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Topic Subject:Farm bug. Its real!
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posted 03-01-99 01:50 PM ET (US)         
Just came from the GX forum and they have been talking all morning about the farm bug. Essentially, it rejuvenates farms. Some could duplicate it, some couldn't. After you see how it is done, its trivial.

1. Press and hold the shift key.
2. Select the farm(s) that are getting low.
3. Select a farmer by drawing a box around him.
4. Press S
5. Let up shift key.

Voila. Farms are at max or above.

Serious bug/cheat! Water maps not really affected, since you can play entire games without a farm, but Hell Country will never be the same. Don't bother with those pesky farm upgrades anymore.

Thought y'all should be aware of it so you can pick map settings that minimize its effects.

Keep your stick on the ice.

posted 03-02-99 11:38 AM ET (US)     26 / 33       
For what's its worth I was posting at same time as Staffa and I agree that the farm bug will have a limited impact. However I was addressing all the known bugs and even some debateable but debased practices like phantom walling. Much as I like winning I have too much respect for myself to stoop to this stuff.
BTW if anyone wants to host a reveal map high res game, ask them if they intend to use the farm bug as well.


PS. Most of the people I play with will do things like telling you if you inadvertently leave chat set to everyone. There is still honour on the zone.

posted 03-02-99 12:31 PM ET (US)     27 / 33       
I completely agree with Staffa's 23rd post. This bug will not help anybody before 23+ minutes and you still have to survive long enough to use it.

Do you want to hear my opinion about this? First, as a programmer, I would like to precise this is not a real bug (technically). It has obvioulsy been programmed in into the source code. Why? I do not know, but it is definitely not an unexpected and unwanted feature of the program. I would call this a "hidden game feature".

Second, should we use it or not? Well, the only reason good enough to justify its use is the fact you want to play on equal grounds with everybody. So either ES fix it or either everybody uses it. We should advertise this new "hidden feature" to all the zone's community and inform all players, so the game become fair again.

Concerning the ethical value of the "farm hidden feature", I believe it to be unethical as long as a lot of players are unaware of it. When it will be used by 90% of players, it wont be unethical anymore. Do not get me wrong too, I do not like this "bug" but we now have to live with it... it removes 3 nice upgrasdes from the game and remove something to the Sumerians... so I think it sucks!

BTW, Phantom walling is another topic that we already discussed (flamed). Many ppl believes it is also a game feature, known to everybody and not unethical... If you're not happy, go tell ES and shut the "FOOD" up...


posted 03-02-99 08:09 PM ET (US)     28 / 33       
i agree with everyone that says this is not a good thing. isn't it funny this post is on heavens front page and we have heard NO reply from ES? thats pretty crappy if you ask me...
posted 03-02-99 09:08 PM ET (US)     29 / 33       
I dont know about the games all of you play, but when I am playing I dont have time to check my farms until the Farm-out sound is played. A couple things:
1.)people dont have time to watch their farms the whole time
2.) using 75 wood a time, to maybe 5 times, isnt going to win a match, bacause an economy cant win a game.
3.)If you really need the 75 wood, chances are you have been under attack and your farms are going to be killed.
posted 03-02-99 11:03 PM ET (US)     30 / 33       
Here's is a capsule summary of the 7 3v3's I play in Quirinal since bug was discovered.

game 1 Mon. We all pledge not to use it. Random civs I get sumie with 2 unknowns vs set team.I bronze when my 2 allies are in stone .. enemies bronze soon after. I am desparate so hit one hard with camels/ and 2 scouts to see him but half his vils survive. At 19 1/2 at least 20 CA's (dbl team) are on me.. and my allies still aren't bronzed so it was bye bye.(Farm Bug didn't matter)

Game 2(Mon)We pledged no farm bug. Slow civ 3v3 med. One enemy drops as I am tooling but they want to continue. I am pocket mino on med and boom and finally win the sea. The ally to my left is useless and finally drops leaving us a nice 2v2. I recycled 5 farms the proper way. We win later due to all the sea food and more resources. But fighting ironed hittite w/mino was no fun. Cost of not using farm bug 375 wood.

Now today's games

Games 3 and 4 today 3v3 slow meds vs weak enemies decided very quickly before any farms had a chance to run out. I did notice that they had many farms in tool, as my comp/st army rolled in ! (Farm bug irrelent)

game 5 I get double teamed, and little help from our pocket guy and gradually wiped out,after 1 hr,but not before hiding and tribbing 3000 wood to allies. I watch the game for 1.5 hours and no one uses farm bug and my team won vs 3 cause, they controlled more resources and one enemy was hopeless.(This game would have been won bythe enemy maybe if they had used farm bug because they ran out of wood etc.)

games 6 and 7 decided quickly in bronze /early iron as my forummer friend had bad luck and got two weak allies both times !(farm bug irrelevent)

OK in 7 games the farm bug wasn't used and in only 1 of them could it have mattered in a big way !Still, ES must fix this bug ASAP Please !.. neilkaz ..

posted 03-03-99 08:04 AM ET (US)     31 / 33       
I have started using the "hidden game feature" and found that it REALLY HELPS SC civs. I mean, once I get SCs, I'm pumping them out and always have less than 100 wood/food. The fact that my 20+ farms never need wood and produce the food necessary for SCs, means a major bonus!

I do agree that most games are decided before iron, but, at least in MY games, iron is normal. (Non-rusher types make it to iron, hehe). I'm glad the awareness is out, I think we should all use it just like the war2 wood bug, and enjoy the new aspects of the game that it brings!



posted 03-03-99 10:42 AM ET (US)     32 / 33       
Mr. Fixit I am sure you will make it clear to your opponent(s) that you WILL use the farm bug before the game starts. This is what SDW at GX does in his rated games so both sides can compete on a level playing field.

At GX, a forumer mentioned that he wanted to organize a vote concerning the legality of the farm bug for Thurs. I replied that the vote is a great idea but we need to give MS/ES a full week to announce their intentions to patch this unintended game feature. ... neilkaz ...

Czar Peter the Great
posted 03-03-99 11:14 AM ET (US)     33 / 33       
Could someone clue me in about the 'wood' bug that gives free wood, and the produce units fromhouses bug?
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