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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:How other civs stack up against Hittite in DM...
posted 04-14-99 09:45 PM ET (US)         
Make cats, legions, helis, scythes. Watch cats flatten cats, helis, and legions. Then watch horse archers kill legions and scythes. Make a tower. Listen to Hittite laugh. See cat take out towers in two shots. Vow to learn Hittite

Get a confused look on your map. Think, "huh? no water on this map?" make composite bowman. Watch big bad cat flatten composite bowman. Look at the map and see what 20 flattened composite bowman look like all jumbled together. Vow to learn Hittite.

Build a billion barracks. Farm like a madman. Convert everything. Repeat cycle. Watch legions beat uselessly on walls. Wonder why some wussy looking villager can take it down yet your big bad strong legion can't hurt it. Get frustrated. Say the Hittite is cheap. Then say he's cheating. Quit game. Listen to Hittite laughing uncontrollably. Vow to learn Hittite.

See your cats go whomp, whomp, whomp really fast. Now watch fast moving scythes kill cats. Wonder why I can't be as good as Hittite. Vow to learn Hittie.

Make lots of pretty elephants. Than make lots of pretty helis with decorative war paint on the side. See 10 helis go splat to 2 Hittite cats. Now watch large elephant force be converted by massive Hittite force of priests. Then watch Hittite elephants kill the rest of your elephants. Grumble something about cat support. Vow to learn Hittite.

Watch fast shooting bowman die to fast moving fireball from catapult. Say something about not being in range of catapult. Vow to learn Hittite

Start chopping wood. Cut down more wood. Keep up this unnatural desire for wood. Try to construct stables and barracks. Watch as it takes 15 years for one stable to go up. Realize there is no water to build the boats that you cut down all that wonderful wood for. Watch Hittite kill villagers cutting down wood. Cry. Vow to learn Hittite.

Make centurions. Watch them run really really fast. Watch them go splat from fireball. Run out of gold. Yell to teammates about gold. Listen to your teammates tell you "No, i've all ready given you 10,000." Watch Hittite cats flatten the rest of your town. Vow to learn Hittite.

Make a million priests. Convert the world. wooloooooo like a madman. Chop wood like you're on drugs. Get gold like a madman. Send out a million scythes. Watch scythes die to Large number of towers and horse archers on top of the big hill. See fireball kill priests. Vow to learn Hittite.

Listen to Hittite in the game room laugh and laugh. Start game. Make horses, watch them die to everything. Vow to learn Hittite

Sit there looking at the yamato wondering why the Hittite is laughing so hard. Start game. Make lots of cheap villagers. Think its cool how many vilagers you can make in deathmatch. Watch Hittite kill your villagers. Vow to learn Hittite.

Make elephants. Farm like crazy. Be amazed at your incredible eyesite. See these catapult and horse looking things coming at you. Then see elephants along with them. Wonder what that's all about. See Cats kill cheap ballistas. Then watch elephants and horses kill pretty deaf elephants. Wonder about the 1/2 price siege and how come you only get a stone thrower and ballista. Watch Hittite kill the rest of your town. Vow to learn Hittite.

Make super villagers with armor. Send them running toward enemy. Laugh at the enemy and think to yourself "he has no clue about my armored villager rush." See one fireball kill 10 villagers. Vow to learn Hittite.

Make towers. Make more towers. Watch teammates do all the work. See fireballs racing toward your towers. See the towers fall down. Cry. Now watch priests die to more fireballs. Cry some more. Vow to learn Hittite.

Lay down 40 stables. Use all your food on elephants. Watch elephants die to elephants, fireballs, and horse archers. Wonder where all your food went. See Hittite kill your stables then town. Vow to learn Hittite.

Make cats. make more cats. keep making cats. Try to make elephants. Watch elephants die to cats. Realize you only keep making cats. Decide to call it a draw. Then go play a choson. make walls. Get a really good laugh.


posted 04-14-99 11:55 PM ET (US)     1 / 17       
Umm, can we say BIASED
posted 04-15-99 00:41 AM ET (US)     2 / 17       

Make Legions Make Scythes Make Heliopolis. Laugh at Shittite cats Watch big frieball miss by 4 tiles.Vow to Learn Roman

Steve Ryan
posted 04-15-99 02:21 AM ET (US)     3 / 17       

Make 400 legions, 60 towers and 30 priests with your initial start resources and throw them at the lumbering hit cats !

See how quickly his 80 cats, 60 puny towers and 60 horse archers last against this lot. If his resources last you still produce units at a rate of 5 legions for each cat.

Walls are a problem but while he sits behind his walls he isnít out gathering those vital gold reserves he need so badly. Also Jihad vills go through walls like butter and you will have the food to spare !

Hittite Ö doh got to learn how to fight 100 legions coming at me from North East and West. Those 240 hp legions chew up my cats and unless I micromanage the firing I blow up more than they do. My H Horse archers just cant do enough damage to stop the horde. My elephants are just cheap priest fodder and keep coming back to huant me. And only my cats can get near those long range towers.. gotta learn to be Choson

Steve Ryan
posted 04-15-99 02:23 AM ET (US)     4 / 17       
Correction only 30 H H archers ! for Hittite
Cherub Shadow8357
posted 04-15-99 08:46 AM ET (US)     5 / 17       
I found parts of this post very funny, especially the part about Shang. Good work.

However, in your section about Carthage, you mention Hittite priests. When is the last time anyone saw Hittite priests in a game? They only get Astrology. Carth EA/HA will tear them to pieces. Your priests move to slowly to escape, and only have 25 HP. Besides, Carth has better priests for re-conversion. Meanwhile, AE rip through your town like it was made of wet noodles. 750 HP EA also kill HHA (probably). Scythes die like mad to the EA/AE army. This only leaves HCats. AE with HCav, and some EA should be able to destroy an all HCat army, just focus on the cat defenders first. Besides, the Carth army will probably be raised sooner anyway.

Carth, I think, is probably one of the best civs for stopping Hittite. Carthage can exploit the weakness(es) of Hittite, while not failing against its strengths.

posted 04-15-99 01:54 PM ET (US)     6 / 17       
hehheh zilla : )

I aggree with ya that Hittite is the most powerfull... but I hope your joking on the part that they can beat on every other civ.... If they did.... you would only be seing pure hit, as civ choices among exerts : )

egy's scythes and priests are great are both great at killing hit cats...In fact the only real unit that egy can not counter directly is HHA.. and even they get hit hard by large numbers of scythes. I have played on both sides of a 1v1 hit vs egy match up... and it is grueling for both players. For the Egyptian, your goal is to run the hit out of gold(making it a pure sycthe war)... while the hit has the harder task of trying to run the egy out of wood

to shadow8357:

Carthage is not a great civ to use against Hittite. This is because even with 750 hp AEs, and EAs they still fall to large catapult packs. Heavy horse is the only option they have, and they are extremily expensive (gold wise) as well as they fall fast to HHA fire. Carths main weakness is it's units do not move fast, which Hittite smashes with cats.

As to Hittite priests.. If I as hittite am facing an opponent going heavy with AE, and I do not have any teammates/ not getting any help.. sure Im gonna make some priests.

In 1v1 Hit battles... If my opponent uses AE I will almsot always make a few priests

posted 04-15-99 02:02 PM ET (US)     7 / 17       
yeah dhamon, I'll be the first to say that i'll get beat by other civs. And Hittite is definetly not a winner every time. But then again, you know the only thing that really kills me is heavy horse archers.

And yes, the whole hittite priest thing is meant as a joke

but! hittite has astrology which gives them an increase in their conversion rate. Now, this really is much more important than anyone thinks. Yeah, they don't have 2X hitpoints, or speed. But they convert as well as anyone. They just don't hav a 13 range and they don't refresh as fast. Against some slow, dumb, traitorous elephants, they do quite well. I don't send them in suicide missions. but use them to help out the other units i'm using. (the horse archers, towers, elephants) Then use them to heal the units. I should know. I've stopped tons of rushes by carth and persia with a combination of priests, horse archers, and elephants. But then again, the best way to beat a rush, is to have a nastier rush than the other guy.

Another thing. Elephant archers are non-existant in deathmatch. They're too expensive and don't help enough. A catapult has a better range and with the cat bug fixed in ROR, will absolutely kill off EA's in seconds. Same with heavy cavalry. Too much gold is used for the small amount they might help you (just look at RM, when was the last time you saw cataphracts used?). A large group of HHA's backing up cats will kill off all scythes/cavalry. Also tower behind the cats as you move forward to keep clear any scythes/cav trying to get through. And even if some do get through, HHA's can quickly chase down and kill those units.

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posted 04-15-99 02:25 PM ET (US)     8 / 17       
I love that Zelda_Gannon (which is a kick-ass game!) "Shittite" It's so simple yet i've never heard it before.
posted 04-15-99 04:10 PM ET (US)     9 / 17       
Thanks Rip......BTW if you couldnt tell by my signature...i idnt put it in that other post cause it annoys some people...zelda is a gaming clan.....or tribe.......for AoE.......anyway i always call hittite shittite because too many people use them lamely....not CHEAPLY....LAMELY......meaning all they use is about 50 cat which i laugh at even though it may destroy my town i will kill of his villagers while he is micromaniging his cats....thats why i like helioplos...which i cant micromangment really....exspecially against civs with really good cats..

Visit The zelda clan homepage

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posted 04-16-99 00:35 AM ET (US)     10 / 17       
hehheh, that game where I owned you with HAs will never be forgotten : )

on the subject of EAs though.... in AoE, I would say there is no use for them, however in RoR, I do see some uses. This being for against AE and scythes.... having more hps then HAs, EA can with stand these units much better(unless you have 20+ HHAs) . Especialy for the initial AE rush, in 1v1 hit games I have found EA to be a good defense. They also require much less micromanaging then HAs, which is a plus, and they cost less gold. Usefull in most situations, no... but I have found a few

Big Daddy
posted 04-16-99 00:45 AM ET (US)     11 / 17       
great post godzilla...hehe very funny.
My only argument would be against egyptian. Put quite simply...the only thing in the hittite aresenal that can stop egyptian scythes are hittite armoured elephants which are easily converted by egyptian priests. Excellent players can do a great job with egyptian but with one MAJOR drawback. In a DM game i have only ever seen priests utilisized with any great success at 1.0 speed. 2.0 (which seems to be the only speed dmers play at) totally elminates this element from the game (which i find quite disturbing). If DM players took the time to slow down the pace of their game they might find some new strategy evolving....but until then....VOW TO LEARN HITTITE!!
posted 04-16-99 11:04 AM ET (US)     12 / 17       
He he, I have no problem with your main argument (I only play Hittite in DM - they rock). But I think you are selling Persia and Carth a bit short. Many Hittites have died to AE rushes and many will do it too in the future.

My 2 cents


posted 04-16-99 04:11 PM ET (US)     13 / 17       
I think the one for Egyptian should read like this; Make hordes of Scthes and CA. Watch as scary fireball misses by at least four tiles. Laugh like an idiot as your scythes cut through his HCats and leave nothing but debris in their wake


"This is highly unusual behavior Dave..."

Peter The Great
posted 04-17-99 09:16 AM ET (US)     14 / 17       
Elle's can absorb 10 cat hits when I watch them, so they cna get plenty close to the cats, and if playing Macedonian, they won't be converted so you can destroy the HCats. Helepolis' are deadly in small and large numbers, if the Cat is surrounded by Helepolis' (my strategy) then they fire every 1.5 seconds they will kill the cat right after it fires it's first shot. I fights computer hittites, and they make hordes of Cats, alot of games I lost (one reason because I don't have RoR) to them, but Fast units ie Cavalry, Chariots to kill priests, at least move close so cat fire will kill them anyway, then move on to the Cats and destroy their seige workshops. I haven't perfected this strategy yet since I haven't done it too much. So far in the roughly 30 games where I played with Hittite against me, I beat the Hittite's about 10 games. I gotta work on it but i can't wait to get RoR
posted 04-17-99 02:16 PM ET (US)     15 / 17       
i've been playing hittite for a while, ever since i started. and i think that hittite's HHAs, and HCats combo is the best, if they gets to iron. hittite sucks in tool and bronze but they rock in iron. imagine what 50 HHAs(fully upgraded) and 20 HCats could do to your town?
i've done it before. even AEs die horribly to hordes of HHAs.


posted 04-17-99 04:12 PM ET (US)     16 / 17       
This was like my post. Nobody liked it

Only Godzilla agreed with me. Maybe if I release a more detailed one I can make people know that there is no way to beat [bold]HITTITE[/bold] In DeAtHmATch

~/\~ FanatiC_FataL A member of the FanatiC Clan.
Irish Knight full of nobility. +--

posted 04-17-99 10:18 PM ET (US)     17 / 17       
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