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Topic Subject:Editing Scenario Data article
posted 08-13-19 02:04 PM ET (US)         
I've recently stumbled into this
by PhatFish
Now, I wanna ask, knowing that we can modify tile properties, in which part of the uncompressed file would I find the units? How about scenario instructions and other stuff, like players, or researched techs or whatever? How about for Rise of Rome scenarios?

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Mr. Beta
posted 10-01-19 10:19 AM ET (US)     1 / 1       
Sorry for the late reply on this. Back in 2009 I did change units in a hex file of my old Heavenly Escort campaign - changed a goldmine to a wonder so the wonder would overlap the map boundary (this was before it became possible to have units on the boundaries, by the way). I don't recall exactly what byte needs to be changed, but I do know it is either directly before or after a single tile data set. You can test this by having a small blank map and adding a unit to it, and then comparing both the empty map and added unit map hex file (you should spot the difference in byte(s) in the tile data sets).

Instructions come right after the header, player data is at the very bottom of the uncompressed hex file.

Anyways this is now sort of obsolete in any case, you can do all of this with the enhanced editor or rocknror utility, which is waaaaay easier and convenient.
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