bronze…10026 food, wood, as usual, is the thing holding me up. I slap down three archeries while I bronze and set a bunch of guys to gold. Set a bunchof guys to build farms, as well. Suddenly, a lone palmy scout runs in. I smile evilly, and think
“AHA, an unlucky stray scout.” I bone it and go back to work.
Another ‘stray’ scout comes in and I bone it too. Then another appears, and I suddenly realize that this might be a scout rush. I become very scared and scream frantically for help. Chubbby gallantly says he is sending a builder forward, while Kurtie keeps his cool and points out that he is way to far away to help. Two souts then run in together, but I have a bowman by now!! WOO-hOOO!! The mighty minoan army of : *drumroll* four slingers, one bowman and 12 vills beats em off. I hit bronze, and hit the imp upgrade, then decide I need a stable. A camel dashes in, makign me think I REALLy need stable more vills die, but I build about 8 more with my HUGE food supply. I built a gov’t center and a seige workship and build a st, get war galleys…fangr had them already.  I finally get my stable and build two camels. They pop out in time to turn back three more camels. I get my first 12 imps or so, and hit the compie upgrade. Another camel or two die, and I decide to go on the attack. I sweep forward, with chubby’s massive ca army sent to support me galloping along. I run into a bunch of para’s cavs/camels with fangr’s ca’s, camels, and my first force dies, after taking down a small advance town. My second force of about 20 compies comes in, with st support. Chubby and I hit fangr, we kill a lot of vills and he has to run. Chubby then goes on to hit para’s vills some, while I concentrate on finishing up all the annoying military units that fangr keeps buildng, I start my own base in fangr’s town, and go to iron. I send a compie army to para’s town, forgetting that he is minoan as well. I kill about six/eight vills, when hordes of red compies come running at me. Big fight, but I lose, I get to iron, and get cats, and do all the other compie upgrades. Chubby is forward building on fangr, and I send up cat support. En-route, we blow up a few more of fangr’s builidngs. My galley’s find fang’r fishing fleet, and begin to shoot it up. Fangr then resigns because of a misunderstanding between him and para, I think. Not real sure.

NOTE: Fangr is very good. You will need to wall like crazy to fight against him. This does not mean you should not play him…but just be careful…don’t get cocky. And may the force be with you.  Oops, phantom menace isn’t out YET….. oh well.

Anyway, my cats come up, and ONE OF THEM IS KLLED BY A STUPID GATOR. My others blow away all para’s compies, before they get killed. Chubby and I are now preparing to take out para, who is saying he has nothing left. I see a couple of camels come running out, and am about to have my compies lacerate them while my cats roll into position, when…*climax* my dad says he needs the computer--now. 

So I had to leave, I was hoping I had done enough damage that Kurtie and Chubby, who are much better than me, could clean house.  Kurtie says something of the sort happened, but I don’t know the details.

So guys, just wanted to let you know why I left without gg’ing or tribin any resources. I din’t have that much, just a few hundred of everything except gold - I had about 1000 of that. I had spent everything else on upgrades/ cats.  I forgot to check my vill high. Gg everyone….So, uh, what did it look like from your perspectives?

posted 05-09-99 09:11 PM ET (US)     1 / 6       
Hey, that game was one of Kurtiebird's best Tool Rushes.

I have pictures of the game (after the end only...) but suffice to say that Kurtie had me on the ropes the whole game.

He even gave himself to the luxury of using mostly Academy (after having used a tonload of Axemen and Bowmen, LOL)

Fangr did what he could - he drew random Civ and got Palmyran.

Donovan held himself pretty well! Of course he was soon fighting alone.

I played bad - I knew it was coming and did not prepare enough for it. My bad.

You, as usual, pretend that you play less well than you do.
Chubby was joining the Bronze wars soon too and he was strong.

Good game, with a dark spot (me and fangr arguing because of him selecting Random Civ, instead of a "strong" Civ). Anyway, the game was made (for balance) around the "fangr" team and the "kurtie" team.
No one can complain of being in the "weak" team... well, fangr and donovan can, because I really let them down

Again, my compliments to Kurtie, who pulled out a risky one with success.

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posted 05-09-99 09:46 PM ET (US)     2 / 6       
Well here's my perspective on the game... I hcccc and get the no more food message and look and groan *ugh palmy* I find that I don't have a straggler tree within 10 tiles of my tc... with any other civ I probably would have tried wood only pit first but I didn't want to fall too far behind with palmy... so I build a whopping 18 vills (palmy bleh) at this point I have just gotten my pit up!! So finally I get a second food source going... and I'm thinking... oh great if I get tool rushed I'm dead... by this time I finally forward scout (I was trying to get the pit as fast as possible so didn't scout intensively) now that the wood is rolling in... I put up several docks (4 I believe) and start pumping fb's with all my wood... because I couldn't find a second food source... so about 12 minutes in I finally get enough food to tool... and with only about 28 vills... so then I build a barracks while I'm tooling... finally I find General and say "well with the start I'm having I'd better hit him before he hits me" As I hit tool, I'm building that dock that general finds... I build a market and a stable as I'm going for palmy camels. As I'm doing pretty well resource wise, I build a couple scouts and get the upgrades (as they'll help my camels later too) send the first couple waves out singly and beat on vills... switch a couple of vills to gold... as stable #2 finishes, 2 scouts at a time... I hit bronze and switch over to camels... first time only one because I didn't have enough gold... I keep sending them in but they keep dying... finally massed impies show up so I stop sending them... about this time I'm getting into my boom and I inform my partners that I'm going to be in big trouble in about 3 minutes (when I estimated the compies would arrive). I build 2 archeries, pump camels and pump some chariot archers as a defense to hold off the first wave... and they do... as the next wave arrives I've just finished evacing about 2/3 of my villagers (I left a few for 2 purposes... I needed just a little more wood for my next tc which I was building up where para had abandoned... and it let them feel like they had hurt me worse than they really had) about this time I figured the game was basically over after the way para had been whining about kurtie's axer rush. General started hitting one of my 4 docks about this time... And Para started being a pain... I still had about 25 real vills and 20 fb's... and a decent amount of resources.... but there was no way we could have won at that point. We had lost too much land... Anyways it was a great game General... you were kicking butt.
posted 05-10-99 06:16 AM ET (US)     3 / 6       
That was a fun game yesterday, although a little disappointing that fangr and general had to leave. General had a very good description of the action except that para was orange and donovan was red. I know this because Paralyticus chatted that he had no vills and was just watching the action while my ca's and cats were getting destroyed by Donovan Darius' compies and villies respectively.

The game started great for me. I was in the pocket with two great players on each side. I never got rushed, tooled late, and bronzed very quickly with 1000 food left over .

I heard Kurtie was doing a fantastic job with his axer rush, so I sent four builders over to General to help out. The threat was subdued by the time I got there, so I built eight ca's and went villie hunting. General and I chased fangr out of his base, and as we were chasing him I ran smack dab into the middle of Donovan's base. I might have surprised him because I must've killed about twenty farmers and woodchoppers before he ran. It wasn't long before his compies took care of my force, however.

At this point General and fangr left, Donovan's Compies were in charge of his territory, and I was forward building just east of Donovan. Kurtie must've beeen attacking from the other side, because I built a few cats and ca's, and started attacking when Donovan said gg and resigned.

It was one of my few victories this weekend and I savored every bit. So thanks are in order fo General and Kurtiebird. Their strong game allowed me to tool and bronze in peace, which is something I'm certainly not used to.

btw Maybe I was victorious because armagedn wasn't my opponent. That guy totally rules me whenever he's the enemy. (Someday he's gonna git som.)

Turn'em and Burn'em!

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posted 05-10-99 02:18 PM ET (US)     4 / 6       
Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Para was ORANGE!! That explains a lot. I was wondering why Kurtie was gonna tool rush the guy in the pocket, but oh well. Now I can understand why when Para said he had nothing left I was still seeing red camels parading all over creation. Sorry guys. I'm a little dumb.

I made three mistakes in that game in the early minutes that slowed me down considerably..

1) I canceled my eight vill my typing "how's it going?" That didn't help.
2) In my consternation over this, I forgot to have my next house built.
3) When I do build the house, I forget I have no vills in que until I notice I have 110 food. I'm such a great player.

I wish I coulda watched Kurtie's axer rush. That's one thing I"m not real good at...although I have started toying with scout rushes. I usually have tons of food with minoan, so I figure upgraded scouts might be good. Plus, I can use the upgrades for scouts for my camels later. or cav, or whatever.

So, I am glad Kurtie took the risk and tooled Para. I don't think his civ - phoeny if I remember correctly - would have had much chance against a bronze minoan. I gotta learn to do tool-rushes....

Won't Kurtie be proud to here it was organized around the "fangr" team and the "kurtie" team? Way to go Kurtie!!

I'm dreading meeting fangr when he's NOT palmy...I think I will build something called....walls.

posted 05-10-99 03:03 PM ET (US)     5 / 6       
Yep, I was red. I didn't realize just how effective Kurtie's rush was until I researched Writing. At that point I sent 5 compies and killed Kurt's axers. But, Para was already hurtin', and then fangr was hit by tons of green compies so I withdrew.

Um, that was a rough game. Chubby, Im not sure if you realized this, but I spent about an HOUR chasing your CA's with my slow-footed compies. I had all of those compies WAY before we actually fought, but as soon as I got near (not near enough to fire though), you CA's would scoot off towards another area! That happened twice!

Well, that was a fun weekend and a fitting send off, especially that last game with King and Vixen! I've enjoyed playing with all of you and will miss you this summer.
Thanks a million for all the fun games I was able to participate in this Spring, and I'll look forward to seeing you all again in the Fall, hopefully Age of Kings will be out by then!

Thanks again.

donovan darius

posted 05-10-99 09:32 PM ET (US)     6 / 6       
*sniff sniff* bye bye, Donovan...we'll miss you. You gotta find a way to not be offline all summer..."liberate" a computer or something.

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