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Topic Subject:Adventures of Jehu and RajunCajunBoy
posted 03-24-99 08:44 AM ET (US)         
I played my first game with Jehu last night in Esquiline. I was a 3v3 default cont., no civ restrictions. The opponets went with Shang (blue), Shang (yellow) and Assy (green). Jehu was Shang, I was Minoan and our ally (grey) was Hittite. 3 fast civs vs. 1 fast/2 slow. It was a huge map (not gig) which favored the fast civs. At the start I was in the pocket at six, Jehu at eight and our ally at four. Yellow was right next to Jehu at ten, green at twelve and blue at two. I got a slow start due to far berries. I sent one villager above Jehu to try to harass yellow with slingers after I hit tool. I tooled with 25 vills, which was my first of many mistakes. I should have known the shangs would rush me. My two slingers I placed in yellows camp were boned to death and the barracks destroyed. At least it gave him something to think about. As soon as I hit the bronze button grey is yelling for help. He asks for stone and I give him all my stone. I tell him to hold on, but then Mr blue shang is in my camp by now with chariots and CAs. I had only four tool archers and two towers by gold. He feasts on my woodies and I run like a scalded dog. I was kicking myself at this time for not picking shang. I had fishing boats at six which went untouched most of the game so in that regard I was lucky. Jehu wasn't saying a peep so I knew he was OK. He was beating up on yellow. I made archeries by yellow and cranked out compys. I then hit yellow while trying to boom (not too successfully I might add). Jehu kept his cool the whole game and walled in nicely. He was the anchor while I spread out and did some guerrilla warfare. Grey was barely hanging on at four but I had lost the pocket. It was looking grim at this point. My compys had reached green by this time and blue helped him. I was trying to buy time for Jehu to iron. I never did iron as I concentrated on lots of compys. Jehu then started pushing yellow out of his area while I raided here and there. It was still looking grim because blue had HA's and ballistas, razing as he went. I snuck a vill into blues base and built two archeries. I then cranked out six compys and let them loose. I murdered a bunch of green and blue vills, while Jehu was mopping up yellow on his side. The tide was turned. I linked up with Jehu at ten and we systematically started finishing off yellow. Then lady luck smiled on us as green dropped. He really wasn't much of a factor in the game but it gave us a mental boost. We then trotted into blues base and started beating him up. About ten minutes later they resigned.

It was a team effort although I think Jehu pulled most of the weight in the game. It is really fun to play games with solid players who you can rely on to not give up. I celebrated the victory with some boudin and a coke. Hope to play with you again Jehu.

posted 03-24-99 09:06 AM ET (US)     1 / 3       
Esquiline? hehehe

Actually, I'm jealous that you two got a chance to team up. I got one game in last night (5:00 CST) in 'that V rookie room' that was a complete joke (Quirenal and Esquiline were full & I didn't feel like a rated game). It was a 3v3 slow civ game (even though an enemy had Assy and an Ally had Phoeny; go figure?) so I took Hittite and killed the Assy in tool. The sad thing about that was I boomed. Poor guy. It turned into a hide and seek game, I don't even know who got the last kill, my HA's & seige, my ally's troops or maybe a lion.

It would be a lot more fun to play with/against people that your sort of know (through forums and such).

Cheers to the Average Players Clan!!

posted 03-24-99 09:17 AM ET (US)     2 / 3       
Hi RajunCajun (RCB)

I enjoyed the game too.

As you said, it was a relatively poor food map, at least on our side. I had one berry patch and a few dumbos, but I did have 2 shore fish next to 2 fish in a pond. I took the quick berries and started chopping wood at a forest about 6 tiles from my TC. With such a close forest I was hoping to dock second but there really wasn't a good place to dock--only single fish scattered here and there. I decided to pit the shore fish/pond and go for a fast bronze camel attack against the neighboring yellow Shang.

I bronzed with 20 vills and 6 boats at about the 12:45-13:00 mark---very good for me even with shang. I trained a few camels to follow my scout to yellow. I hit him and did some damage but found a few towers. I dropped a siege workshop and sent in a few STs fo;;owed by more came;s and CAs. By now yellow is bronze and fighting back, but we had the upper hand.

Yellow was a pretty good player and stayed spread out, making it hard to find all his villagers. He relocated near green but kept an annoying presence in is original town. I would think the yellow threat was gone and suddenly he would pop into my village with a few CAs and a camel or two that I would have to deal with.

I was about to iron 2 times, when blue would come charging in with St/CA combos. I would burn resources to fight him off and start building up again. When he showed up in our towns with horse archers and ballista I thought our goose was cooked. I started training camels, cavs, and STs and took out the threat after he had dealt us some misery.

I finally ironed, but suddenly our old friend yellow was back at it with Sts and CAs, killing my farmers and running off my woodies. I thought, "that's enough of that!" and determined to kill yellow off once and for all. I was low on food, which you graciously tributed when Blue hit again with more ballista and horse archers and almost finished us. I sent some HAs, cavs, and villagers over to take them out just before he got to my main wood cutting operation.

We pressed on Yellow hard now and sent him deep into green, then blue's territory. I upgraded to heavy cavs and cats and started for blues town from two directions. I was very pleased with how the heavy cavs cut through ballistas and took down siege workshops-----I seldom use heavy cavs. Fortunately he never managed to get the Heleopolis upgrade. Yellow finally resigned and we concentrated on Blue. He made a last ditch effort to relocate but he ran right into an area I had recently annexed from Yellow/Green with some TCs at gold and wood. That's pretty much where the game ended. Knowing his location, we jumped on him and finished him before he build up a critical military presence.

I thought you played very well. You tributed to me a few times when I was in desperate need and spread out over the map very well..ůmuch better than I did. Had you not done that, blue's attacks would have been devastating.

I really enjoyed the game and look forward to doing it again.


posted 03-24-99 11:46 AM ET (US)     3 / 3       
Very kewl posts. Rajun send me an invite tonight. I should be on as I am always on.

He who has the last peon standing, wins!

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