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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:What is the best single/combo of unit
posted 03-25-99 11:25 AM ET (US)         
Hello -

I think the single best unit in the game is the Carth armored elephant. 750hp makes them unstoppable in groups.

Although, groups of hittite heavy catapults are very very strong.

What do you think?

posted 03-25-99 11:44 AM ET (US)     1 / 5       
Hoyo, Hoyo, Hoyo

You're right, I like those Carth AE's

Right now, I'm on a HA/HHA kick. I love how fast they are.

As far as the 'best unit', I'll give you my list by age.

Stone: Summerian Villager
Tool: (Hittite ) Slinger (any civ)
Bronze: Minoan Compie
Iron: Hittite Heavy Horse Archer

Best combos

Stone: uhhh Clubman and villes
Tool: Slingers and Scouts
Bronze: ST's and Compies
Iron: Cat's/HCats and Hele's

posted 03-25-99 12:55 PM ET (US)     2 / 5       
Er ROR was supposed to be all about about combined arms, and in my opinion it is. The best combination of arms is Hittite heavy cats and Minoan/Roman/Greek/Carth heps. I am talking about say 50 of each. You need no lag and a damn careful cat manager, the hep manager has an easy job. The heps sit behind the cats. This is truely awesome and can only be stopped by an equal of Hittite cats. So back it up with few SC of your own, they can even hunt down some troublesome but ultimately irrelevant priests.

Combined Arms / Combined Civs, aint ROR fun

(id: S_Hemlock)
posted 03-25-99 08:08 PM ET (US)     3 / 5       

Would that be the hunting villies, or the fishing villies? I have to know so I can master my stone age rush.

FanatiC KaBaN
posted 03-25-99 11:19 PM ET (US)     4 / 5       
Masses of Persia AE is one of the best and funnest to use combos

Sometimes even hele's go down to them. If on flat land they do

posted 03-25-99 11:29 PM ET (US)     5 / 5       
Hey Hemlock,

I've only pulled off a successful stone rush twice, so I may not be the best source. Both times it was with Summerian. I had around seven villes chasing my enemy's vills around and left three back at my TC to get food for more. Eventually, I built a Rax and started to clubmen them to death when then would resign.

I'll bet that Assy and probably Shang would be good for a villie rush.

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