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Topic Subject:The name of a cheater on ROR!
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posted 05-04-99 10:50 PM ET (US)         
About 2 nights ago I decided to fire up my Age of Empires and play a game on the Zone. I decided to take a one on one game. I found an oppoment by the name of FWH_Wolfpack. We had a one on one. I was doing alright. (for me) I checked the timelines and other stuff often. About 4 minutes into the game I checked the economy screen. What the fuck! 6 Villigers? What the hells up with that? I said to myself "Hahaha. Easy win." Then I ate my words. I looked at the timeline and saw that he was on Iron Age! What the *****again!!! I asked him about it and was immeadiatly called a whiner, loser, and a nobody. He said he will now "punish me" for my "incompetence". I laughed at him. About 1 minute, maybe 2 minutes, 20 armored elephants walked smack into the center of my town. Boy was I angry. I was totally, and utterly decimated. Not only because I was beaten by a low down cheater, but because it was a rated game along with it!

So just be warned. FWH_Wolfpack is a cheater.

This has been a public service.

posted 05-06-99 05:08 PM ET (US)     26 / 57       
To catch cheaters just take screen-shots of the impossible time line, and if it was rated and not reveal check his best times to see if he ever went impossibly fast. Don't accuse without proof also, nothing personal. Also I doubt very much if a person would ever use their most treasured name to cheat on the Zone, that would be stupid.


posted 05-06-99 05:14 PM ET (US)     27 / 57       
Hullo?? I have played with FWH_Wolfpack and he is a fine player, a good sportsman, and NOT a cheater. If all players were like him, I think the zone would be a better place. Is it perhaps possible you got the names mixed up or something?? Also, I have seen Wolfpack around here before, whereas YOU are totally sure this isn't some sort of smear attempt?? Perhaps it was a name similar to wolfs, or someone who go this password or something...I seriously doubt the real wolf would cheat...he's nice guy.

But you should still watch out for him, cause he's one good player. Be careful.

Field_General, a.k.a. APC_General.

posted 05-06-99 06:49 PM ET (US)     28 / 57       
There are no names on the zone of FHW_Wolfpack, FWH_W0lfpack, FHW_W0lfpack or FWH_Wolfpac. When added to the buddylist, a red 'X' gets placed in front of their names, deeming them invalid. Kanyon's accusation is directed straight at FWH_Wolfpack. Kinda fishy....

"He who laughs.....Lasts"

posted 05-06-99 07:22 PM ET (US)     29 / 57       
I just got an url to the aoe traner and got damn that crappy *****works as hell I get res by loads 10000 wood I think not 1000 which has been modified, tried it out in an ip game on my comp, it easy and fast steriods is global and I tested it, and the comp build as hell (it ribbed him 5000 food).

I doubt that fwh_wolpack did it, not played with him but played fwh's and they are all nice players,
first off always take pictures before accusing, only way you can prove but it is also possible to use IP game and sign in as a nick like maimin_matty and use trinaer and post it. get pictures. no use to accuse like that without it.

He wa siron by 6 min you say? if you are not complete unaware you would have ntoiced it if steriods was on, FAKE!

- Pote

"Your shadow is the proof of your excistence. The shadow is the sun's footprints on earth."

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posted 05-06-99 07:34 PM ET (US)     30 / 57       
Wolfpack's right Kanyon. The zone shows you as having played NO rated games. So you are either making the whole thing up or you came into this forum using an alias to accuse Wolfpack which made it impossible for him to properly defend himself.

Before saying another word give us the zone name you played with against Wolfpack. You may not have taken screenshots but surely you remember the nick you use in rated rooms.


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posted 05-06-99 07:59 PM ET (US)     31 / 57       

You wouldn't happen to play on the zone as "xxx_outwarrior," would you?

posted 05-06-99 09:23 PM ET (US)     32 / 57       
hmm. Apparently I did not type my last reply correctly.

What I meant is what if there is a trainer that makesa a non-global steriods? A fast build that could only effect the player who runs the hack. I am no programming genius or anything but wouldn't a hack be like that?

Oh and have any of you ever heard the old saying "Never judge a book by its cover" or "Things are not always as they seem"? Why do you just automaticcaly assume I am lieing? WHy because you look up to your "hero" of Age of Empires? Is that why you dont think he would ever do anything wrong?

There are a number of reasons why he would use his regular nick when he cheats. Maybe he figured "Hmm...this guy wont ever say anything about my cheating...Nows a good a time as any to try my NEW hack."

Notice that Wolfpack posted a thread entitled "ROR TRAINER EXISTS" Hehehe. I bet he knows that ALL to well.

Oh and what point would I have in making this up? I felt I was doing all of you a favor by informing you that Wolfpack can and will cheat.

Ahh I forgot to mention my Zone name. Its Kanyon647.

[This message has been edited by Kanyon (edited 05-06-99).]

posted 05-06-99 09:37 PM ET (US)     33 / 57       
I've got nothing against you Kanyon, hell I'm as new as they get I've nothing against anybody. So speaking from a neutral point of view I'd just like to say PLEASE have proof of your accusations. I don't personally know anyone involved (hell I don't personally know almost everbody here), but I've read the posts and come to the conclusion that there are 4 possibilities in this situation which are:

1. You are lying (I don't believe this one is true).

2. You have mistaken someone else for FWH_Wolfpack, someone with a simular name(Most likely conclusion).

3. You never played FWH_Wolfpack or anyone with a simular name but you did play a cheater, however you forgot the name of the cheater and somehow thought it was FWH_Wolfpack (A possibility).

4. Everybody else in the world but you is wrong (Crazy conclusion).

Whatever conclusion is real I just wanna say I have played people I knew were cheating and it sucks! So if your story of playing a cheater is true then I know how you feel and would be angry as hell just as you are, but....are you just looking for someone to blame? Are you just angry and must blame someone for what happened or would you like to see the actual person brought to justice? (forget it whoever he/she is they are long gone buddy). You have 2 choices:

1. you can forget about it and move on.

2. you can take a suck and continue this charade.

Choice is yours. Sorry bout what happened to you, it sucks I dont like it and noone else would, maybe its time to move on ok?


posted 05-06-99 09:48 PM ET (US)     34 / 57       
I just saw you post as I was posting (check the times between our posts hehe ). I checked your name about 2 minute's ago and it says you haven played any rated games in ROR, maybe you were playing in AOE when this happened.

HEY Kanyon647, I just tryed to add you to friends and it gives me an X, how come? I think you spelt it wrong cause I copied pasted the name right from what you posted.

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Steve Ryan
posted 05-06-99 10:00 PM ET (US)     35 / 57       
I come into this argument as a completely unbiased observer.

I am going to appoint myself as judge jury and executioner !

I do not know nor have never played with or talked to either Kanyon or FWH_Wolfpack but here is how I judge things.

Defense Case : Defendant Wolfpack

Wolfpack started this by accusing xxx_outrider of cheating. He backed this up with about as conclusive a bunch of evidence I have ever seen. He could have possibly doctored this but only with great effort and skill. I am pretty good at manipulating jpgs and bitmaps but doctoring one of these so that it was so clean is beyond me. The effort involved could not possibly match the rewards.. to slag of a player we have never heard of ? Why would you do that ?

Unlikely that Wolfpack would use his coveted clan name to cheat.

Unlikely if he cheated he would do it so poorly. He is good enough (from all anecdotal evidence) to know that with 6 vills the opposition would know he cheated.

Characters references have all been glowing. I have not heard any refer to Wolfpack being anything but a good fair player.

Accusers Case : Accuser Kanyon

Not long after Wolfpacks post we get a post from Kanyon accusing Wolfpack as a cheater. This post gives very little evidence (unlike Wolfpacks).

Coincidence so soon after Wolfpacks post creates a great deal of suspicion

Times and achievements seem impossible unless steroids cheat is used and this is global.

No one has ever heard of Kanyon, played with him, no character references, no zone rating etc etc.

Ruling : Case against Wolfpack dismissed. Costs awarded against Kanyon.

Next Case : Kanyon who is probably the dirty cheater xxx_outrider, for false accusation, cheating and just being an all round turdburgler.


PS. Sometimes a smear like this can hurt your image just by being made. Bear up Wolfpack, as far as I am concerned this entire episode has only enhanced your reputation !

NB I also checked for Kanyon647 No rated games in AOE or ROR.. do you think we cant check these thing ???

posted 05-06-99 10:23 PM ET (US)     36 / 57       
All of you so so determined to be on the side of the "class act" Just trying to rub shoulders with the great one.

As for your accusations of me being xxx_outwarrior, or whatever his name is, I have but one question. What the hell is an xxx_outwarrior? I have no knowledge of this piece of trash, nor do I give 2 shits and a *****about him.

Checked my record eh? Well you are doing something wrong. I guess even if you cut and paste that people like you can screw it up. Keep in mind that insults are not refered towards all. Just towards the ass kissing, phonies who backup other phonies.

I guess your right. I dont have any real evidence. I mean of course since there isnt any edited screenshots that means I am lieing. Since some ass has a good rep means he cant change? Thats a load of *****because I have done it myself. Its so easy to earn a good rep, but its even easier to earn a bad rep.

I know how most of you are. You get up every morning. You flip on your old 386, 14.4 computers. You wait 20 minutes to check your little forum. You goto work. All day thinking of Age of Empires, and your "class-ACT" Wolfpack. Getting home you see someone has tried to expose this obvious fake. So you say "NO NO NO! NO NO NO! HE WOULDNT DO THAT! NO NO NO! NO NO NO! HE IS SUCH A CLASS ACT HE WOULD NEVER DO THIS. HE IS SO RESPECTABLE! BLAAA!"

Thats how each and everyone of you are. I dont give a damn about this anymore. You can trust him all you want. Go right ahead. You will ALL see what a true fake is.

FWH_Wolfpack, I truly hope we meet someday in the Zone. I would totally, and utterly decimate you. That is of course unless you were cheating again.

C-ya "class-ACT"

posted 05-06-99 11:06 PM ET (US)     37 / 57       
Kanyon that last post really destroyed all credibility, only a total liar and a loser would post suck a reply. I am now firmly convinced YOU are the guilty party not wolfpack, YOU are the only one being abusive in your posts, he hasn't swore or used foul language in his posts. Your a child Kanyon, a child we all hope will grow up one day. And you don't exist, I've checked. Computer's are unable to lie (unlike you) and you aren't registered under the name Kanyon647, no one is, and the name Kanyon has NO repeat (for the blind Kanyon's sake) NO rated games.


As for Wolfpack I don't know him, have never seen him online and probably will never know him so there is NO advantage of defending him; But....when morons like you post such an outrageous accusations I feel I must reply.

Only a stupid moron like you would lie about existing and forget to actually make the name LOL! Just as stupid as cheating and being obvious about it then denning it, hmmmm....sounds familuar.....hmmmmm xxx_outwarrior maybe?

We all know who you are bud, now kiss off and stop posting under that phony name!


[This message has been edited by Knight_Day (edited 05-06-99).]

FanatiC KaBaN
posted 05-06-99 11:09 PM ET (US)     38 / 57       
Now this is getting way out of hand and i am getting very confused!

I was just wandering though, if someone accussed me of cheating, would you guys back me up as much as wolfpack? or just forget about me and let me fight on my own...

FanatiC KaBaN

Cherub Sting
posted 05-06-99 11:19 PM ET (US)     39 / 57       
Although I dont really know either Kanyon or Wolfpack, I found Kanyons last statement interesting.

FWH_Wolfpack, I truly hope we meet someday in the Zone. I would totally, and utterly decimate you. That is of course unless you were cheating again.

Now are you implying that you have yet to meet on the zone? Therefore saying you have never met before? Thats the impression I got from this.

Hmm...386, 14.4. Thats pretty close to my Celeron 400 with cable modem. Dont be such an as*hole Kanyon. Otherwise, you are liable to get burned

If you ever feel like giving your REAL zone name to us Kanyon please do so, as I am very interested in a game with you.

posted 05-06-99 11:28 PM ET (US)     40 / 57       
Ya I'd back you up KaBaN, if you are in the right! As for MY last post I just want everyone to know Kanyon started with the insults not me (as anyone can see from this thread).


posted 05-06-99 11:31 PM ET (US)     41 / 57       
I would back you Kaban. Everyone on this forum is like an ROR family...except for an occasional black sheep.
posted 05-07-99 12:58 PM ET (US)     42 / 57       
Please Kanyon, now you have just totally ruined your argument. Who in the hell are you to talk about anyone here about posting and reading the boards. You obviously knew right where to come.

As for your comments about the type of people who play the game and read this forum, it only shows how truly ignorant you are. You have to wake up and realize that AoE and RoR are played by a people from all over the world, from kids to senior citizens

As far as your comments on everyones computers and what not, just cuz you cant or dont have the latest and greatest stuff doesnt mean no one else does.

As for your accusations that everyone is just trying to kiss up to "the great one" or rub shoulders with him, since when did anyone say that Wolfpack was anything but a class act, a good player, and a friendly, pleasant person to talk to and play with. As far as I can see, the only who could even remotely be called "the great one" would be Matty because he has proved himself to be so. You might think he is "the great one" because he whooped your as* badly, but you need to grow up and realize that everyone has lost games and will no doubt lose some more. I will play anyone, and if I lose, so be it, learn from it and move on.

BTW, I do not know FWH_Wolfpack either. I think I have played with him a few times but am not too sure(maybe under my other nick, Mayhem_23).

As for the rest of the people who read and follow this forum, I am sorry to have added to the bs which Kanyon has started, but I have followed this thread since it started and just could not take it anymore.

"I like a man who grins when he fights."
Winston Churchill

posted 05-07-99 01:09 PM ET (US)     43 / 57       
You suck kanyon, LOL just testing my civ and I had to put something up here...
posted 05-07-99 01:11 PM ET (US)     44 / 57       
I didn't notice any little boxt include signature..... There it is !

Her hand gently beckons, she whispers your name... But those who go with her are never the same

posted 05-07-99 08:49 PM ET (US)     45 / 57       
Probably some kind of name mix up.
posted 05-08-99 00:30 AM ET (US)     46 / 57       
I never bothered looking into this thread until tonight since the person's name wasn't in the subject and I figured anyone using the trainer is probably too small-time to worry about (and would most likely stop playing under that name anyway.)

I've played Pack and several other members of the FWH clan (both forum and agin 'em) and they are without exception in my experience an honorable and trustworthy bunch. I clearly remember a game within the last month where two of them lost a close game they would have probably won if they hadn't run out of wood. Obviously, no trainer in use that game.

There is no doubt in my mind that Pack has never used a trainer. Further, the sheer coincidence that someone would accuse him of using such a program only days after Pack made the allegation (with proof, this time) against someone else is a pretty good indication that the accuser ("Kanyon") may have an axe to grind.

Folks, not only would Pack never use a trainer, he'd be the first person to vote to expel any FWHer who did. These guys play together all the time and none of them would be able to keep their use of such a program secret from the others. I was actually in a room with two of them when someone came in and broke the news about the farm bug. Their reaction was one of "that stinks" rather than "hey, let's jump into rated and boost our scores before the word gets out." Clearly, they ain't the cheatin' kind.

IMO, "Kanyon" is either xxx_outwarrior, a friend of his, or a rejected FWH clan applicant who saw this as an opportunity to exact some revenge.

Grow up, Kanyon. This hobby doesn't need players like you.

posted 05-08-99 00:37 AM ET (US)     47 / 57       
i ahve played with wolfy on noumerous occasionsd both as friend and foe and he never once cheated not once so what do you think could cause such a good rep in my opinion nuthing if he didnt do it all those times then why would he do it that one time and ruin his rep and even if he did do it he would be smart enough not to make in noticeable so in my opinion the only way you could prove it would be too showe a screenshot(ctrl+f12) othwise why must u turn my office into a house of lies

By the one and only MiC_Slayer

posted 05-08-99 04:05 AM ET (US)     48 / 57       
Im rather amazed how much thought and concern some of you had about this issue. The simple fact is that Kanyon has no prove so there is no case. Lack of evidence comes to mind. Also from what i know of FWH, they would be the last clan to stoop down a level in morals. I play FWH often and always enjoyed the games. They are Class Acts and im sure Wolfpack is another example of FWH's good natured gamers.

Also Kanyon- If you simply made a mistake and admited it and people jumped on you, that would be wrong. But instead you made no attempt to find your error and instead tried to attack the integrity of Wolfpack, who is a respected player. So if your wondering why people are all on your back, now you know if you havent figured it out already

Zone name: _CuC_CaL

COME GET SOME (but dont hurt me)

posted 05-08-99 01:05 PM ET (US)     49 / 57       
Go here to see Wolfpack talk about another using a trainer.

It is quite an interesting article...


[This message has been edited by Kitty_Puff_Puff_Skipole (edited 05-08-99).]

posted 05-08-99 03:20 PM ET (US)     50 / 57       
Sigh, by now I´m finally fed up w/ Kanyon´s blatherings. He started by accusing a well-known player of cheating and now he´s insulting all the forumers. Kanyon, you made it, you´re currently number one on my personal list of forum pet hates.

First, the name of Wolfpack´s clan, FWH = Fight With Honor, could give a slight hint as to how the members of that clan feel about cheating. I remember having read their web site a long time ago and if I recall this correctly, their rules are pretty strict. Perhaps Wolfpack or one of his fellow FWHers could post the URL for all to check.

Second, I´ve never played w/ Wolfpack (due to the infamous zone drops; he had agreed to watch me, the rookie, but the game crashed ), but I got to watch Jehu some time ago in a game where he was teamed up w/ Wolfpack against three other forumers. In the end, Jehu and Wolfpack lost the game - w/o whining, ggs were passed all around, and it was a great show to watch for me. From what I could see in the game, Wolfpack is simply an experienced player. From what I know about him from talking to him on the zone, he´s a very friendly guy. Period.

Third, since imho common sense and a certain degree of intelligence are prerequisites for being any good at playing RoR, this leads me to the following thoughts: Wolfpack was the one who confirmed for the RoR community that a trainer exists. He posted about it and proved his point w/ screenshots. Now, IF he had had any intention of using the trainer himself, I simply don´t believe he would´ve been THAT stupid and posted about the trainer at all. And IF he had wanted to test the trainer online to be able to report more details about it, he could´ve asked his fellow clanners or other forumers he knows for a test game. Only a complete idiot would play a RATED game against an unknown guy to test a trainer, using his own respected zone name in the process. And FWH_Wolfpack is NOT an idiot!

Conclusion: Kanyon´s not only accusing an experienced player (w/ a well-earned good reputation) of cheating w/o giving proof. To add insult to injury, Kanyon´s trying to sell us that Wolfpack is dumb which he clearly is not.

I was browsing my collection of English swearwords to find an appropriate name for Kanyon, but I´ve just decided to put it in terms of political correctness: Kanyon, you´re not only mentally challenged, you´re morally challenged as well. Pick your own swearword.

I hope it´s possible to track down Kanyon (Sting, any idea?). Kanyon DOES deserve a truckload of spankings.

Happy hunting, guys!


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