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Topic Subject:How to win on Hill Country?
posted 02-27-99 03:38 PM ET (US)         
Let me first say that this is my first post to the forum and I have benefited greatly from reading all of the intelligent post here for some time. That is why I turn to you now for help. I am getting my @ss whooped on Hill Country Maps – Gigantic – RM. I am loyal Hittite commander and I refused to believe that I can’t win w/ them on this map type. My main problem tends to be my failure to control the map, especially the gold. I find it difficult to wall effectively on this map type also. I guess my question is how and what type of units do I want to use to establish territorial dominance early enough. Any tips? What is the best civ on this type of map?
posted 02-27-99 05:11 PM ET (US)     1 / 5       
Geez ! Do I hate Hell Country ! Anyhow my main advice is to make sure you get your second and often 3rd food sources quickly so that you can bronze and have a good economy. If you don't have a LARGE 2nd food source, you'll never fast bronze.

As for civs, Shang is super dominant since food is scarce. Some people like Persia for their hunting bonus to fast tool/ bronze rush.. but then the animals run out and Persia slows down.

Don't forget to farm like crazy on hill country. Sumie off course and to a lesser extent Mino, and Phoe/Rome have farm or wood benefits.

As for walling, I often find enough canyons, etc to wall reasonably well.

Anyhow, I am a boat boomer not a Hell Country player usually ... neilkaz ...

posted 03-01-99 06:07 AM ET (US)     2 / 5       
I used to hate Hill Country and Highlands, too... but no longer!
Actually, I made my best Bronze times ever on such maps.
The secret is:
Reap all the berries in the map (if they let you)!...
Needless to say that you must spread out like hell!...

I often have 3 granaries all in full production at the same time. In a reveal map game with Roman I even made it to Iron AND some upgrades before I laid out the first farm!... I even only started with the Elephants at that time (and I'm sure that there were some berries left...).

Even in Mediterranean maps, people thend to concentrate on fishing. Well, 120 (103 w/Roman) wood for about 125*6 (or 7) Food is a gooddeal - not to mention that you will later be able to spread out your farms also!...

A final word about Cvs to use on these maps:
Shang (of course!...), Phoenician, Roman, Assyrian, Yamato, Sumerian, Minoan...

Remember what I said about farms, though

Another hint: Start by exploring and appropriating everything that's nearer to your enemies!... Berries, Gold, elephants...

This aggressive policy will pay dividends in a number of ways:
- Once finished with the resource, you have there a bunch of "forward builders"...
- Once finished, the resources were all for you and zero for him...
- It's gonna take him forever to find you, so you will survive longer

The final hint:
Be carefull to spread out, wall in and protect your woodcutters!...
I could not stress this more: No woodcutting and you're out, period.

Good luck.

posted 03-01-99 07:09 AM ET (US)     3 / 5       
here is what I like to try to do on hill country. Scout a little more than usual, go tool with 20-22 villagers. Tool rush your nearest neighbor, while keeping up the pressure with the tool rush build more villagers and take the food that is next to that enemy. This way you get any food by you, any food by him, and any food your willing to take from the middle.
posted 03-01-99 09:58 AM ET (US)     4 / 5       
I think the secret to winning Hell Country is to wall like a maniac. Walls are much more effective on this type of map than on others since its impossible to tranny around them. Sure, it takes more work to effectively wall on Hell Country, but it is soo much more effective that it is definitely worth it. Also, walling people in is an excellent strat in longer games. It can be very hard to find all the remote peons and TCs of an infesting player since Hell Country has so much land mass. Walling the map into sections can prevent people from infesting too much.

My 2 cents


posted 03-01-99 11:59 AM ET (US)     5 / 5       
Hill Country almost demands an early tool rush because of the lack of fishing (real boom not available). Once you have disabled the nearest opponent, take any food sources you find (berries, hunting), and then start considering farming. This will allow you to have multiple wood pits (hunting) just in case your woodcutters are attacked. The most obvious way to control a territory w/o walls is towers. I scout heavily on hill country maps for all food sources and usually boom in tool, while waging war. Once in bronze, spread out and put down towncenters all over the map. A tc by wood, 1 by stone and 1 by gold will do wonders for your economy. When gold becomes a vital resource, towers and easy walls (no great walls of china) can help you hold the mine. Another great way to take a mine is put 20 peons on it instead of 5. Instead of defending it from his attackers, you just suck it dry before he's ever aware of your activity.

Like some ppl said before me, i would pick a civ that's better suited to tool attack. Shang, Phony, Roman, Ass or even Sumerian (tool defender, farms great for hill country if not using the bug).

- BaaL

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