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Topic Subject:Just another average day on the zone
posted 05-05-99 04:37 PM ET (US)         
OK, I just finished giving a big final presentation so I came home intent on blowing off some steam (ie wasting an hour or 2 playing RoR). In any event I finally got into a game... 3v3 gig med default everything (basically) 1.5 speed, random... I'm at 6 and orange and phoeny, my partners at 8 (green, no idea what race) and 10 (brown, mrsunkiss, egypt) enemies @ 12 (red, zhou2, yam), 2(yellow, kenneth somethingorother, shang), 4 (blue, obigas (?), egypt). Green drops about 3 minutes into the game making it a 3v2... So I was having a pretty good game... tooled in about 11:30, hit yellow hard (got about 25 of his woodies) at about 12 with about 10 axers which he killed eventually with mass slingers and archers took both of blue's docks down (yellow had none) bronzed at about 18, after owning the 1/2 the sea (red managed to kill off what was left of my scout ships)... So knowing that yellow had to rebuild I took my attention to blue... who was by this time bronzed and chasing after vills with hoplites... He had found one of my forward bases and had it under seige as well with a buncha towers... so I went aheand and went chariot crazy and started pushing him out and expanding and booming like mad... I get both his forward bases and advance on his city with a bunch of chariots + chariot archers, and 2 stone throwers....

About this time I get writing... Needless to say I'm rather saddened by the fact that my sole partner has about the same radius of exploration as the partner who dropped and it's already 25 minutes into the game... I figure that he's going to get hit hard and so I start expanding his way and building some military to stop any charge from that direction (red). So finally while slowly gaining ground against blue, red mauls my partner who runs to my town with about 6 vills saying "he rushed me" or something like that... Note that he had just bronzed at about 23 minutes with a dozen farms... and red came into his town with about 4 compies at 25 mins... so I build a few galleys to harass red's fishing... About 30 minutes in, yellow has finally rebuilt (quite good seeing as the damage I did) and my galleys just got slaughtered by red triremes as he had ironed... so since I've boomed I have a chance to iron and I take it figuring red will be knocking on my door any minute...

A few minutes later about 8 compies and a cav show up which I dispose of via the first elephant I built and a few chariot archers... start my upgrade to scythes because I know that flooding scythes is about the only good thing about phoeny in iron... at least with the egyptian still in the game... finally red shows up with a sizable force... (about 20 horse archers with alchemy) which I turn back with my last mass of chariot archers + a couple stone throwers + the element of surprise (he was running by them and got rather shredded...) Finally the scythe upgrade completes... and so I start rolling out scythes (just in the nick of time) to take out the masses of horse archers that red had... On the other end, blue was falling back into yellow (who had ironed in the meantime) I decided I needed to take the seas... so I built a decent sized trireme force and tried to smash the red dock... apparently he was thinking the same thing because he smashed my triremes... After stalemating red's advance at about 7, I owned from 3 to 6 on the map... red started taking out my docks one by one... and I had no wood (argh and I was phoeny even) or time to build a counterforce that could equal the size of his force... so slowly we lost the sea...
About this time blue resigned... a small victory... as I rolled to about 2, yellow resistance started getting tough until I was trying to fight a stalemated battle on two fronts (at 3 and at 6) and finally had lost the sea... So I keep pumping scythes but it was pretty hopeless at that point... In the meantime my partner is wondering why I'm whining about losing the seas... "I was never on the seas so no big deal" or something to that effect... Finally sick of fighting a 1 person war (ok he built 2 stone throwers to add to the cause after blue was dead) and without any more food, not having anything that would be effective (phoe stone throwers vs shang cats and massed yamato horse archers not pretty) and losing from 3 to 4 and from 6 to 5 said gg and resigned... What really got my goat though was that my partner (who I might add was still farming with about 8 vills left and hadn't done squat the whole game) said "he's no fun, what a quitter" right after I resigned... Of course I think he realized about 2 minutes later when about 20 horse archers, 10 cats, 5 ballistas, and a slew of compies entered his town that I had a good reason to resign... but it just made me mad at the time... That and the fact that the opponents didn't even acknowledge my gg's...

In any event, 1 v 3 isn't much fun... Anyone of you ever won a 1 v 3 against players who weren't completely lost?

Boneser again
posted 05-05-99 08:26 PM ET (US)     1 / 6       
Best I ever did was turn back a 2 vs 1 islands game using Phoeny. Surprised the hell out of me too when they resigned. But I was also on the losing end of 3 vs 1, myself one of the 3. But at least I was the last to die. No question that a good player who can manage a massive economy can beat several average players. It usually ends as a war of attrition where they slowly pick off one player at a time. I threw everything I had at this guy and also tried to coordinate my partners but he beat us back easily. Later I saw why. He owned over half the map and had mined more gold than the three of us together. How someone can be spread over half the map, manage a huge economy and fight battles with 3 opponents still amazes me. And to think I was actually considering the odds against him as being unfair. Oh well, never underestimate your opponent, only your allies. That way you won't be surprised.
(id: S_Hemlock)
posted 05-06-99 12:08 PM ET (US)     2 / 6       
What was the pop limit in that 3v1 boneser?
Boneser again
posted 05-06-99 11:42 PM ET (US)     3 / 6       
To tell the truth Hemlock it was so long ago that I don't remember the actual number. Here's what I can't forget.

His name was Lord Hubris. He and I were both Sumerian. ( In AoE it was one of my pet civs, no wonder I lost) I remmember first trying to break into his territory with cats and CA's. Ran into tons of towers plus military. That's when I had a feeling there was trouble. He managed to beat on one of my allies who ended up dropping. Ok well we still outnumber him.
Tried to organize a major offensive with my partner. I get pounded again. Rebuild . My partner says I'm just waiting for an upgrade . OK. Boom, he drops. Me and Hubris. I know the pop wasn't that high because I maxed out my units for the final battle. (probably< 75 pop ) which was good for me back then. Anyway I had tons of ballista towers at least twenty or more heavy cats plus some chariots for his cats. What a battle. We pummeled each other until there were no units left. The one thing I remember is that his cats always seemed superior to mine, even in equal numbers. I thought there was some kind of cat armor that I was misssing but it was probably just his skill at managing units. Problem was after that battle I had no resources left either. Anyway I battled him to the last peon and then said GG. He was a gracious winner and I was in awe. I'll never forget that one.

Anyway as I said my partners were a tad weak but even with superior numbers the odds aren't always equal.

Steve Ryan
posted 05-07-99 02:09 AM ET (US)     4 / 6       
Iíve won a few 1v2ís and 1 1v3 but the players were not of any note.

I did get bailed out by a terrific player just recently.

It was 3v3 and I had tool rushed the guy next to me (I was Shang and he was Assy) and would have forced him to desert his TC but he got some help. No prob I had hurt him bad. Then one on our team dropped. I sat back behind walls while the guy I attacked and his nearest ally double teamed me. I had walls but their attack was too heavy and although I donít like it I squealed for help.

Well help arrived from my partner his name was L_I_O_N_L_I_K_E or something like that. He bailed me out with compies and STS but I had been badly hurtÖ waited too long to ask for help.. thought I could handle em .. pride goes before a fall.

At this stage it had virtually turned into a 1v 3 because I was bronze with nil resources and about 5 vills. The enemies were all iron or close. Then I watched LION go into action. He blasted through 1 enemy with Scythes and cats. His home base was a warren of ballistas and towers so counter attacks were wiped out. All he asked me was for wood and I tribbed him heaps. I eventually got Iron and Scythes and joined in the destruction of enemy no 2. Enemy no 3 then resigned not long after.

The fact is for at least 20 minutes LION fought 3 of them virtually unaided. He would attack resources with almost the same gusto as he would attack the enemy. 25 vills would descend on a forest whack up a TC and within 10 mins forest gone ! He had to intentionally leave me a gold patch to allow me to go iron and get Scythes, otherwise he wouldíve snaffled that to.

The crunch was the enemy were good players. High 1600 and low 1700 ROR ratings .

I felt like an idiot at the end cause at the start I had complained the teams were uneven.. LION was rated 1590 but had only had 1 game and my other partner was 1650 and I was about 1650. LION completely dominated the game and left me in awe.

posted 05-07-99 01:07 PM ET (US)     5 / 6       
Well as we can all attest to, ratings mean next to nothing on the zone... Having a 1650 rating after playing with friends who are very good (1800+) isn't such a hard feat, and having a 1590 rating can be quite a feat if you actually are forced to play against good players with teammates who aren't that great... Unfortunately this applies to all games on the zone.. I know this personally from reversi (also known as othello)... It's a board game that I play (my other hobby) and I'm one of the better players in the world... (finished 2nd at US Nationals just this last year) Yet somehow I'm only 110th or so in the ratings on the zone... I know that part of that is that I don't play serious games in the zone, but of the 110 or so ahead of me about 60 are doing the "I refuse to play anyone above 1700 rating" game (you can tell from the 150-1 records) And about 40 that are cheaters... The other 10 are almost all people who have played in real tournaments... And only one player in the top 10 doesn't resort to abusing the system... Anyways I digress... the point is that ratings on the zone don't mean a lot because there are always people who abuse the system to make themselves feel good. I recommend just ignoring them What this has to do with 3v1 I don't know... lol
posted 05-07-99 02:14 PM ET (US)     6 / 6       
Not too long ago I got involved in a 3v3. Everone took fast civs(assy I think) except for me(hit @9) and another opponent(minoan @12). Well, fifteen minutes in my one partner(Bullheart, @6), who is a good player, got dropped. So, about that time I crushed the nearest enemy(rookie @10, but he did not resign) with a hoard of ca's and moved on to the strongest opponent(minoan guy). He had been out with compies killing my remaining partner(@5 - who resigned on my way to minoan guy's town). Well, I get there and he is defenseless. I wipe out most of his villagers and houses until his compies get back and kill my force.

By this time though, I had ironed and produced several cats and a bunch of horse archers to defend the only two ways into my town. Well, minoan guy starts telling me that it was a mistake to attack him and that he was the strongest player in the game and I was gonna pay for it. So a few minutes later in march about 20 comp bowmen who start trying to pick off my ha's. My cats roll up and flatten every archer he has.

Now I am a completely mad that this guy talked trash to me so I taunt him with a few laughs and tell him he better get some help because he will not be able to do it on his own.

While him and his one unmolested partner(@3) are preparing their armies, I have boomed well and have heavy cats which I turn out and surround my town with. I continue to fight off their puny comp bowman and weak cats (defending can be real easy if you have the right position). Meanwhile, I have a horde of 20 vils running around the map through my partner's old lands taking down every gold pit I find. I worked my way around over half the map unchallenged and even stole one of 3's outlying gold pits. I check achievements and realize that I have WAY more gold than anyone else along with a military that should rock them. I build an entire new town @5 and start turning out cats.

My new force rolls up and totally kills 3. Completely blew him off the map and he resigns. Now I am really gettin cocky because I know the only one with any army left is minoan guy, and he will never hang with my ha's and h-cats. My golddiggers start mining stone and I tower the map. Along comes the first guy(previously at 10) with axemen into my town(lol). Blue mounts a futile assault on my town once again and I roll into his at the same time with my force and completely crush him too. I am totally pumped at this point and am using every taunt available.

Blue resigns, and the final player left is the first one I hit. He did his best, but clearly was inexperienced. I towered the rest of the map and found what few villagers and axemen he had left. Game over. On the achievements, my partners had 4 total kills while I had over 400!

Now, if any of my opponents had had a game plan, they would have taken over my partner's lands as soon as they were killed, took the resources, and surrounded me. But, in the end, I felt like the king of the world and could not wipe the grin off my face. One of the most satisfying games I have ever played.

BTW, since then I have talked to minoan guy and found him to be quite a cool person to talk to and play with.

"I like a man who grins when he fights."
Winston Churchill

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