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Topic Subject:Brassed off
posted 05-03-99 02:46 AM ET (US)         
Well, I spent most of Saturday night trying to get into my first Zone game. Initially it all looked good, but once the game was launched I never got as far as the options page. I inadvertently trashed 3 games before I figured the problem.

It turns out that when the Zone says minimum requirements 'a modem', they mean it. I've got an ISDN line at home with an ISDN router (not a TA - through my work). So I was looking forward to reasonable latency considering I'm in Europe. Anyway, the problem is that when ROR is launched, it needs my PC to have the IP address that my ISP assigned me, whereas my router has that honor since it's the one that's directly connected. Microsoft taking shortcuts again - they shouldn't need that requirement since every other Internet application works fine with my setup.

So, now I'm brassed off because I've had to dig out my old 33K modem and plug it in instead. Apparently my latency shows as 2 bars (gold).

Has anyone else got a router instead of a modem? Any clues? I'd love to be running at 64k. Might get my latency up to at least 3 bars.

posted 05-03-99 05:39 PM ET (US)     1 / 6       
I used to (and still have, but not using) an ISDN router...And I didn't ever go on the Zone, I went once I never went back because it didn't work. I have a 56k now. I downgraded for more time. T1's and above work. Cause I have seen them work on the Zone Hopefully I can upgrade for a faster connection soon. (3 computers through a 56k is kinda slow)


Zone Name: Borgboy12
My ICQ# is: 16785505 And I am currently:
posted 05-03-99 07:14 PM ET (US)     2 / 6       
ISDN lines don't work on the zone? Crap, is there a way to get past this? I would really like to know cuz this summer i won't be able to play RoR if the damn ISDN lines don't work!


posted 05-04-99 06:08 AM ET (US)     3 / 6       
Important distinction:
I can't get ISDN via a router to work (yet!).
However, I would suspect that ISDN via a TA should work.

I've not given up on the router approach yet.

posted 05-04-99 07:06 AM ET (US)     4 / 6       
This hasn´t got to do w/ routers, but w/ latency in general.

Last night I had severe problems w/ the ´net in general (loading threads and downloading plug-ins took forever) and the zone in specific. I finally managed to get into a game, but got dropped from the set-up room w/ a resynching error. Netscape collapsed w/ a post-mortem dump, argh!

Today I found out that my ISP´s proxy had had problems ever since Sunday (which are supposedly solved by now - we´ll see about that tonight!). As to playing online, I was advised to switch off the proxy then since it causes latency. I was dumbfounded since I thought I´d need the proxy to connect at all. I´ll try this evening if I can get this to work.

Can anybody explain about that proxy/latency issue?

And what is the correct procedure to IP in into a game? Do you do this w/ or w/o connection to your ISP?

Sigh, I´m pretty fed up by now w/ all these friggin´ proxy, ´net and zone problems lately. My apologies to all of you who had to wait for me to reboot these past days. At least I know now that it wasn´t my fault.

It can only get better...


posted 05-07-99 06:54 AM ET (US)     5 / 6       

Re: Proxies...
Hmm. There are different kinds of proxies. I assume you are talking about the proxy configured into your web browser. In this case, the theory is that if you have a proper IP/PPP connection to your ISP then you don't need a web proxy. So in netscape for instance you can easily configure to be 'direct connection to internet' in the advanced/proxy settings.

However, many ISPs provide web proxys as a way of saving them money and bandwidth and in theory speeding up your access time to access commonly used web pages. So what happens is if you want to access a 'popular' web page, like then if you have no proxy, your ISP has to download the page from Microsoft, whereas, if you use a proxy, your ISP will probably have the page 'cached' from a previous access so they don't need to wait for to respond - they just fire you the cached copy. The downside of using the proxy is that if the web page you are accessing is frequently updated (as is common on the zone) then the proxy's cached copy might not be entirely up to date. However, I believe pages are meant to have lifetimes attached to them so that proxy's can figure out how often the page needs refreshed. Don't know how well this works in practice. I guess your ISPs proxy was temporarily broken and not refeshing often enough.

So, in short if symptoms persist, I'd reckon you should turn your netscape proxy off. You are then still connecting via your ISP but your web accesses are not being intercepted by the ISPs troublesome web proxy.

BTW - Don't get confused with the other common use of the term proxy - when you are on a LAN and are using a router or other connected PC to access the internet.

P.S. My original problem still stands - it is a different problem to yours and is to do with routers I've borrowed an ISDN TA from work so I'll see if it works any better at the weekend.

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posted 05-07-99 04:51 PM ET (US)     6 / 6       

Thank you very much for your explanations! Ever since I switched off the proxy, web pages load faster and the connection to the zone is faster (but still far from stable).

I wish you luck in your quest w/ the router.


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