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Topic Subject:New aoe buildings
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Jan dc
(id: Den cekke)
posted 04-26-13 03:43 AM ET (US)         
Unique Wonders Download

Older 2D work
-Persian wonder
From other games
-Greek wonder (scenario editor)
-Carthaginian wonder

Carthaginian building set:
Under construction
-Stone age house
-Stone/tool age granary
-Tool/bronze age Archery range

-Bronze age market
-Bronze age dock
-Bronze/Iron age stables
-Bronze age temple
-Bronze age government center
-Bronze/Iron age academy
-Iron age barracks
-Iron age town center
-Iron age government center

Greek building set:
-Alternative temple (scenario editor)

Disclaimer: Everyone is free to use the graphics I post here for Age of Empires modifications as long as they don't get any money in any form for it (including from sites like Mentioning me in the credits is nice but not obligated.

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posted 10-06-19 05:45 AM ET (US)     576 / 579       
It was pretty widespread
Jan dc
(id: Den cekke)
posted 10-10-19 08:57 AM ET (US)     577 / 579       
Thanks for the input knightse72 but the images you posted aren't very useful at this point. We are no longer on this project and the images aren't specific enough to model anything with.

If you have more concrete suggestions feel free to share though.
posted 12-14-19 10:32 PM ET (US)     578 / 579       
Sad to see this project die
posted 12-16-19 08:46 AM ET (US)     579 / 579       
I see some mentions of Solomon's temple.
I suppose I can add some input.

There were actual evidences of letters sent to the Phoenician King requesting for Tyrian/Phoenician wood (cedrus libani, or as the Assyrians called it, "erenu") to be shipped for the building of the temple... and Hiram aided this by giving 30,000 (iirc) timbers of cedar and fir, in exchange for 20,000 units of wheat and oil. Phoenician artisans also aided in the building of Solomon's Temple, and similarly, Phoenician artisans also constructed a grand temple to a goddess in 1200 BC in a similar fashion to how the temple of solomon was constructed.

The reason Phoenician wood was prized was because of their sturdy quality, its resistance to rot and insects, as well as their pleasant scent; they were essential for woodworking, and building of palaces, temples and large ships. Egyptian wood for instance (e.g. the Ficus Sycomorus), had spongy texture and so cannot be used for straight planks or beams, and the same goes for their palm trees which had soft interiors which were no use for ship construction or even buildings - a soft, spongy wood like that would've collapsed ships and buildings if they were used; the best they could do was use Acacia trees, which could only produce boards upto three feet in length.

It's pretty much the same for Mesopotamia, which didn't have much suitable wood for construction. And so Phoenician cedar - in particular - was prized a lot, compared to other types of wood, from which buildings like the temple of solomon were heavily dependent on.

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