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Topic Subject:Island Strats for Breydel
posted 02-22-99 10:41 AM ET (US)         
Here is a follow up of mine to one of Staffa's island posts on the GX forum from awhile back (it's still applicable).

Re: Small Islands Strat:

Staffa has a nice strategy and mine is pretty similar except for a few things. First of all at the start of the game you will have a big advantage if you can pit first by some wood. Even if it slows your villager production time down (compared to a granery start) you will catch up soon enough by getting a dock (and then fishing boats) before the berry-first guy. So be sure to look around the woods by your tc at the start before you make the decision to plop a granery down. The food by your pit doesn't have to be shorefish either. I will quickly lure a couple dumbos from almost across the screen over just for a pit first (be reasonalbe though, don't get too crazy). There are very rare but blessed occasions where you may be able to actually dock first. This is only when you have sufficient food and wood by your tc (there is a crazy no food dock first strat i won't bother mentioning).

Secondly, Staffa says he puts ALL his guys on wood as they come out (besides the original berry pickers ofcourse) and makes strictly fishing boats. This is very smart but you can speed up your tool time a bit w/a pit or two by shorefish. With the villager you use to explore make sure you circumnavigate your island. That way you can find any sweet spots with 2 or 3 s/f. Although shorefishing times have been decreased since aoe, it is still the fastest way to gather food and will help you get that slight edge that may mean the game.

Finally he advises to get the archer armor upgrade a make a few archers on your island just in case someone lands. The only upgrades i get at the start of the game are woodcutting upgrades and tower upgrade. When you click the button to go tool, move 5 guys on to stone so that you will be able to tower your island. This does not mean at the edge of your island by your docks! Tower by your wood and houses, or any key areas where you will need villagers working. This is strictly to prevent any chariot archers or cavs from running amok in your town. If someone does land they wasted too much effort making an army and transporting it, so you will get the edge you need to win the sea (where the real battle is).

Just remember if your not in the midst of advancing to the next age you should be training villagers at ALL times. For me this is including the stone age. With queing this should not be as hard to do as it was in aoe. So after you hit tool keep making villagers until your food hits 800, then go bronze. In bronze keep making villagers until you have enough for iron...

There's a lot more to def res island games than either of us have pointed out, and you will learn these in time. But for now that should be enough to beat most ppl on the zone.

On the other hand, if you get an island with practically no wood (1/20 games) then our "no landing" strategy gets thrown out the window. this is a really good reason why scouting your island early helps determine your strat for later in the game. So after you get going at the start and you notice that you have only one forest or just a completely sucky island then everything changes.

Now what you want to do is go for a quick tool and land on your opponent to win the game. If it's a team game you may want to quickly land on any deserted islands for wood (or even your teammate). In this case it is not smart to invest all your food in fishing boats b/c you will not be able to hold the sea. Now you're going to have to put all your guys on food early, and not "boom". Just put enough villagers on wood for one dock/transport as well as the necessary buildings for your town and invasion. Remember the key here is speed. You need to get on his island and attack before he has scout ships on your dock, or gets his island defenses up.

It's important that when you land, you build your military buildings AWAY from the coast. This may seem obvious but i've seen too many pathetic landings, where my opponent built right on my coastline and i was able to pummel him with ships. Trust me, i know the urgent/excited feeling right when you land with your villagers, all you want to do is quickly get that range up w/o being spotted. Just relax and take the time to land properly. Make sure it's the correct island too, and not a deserted island.. = P. Cover your tracks too. Get your transport to a smart location, where it's on-call, but not in any military boat routes. The rest i'll let you figure out on your own.

posted 03-01-99 01:33 PM ET (US)     1 / 1       
I play many island games and they are my favorite. I may not be as good at island games as Staffa or Baal and their posts are very good. What I do is similar and, from my experience, very effective in 3v3's. There are some differences between large and small island play, but most of the game depends only on the HUGE boat wars. I will assume a large island giga map 3v3 for the rest of this post.

If your team can manage to completely take the seas and have all three of the enemies pinned to the interior of their islands the game is 100% over. They may make a few cats to shoot at your ships, but they will be gradually resource starved, and have no defence to the massive invasion of superunits that will follow in late iron.

Large islands almost always have enough wood to make a decent number of warships, where as in small islands you can run out of wood really fast sometimes(then you need to plan for early invasion)

My goal on islands, normally using phoe or mino, is to reach iron in the early 20's with a HUGE economy, and zillions of wood choppers, and have nearly 20 remes when the reme upgrade is finished. There truly is a first strike disadvantage in naval warfare, so unless I think some close enemy is open to earlier attack I usually won't go after him until I have about 10 galleys. Often I wait until I have started the reme upgrade. It is painful to watch what fully upgraded remes do to bronze galleys ! 200 HP 13 AP 10 range vs 160 HP 8 AP 8 range. More remes follow and by the time I have 15-20 on a guy he has no more ships or docks left. Depending on myallies situations I can then keep a total
naval blockade over that enemy and destroy any buildings near the shore.. or more likely go attack some one else while cranking out many more remes from home.

I am out of room so will continue in my next of several posts. .. neilkaz ..

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