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Age of Empires Heaven » Forums » Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition » If you like (or have) to play the Computer in solo games
Topic Subject:If you like (or have) to play the Computer in solo games
posted 03-15-99 09:38 PM ET (US)         
Ok, here is the very short guide to beating the computer in Hard (hardest, don't believe it's a joke, it will bronze in less than 10 min.).

Restraint: Build no walls, the computer also does not. You can, however build regular buildings and put Towers behind.

This goes for any map, and the smaller the map, the better you are.

Go ASAP to bronze and get 4 or so Camels/Cavs (or 10 Compies, or 10 CA) and merrily kill Villagers starting with closest enemy and moving on. They will be all in Tool and probably not even fight back. Make a few Towers if the CP are tool rushing.

Meanwhile, try to go Iron ASAP. Continue attacking as possible, but Iron is a priority.

Depending much on you and map, you will easily beat some 5 computers routinnelly.

That's why I gave up playing the Computer.

posted 03-24-99 08:05 AM ET (US)     1 / 8       
Why not build walls against the computer?

Against several computers on Hard, I find this useful as I can't fight 3 or 4 offensive battles effectively at once. It helps to keep the computers who I'm not concentrating on (yet) out of my town until I'm ready to deal with them properly.

Against 1 or 2 on Hardest, I think it's essential to have walls unless the computer's scouting has gone badly wrong - if I don't start walling in early Tool, the computer is likley to have a Bronze army in my town before I have reached Bronze (unless it's a huge or gigantic map, in which case the computer's scouting isn't good enough to find me quickly).

The AI doesn't build walls because it isn't clever enough to see where the key choke points are (that isn't a criticism of ES, it's just that humans have can see these things better than robots). We can, so using the skill is a fair tactic.


posted 03-24-99 08:43 AM ET (US)     2 / 8       
Your_Old_Friend is talking about a time when it gets boring because the computer CAs and Cav will happily attack a wall all day, never thinking that a ST might be more useful.

Keep using walls until you are able to defeat as many as you care. Then, before you quit playing computer for good, remember this message and try it without walls. Its a different game.

Keep your stick on the ice.

posted 03-25-99 11:31 AM ET (US)     3 / 8       
You are right, the AI really is not equipped to deal with walls. That's why I don't use them versus the Computer players.

An interesting thing, though, is that they will push very hard (and send all they have) to kill your farming and fishing operations.
The CP will send guys to your TC and scout ships to your docks early in Tool (being that "early" is not that early, even in hard).

When you play against 3 CP, you will win most of the time, with the conventional fast Bronze approach. The CP also handles Ctapaults and Priests much more expertly than humans (have you seen a computer-controlled Sumerian cat rolling and firing smoothly without stopping?...).

I have save a few "unsolvable" starts, and so far been unable to win most of them! This happens when 2 of them succeeed to make the trick of using a staged attack (1 tool "rushes" you, the other will harass you in Bronze and the unmolested one will pound you with Iron stuff). You will notice that the computer also uses hoplites very effectivelly, combining the hoplite attack with a cavalry one, which is very effective.

Weak points of the computer that I NEVER explore:

Never attack a building and then kill all his peons that come to repair the building, one by one.

never build walls that it cannot handle.

Never use more than 50 population limit (the CP's AI just cannot handle more than 50). In fact, I make a point of that, because it really is more stimulating to fight 150 or 200 units with your total of 50-65 (with over-building) than to just massacre them.

Sometimes, the Zone is terribly busy or unstable and I can't get a good game, or I'm on travel and can't connect. This is an occasional time to try this mild form of fun.

Sometimes also, the CPs will beat you - good, it gives you some reason not to discard it altogether...

But, as a rule, human opponents are a much better game.

posted 03-26-99 12:37 PM ET (US)     4 / 8       
Good discussion so far, but there's one thing you forgot. Tribute. Yes, most people give me an arrogant, saucy French laugh/sneer when I bring it up, but it has its advantages.

Typically, when playing the computer on random map, two computer players will always be your enemy form the start, no matter what. Therefore, in a 1v3 match, tribute is pointless. However, in a 1v4 and up match, tribute is very effective. I have found that 500 gold(625 including the market's 25% raise)is enough to make a computer player of your choice your lifelong(gamelong)buddy. In a 1v4 match, this translates into 2v2.

Now usually, your CP ally will go on the offensive, or possibly be attacked first, so the CP can always tie up at least one other CP. Quite often, he can take two on, for a while, leaving you to build up and research in peace, with little or no attacks, except from the seas. Obviously, researching shared exploration in the gov. center in bronze is a must.

You can bribe all the CPs except for two on most occasions, so the amount of allies you have, and resulting difficulty of the game is still up to you. All I can say is, tribute the gold relatively quickly, or your prospective allies will go from neutral to enemy. I'd say about early to mid bronze is about all the time you want to wait.

That's all folks!

Back to classes. Oh joy.

posted 03-26-99 01:45 PM ET (US)     5 / 8       
Well I tested it , its in another post, computer gets a resource bonus of 2875 of all resources (food may be different) on Hardest. Thats pretty damn many cats if I do say so meself
posted 03-30-99 11:09 AM ET (US)     6 / 8       
Hardest opponents will get to bronze between 8 and 13 usually, depending on the AI/PER selected for them. Unmolested, their iron is in the low-mid 20s, if ever. (Some starts/AI combinations seem to make Ironing impossible for the CP. Don't know why. Its a little frustrating.) But since they refuse to forward build, on huge or gig map, you should be able to bronze about the time they get sufficient forces to your main camp.

Without walls, you cannot stand and fight your tool age guys against the bronzes. Turtling just gives the opponents the chance to iron unmolested. Bad idea. However, Resource Deprivation works great. As YOF pointed out, your boats will be kicked off the sea quickly, so don't even bother. Spread out with real villagers, grabbing everything in sight, especially gold. If you lose a camp, you lose a camp. I believe it was CD who popularized the "dead wood" concept. I find it even more true playing Hardest than playing against good people.

Bottom line: Pick which fights you want to get into. Run from the rest. Fight everywhere and you will lose. If you hold out about 40 minutes, your econ and resource deprivation will destroy his "mighty" civilization.

Keep your stick on the ice.

posted 03-30-99 04:20 PM ET (US)     7 / 8       

If the computer allied with you after a tribute of 500, you must have been playing on easiest, right?

Also, the number of possible allies varies depending on the number of computer players in the game. Here's a link where I give the tribute necessary on the various difficulty levels and the number of potential allies: bin/aoecgi/forumdisplay.cgi?action=showthread&number=1&threadnumber=000579


Could you tell us how you determined the level of resources the computer starts with on Hardest. As far as food goes, I'm 90% certain the computer gets 2000 more than the human player (full amount depends on resource level selected.)

posted 03-30-99 04:31 PM ET (US)     8 / 8       
Without reading the other posts, i'd like to make a comment.
I really hate singleplayer aoe, mainly because of the divide between 'hard' and 'hardest'. 'Hard' is, not too easy but just too repetitive, and need i mention that 'hardest' is just too goddam hard! I find walls are a necessity as the cpu will attack frequently and in annoyingly small groups. The secret is simply to attack first with strong units, or just to pick off their villagers to slow them down.
As you can see, not very technical, but a comment nonetheless

THe pIEMAN aka Rabbit_Pie

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