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Age of Empires Heaven » Forums » Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition » I feel like I've been taken for a ride every now and then. Don't you?...
Topic Subject:I feel like I've been taken for a ride every now and then. Don't you?...
posted 03-02-99 10:47 AM ET (US)         
Yeah, the farm bug and the house bug were around forever. So was the wood bug (but this one got found out about first, because it was so influential).

SOMEONE once in a while has been using this on you.

AT SOME POINT we have been victims of the exploitation of these bugs.

And whose's fault?... NOT ES's.

Those who found the bugs and did not report them are the cheaters, the true perverters of the game.

I heard (when of the wood bug) a lot of pathetic excuses not to reveal it - and keep the secret among the cheaters.

So, if you want my opinion, both you and me have been taken for a ride. Sad, but that is not going to prevent me from playing with everyone.
Since I don't do rated games, I could not care less.
Anyway: I'll ignore that and keep playing.

IMHO, so should you.

I have no hard feelings about the game, Es, MS or anybody. Lamers will always be lamers, so... should we bother too much? Isn't the whole purpose of a game to be enjoyed?
Isn't the purpose of multiplaying to enjoy competition and have fun WITH other people?...

NOTHING will deprive me from that.

I will not whine.
I will not cheat.
I will not quit playing.
I will enjoy playing with strangers, the same way that i do.

Oh, I just figured why there are more Hill Country and Highlands maps going than mediterranean (which used to be the top choice)!...

posted 03-02-99 11:03 AM ET (US)     1 / 2       
Honestly, I cannot see that the farm bug is a game-winner for those willing to use it. Perhaps it can be a tie-breaker in very tight, and very long, games between players of equal skill. But there's no way someone can beat a superior opponent by using it. After all, very few games are won due to superior farming only. I'd say that 95% of all 1v1 games and perhaps 50% of all teamgames are decided before any farms are built at all, and of those 50% who are decided after farming starts on a serious scale the majority are decided before farms start running out of food. So, the farm bug will be a factor in perhaps 15% of all teamgames. But will it be a huge, game-deciding factor in those 15%? I just can't imagine how it could be.

IMO the farm bug is nowhere near as serious as some of the other bugs, like the TC bug and the completely unbalancing wood bug.

My 2 cents


posted 03-02-99 06:19 PM ET (US)     2 / 2       
I agree that on a one v one basis that it will not be much of a factor, however I do think that in team settings it will become a factor. The middle player can effectively become the feeder by boat stone and tool flood and bronze farm bloom. Its not a big deal yet, but will be when exploited and players find ways to maximize the benefits. Which they will, the game has evolved and will continue, add in bugs and revolutions will occur. No its not the wood bug, but it is another variation of the game.
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