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Topic Subject:Report on a DM by an RM player... (game story)
posted 03-29-99 05:44 AM ET (US)         



This weekend, I played a number of games, of which the results are a mixed bag. Some titbits may stir a little interest in our RoR community, so here it goes. This one is specifically oriented towards…


Yeah, I never play that. Don’t have those fast fingers…. Still, yesterday I went accidentally into one, oh well, stay and try not to make a fool of myself. In my team I had a great player, "Oom…something" I keep forgetting the rest. He had to quit, but he was Hittite and took the opponent’s Hittite by himself, great job.

My other partner (Hittite) seemed to have a preference for staying in his corner making towers and light units (HA and such), so he really did not intervene much, except to require my intervention…

So, I never play DM and I was really confused. What to pick?…

I picked Persia. I love those horse-like elephants. Besides, easier to control, right (sticky fingers)?…

It turned out to be a good option.

Our team: Hittite (Gray) at 6, Persian (me, Brown) at 4 ½, Hittite (Oom…, Orange) at 3.

Opponents: Macedonian (Yellow) at 9, Hittite (Red) at 10 1/2, Choson (Blue) original location probably at 12.

Map was reveal highland. No water. I spotted a flat area in the centre with gold. Immediately sent a few peons there, to build my stables – they were promptly slaughtered, both the Choson and the Hittite were already taking positions there in the centre.

Uh-oh. I backed my peons a little (about a cat’s shot) and laid out about 20 Stables. Later, I added a few more (6 or 7).

Started pumping Elephants as soon as possible.

Back home, I was taking care of the economy:

Set up several TC, 2 or 3 gold operations, 2 berry collection points, a dozen farms and a bunch of woodcutters. In the end of the game, I had the highest Vill Count and I had about the same gold as when I started (because it was not needed J
, but because of a little tribute also). Food situation (as expected) would always be critical, so I increased the number of farms in a pause of the fight… Food lowest was about 3,500 if I recall correctly, but at that moment I had about 30 Elephants ready to engage…

Ok, so as soon as I had the 20 or so Elephants I sent them and caught the Choson building up (he must have had about 50-60 Long swordsmen by then) and the hittite had a few elephants and was busy setting up siege.

Elephants do not do bad with swordsmen – problem is that they are not sturdy enough and the Choson comes out tops economically. Still, I had a few Storage Pits busy and my 3rd. wave was already Armored and wiped out the center of the board, whoo-haaa!…

AE really tell mannrs to Legions.

I was happy, not bad for a newcomer, topping 1x2. I was bloody afraid of Choson, due to their reputation.

Interesting thing, they forgot to place Ballista Towers near the forward base J

They also missed using those cheapo kick-butt Choson Priests! I was really afraid of that…

Ok, only a few Elephants left. Yellow started to send HHA, but my Elephants, fast as horses and well placed covering the center were able to intercept most of them – the rest died in Orange’s town…

Meanwhile, while I repelled the initial invasion, orange was punishing the Hittite (Red) by encircling him – he resisted less than he should, because his base was full of Elephants and Cats in the end of the game – still not many peons!…

Orange had trouble with the mouse, so he had to resign to the rodent (not before tributing his stuff to us J

It was now me and grey vs. yellow and blue.

Yellow got smart and made a bunch of AE.

I was training elephants and attacking blue’s establishment, with the aid of gray.

When Blue was practically eradicated and had to retreat to the corner of yellow’s, we had them cornered at 9.

Battles were raging, but my brave FAST persian Dumbos were kicking royal butt – too many losses for my taste, though. It turns out that yellow remembered about ballistas at that point!

It was getting tough to get into their camp and get it over with. So, I made like 20 cats, sent them behind the Dumbos lost most of them, but that broke the Ballista line.

Then, at the 2nd or 3rd combined wave of Dumbos + Cats they had to fold.

The game was interesting, our opponents did what they could and put up a good fight.

I was happy that I succeeded, because I was not sure about the efficiency of the Dumbos. I hear that the experts use conversion on them… but, heck, this was Quirinal, not rated room!…

I hear that Choson + Hittite combo rules. I wonder if Persian + a helepolis Civ (like Roman) could not be a good option.

And this concludes the report of my lonely incursion in the World of DM.



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posted 03-29-99 10:58 AM ET (US)     1 / 5       
Sounds like you did quite well, a few things to remember, when playing persia, the "rush" stage of the game is all yours... persia, with their fast AEs have a morepowerfull rush than any other civ, after the rush stage, persia's power declines, due to the rise of priests, heles, and HHAs, but they are still quite a force.

In DM, i is important to have an initial build order (which will get you through maybe 5 minutes) in order to maximize upgrades, mass villager production, offensive rushes, housing, and eventualy resourcing.

as persia, I suggest get a storage pit as one of your first non-TC buildings so you can get a jump on the AE upgrade.

A fast rush will usualy hit your opponent arround or before 5 minute mark, AE are the king of this, with their massive power, and tower busting ability.

If you had partners you knew, I would suggest getting a Hittite to give you cat support, rather than rely upon the puny persian ones... but getting help from random partners is often dificult.

as to civ combos, there are quite a few powerfull ones, for 2v2, I would include a Hittite in any combo, and in 3v3 I would put both a hit and cho in, but other than that their is no One set all powerful combo, like there is in AoE (hit/cho/cho)

for good DM civs, I would chose from one of the following 6: Hittite, CHoson, Carthage, Persia, Rome, Egypt

Egypt may seem out of place, but with their super scythes and priests, they really put the hurt on hittite and persia, which are the most used civs at the moment. A hit/egy combo is very powerful.

When picking civ combos...(assuming a team where teamwork will be used) there a few factors.. first being iron age strength (shang, Yam, Assy, minoan dont cut it)

Second.. What super units do the civs in your combo have, and what bonuses (more variety + bonuses = better)

Take the hit/cho combo.. why is it so powerful? (+ denotes civ bonus)
hit has: HHA+, Cats+, Towers Cents, AE, Scythes
Cho has: Priests+ Towers+ Legions+ heles

Thats all differnt units except for towers(which it is probably the best to have more than one) as well as bonusess on a total of 5 (different) fully upgradeable units
(other than cho towers not having alchemy)

a look at persia rome.... they are pretty well balanced, and opposite of each other unit wise.... but they both lack towers, and their number of "super" super units does not comepare to the hit/cho combo being only 2.

If your gonna go persia/rome, you are probably better off with carthage, since they have the AE/hele duo, and a Hittite for max cat support. THe hit/carth combo only lacks full priests... but priests are only used on AE, and carth can handle any opposing AE.

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posted 03-29-99 12:41 PM ET (US)     2 / 5       
Hey Dhamon i noticed you didn't mention phony for team play. i think they make a great partner with hit especially considering all the water maps that are played. Your dumbo rush will last forever, and juggs rule the waters and coastlines. great priests, ball towers and scythes make them a viable civ imo.
posted 03-29-99 03:07 PM ET (US)     3 / 5       
About pho:

Water maps...., The people I play seem to complain, if it is anything besides hill country reveal map ..... so pho boats are quite limited.

I have though played a few 3v3 huge medit DMs, and have found so far the best combo being hit/pho/hit (if you have a team where team work will used) ... with the two hits taking a side with the pho getting the water as well as providing dumbo support, and the eventual 40 AE transport across the water

The problems I see with pho are as follows.... first, their rush blows chunks, with out architechure, they are very slow, and vunerable in the beginning.

Second, They are meat to siege civs.. Heles wreck em, and so do massed cats. Their scythes do help here, but not enough.

For Ele civs, I would much rather have persia, Carth or Egy than pho (though egy is not really an ele civ anymore, and neither is carth if the same definition as in AoE is applied, being, a civ whose main units are priests and eles, and lacks decent siege)

I guess I don't see that pho is a viable counter to any of the popular DM civs, while a civ like egy at least is counter to hit and persia.

the only thing going for them is their great econ, but egy also has a great econ, not as good as pho's but definitely up there.

but thats just me Look for my teammate reverend(xpert101) if you want to find another pho player ... though recently I have gotten him to switch to egy instead

posted 03-29-99 03:31 PM ET (US)     4 / 5       
yeah i've always been a huge fan of egypt.. i just stopped playing them cause too many ppl crank the speed making conversions a real bitch. it is funny when opponents start laughing at the sc rush only to find that i've taken 75% of the map.
posted 03-29-99 06:13 PM ET (US)     5 / 5       
yeah 2.0 is real anoying... and it seem when ever I play against people I dont know, they always seem to jack it up.... though as long as the AE are not persian, even on 2.0 speed, its usualy doable, but definitely a chalange.... 2.0 speed blows in general, I have found only two "decent" enough players who prefer it over 1.5

Egy Scythe rush... its defintiely a killer, scythes are the only super unit which does not need a iron age requsite, and egy's are tough as nails....I start a stable with one of first villagers, and by the time, Im pumping out the chariots from 20+ stables, they all turn to scythes : )

those smiley faces are quite anoying : )

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