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Topic Subject:DaRq against Farm Bug
posted 03-02-99 01:39 AM ET (US)         
After explaining how to use the farm bug and getting their opinions, it has been decided that the DaRq clan's official stance is against the bug. We vow that we will not use the farm bug.

As we feel this way, we have decided to start a petition of ROR players and clans that also vow not to use the bug. As this is an honor system and we have no way to police, and as we do not want to start a McCarthyism, we understand this list is essentially a useless piece of cyberpaper. But we still feel it needs to be done.

It is the honorable thing to alert your opponents your belief on the bug.

So we ask that you discuss it with your clan, and get back to us. If you are pro to the use of the bug, that is fine by us too. Do understand we will not use it. But we would be happy to record your opinion as well.

We will post the petition on our web site.

ROR is only a game. There is no reason one should feel one needs an extra leg up on the opponent, or the game ceases to be fun.

oh yah: does anyone know how to change my "screen name" ? Ace merged into Darq several months ago. Is there an easier way than a second email address for signup?

Darq_Kurt (
Darq_W0g (
DaRq -

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posted 03-02-99 02:18 AM ET (US)     1 / 3       
The infamous Steven Seagal clan shall also never use this bug. We find bug exploitation to be against everything that the great master has taught us.


posted 03-02-99 05:01 AM ET (US)     2 / 3       
Hehe, I have not tried but I think FC will be against it I am at least guess greg and others will have to say their ops to.

Seageal clan? Coool that movie where he kills those rastafari guys, u know where he splits one with a sword and break the back on the other, throw him in the elevator

posted 03-03-99 12:34 PM ET (US)     3 / 3       

I just want to say for the record that I, as a member of the the Steven Seagal clan, am opposed to the use of bugs. I also oppose murder, drunk driving, CS and Math professors that can't speak English, newbies in expert games, high taxes, old ladies going 25 in a 55, sex in the oval office, long lines in grocery stores, rainy days when I want to camp, sunny days when I want to play-o-e, text books that cost more than my tuition, fire alarms at 0-dark-thirty, people obsessed with their MSN gaming zone ratings, a society where people are judged by standards other than the content of their character, the high price of computer software, and world hunger.


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