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Topic Subject:DM Start for Breydel
posted 02-22-99 09:52 AM ET (US)         
Breydel i read that post where you said you didn't know how to start a DM.. well here's a basic overview of my choson start for the most played DM on the zone: Iron, Reveal, 200, Highland, Gigantic

First 3 peons start a new TC (BN!). After a few seconds take one guy off and lay down around 7 more TCs. Same guy (with hotkeys! =) put down in this order: 2 markets, pit (by stone), siege workshop, temple, rax, govt cntr, granary (by berries if it's easily done). Que at least 10 peons out of every new tc that's built. Take one peon and scan for the first opponent you mean to attack (sorry but it's a must in expert games). Find a nice spot to set up your barracks and send some of your first few peons to put down a tower where u mean to build (hills are nice). Keep queing peons, take a few peons and lay down around 30 houses. Start getting your upgrades (tower, ballistics, long swordsman, fanaticism, and start putting peons on the unbuilt buildings to get them done. Start sending bigger and bigger groups of peons to your attack site where you should be laying down as many barracks as you want (u can prolly never have too many = ). Start towering closer to the enemy to "feel him out" (pls no sick jokes). Get your legion, attack, ballista tower, and whatever other upgrades you feel are necessary. If he's weak send in your peons and start towering his stuff. Start sending in the swordsman/legions as they come out. Back home find a nice farming spot and set up at least 20 farms around some tcs. Send peons all over the map to to start mining resources (put a tower down then start mining to a tc). If it's a team game, near the start send a group of peons over to your teammates and lay down whatever is needed (temples, rax, siege workshops) depending on what he's fighting. I would also recommend putting a few tcs by your teammates. That is basically how i start every DM at those settings. If you want i will give you my starts for hittite, roman, phony (my new favorite), egyptian, etc..

posted 02-22-99 01:54 PM ET (US)     1 / 1       
No major objections to that build order, just a couple of small suggestions that can come in handy, especially against other Choson players:

1) build a couple of archery ranges early on and send several horse archers to cover flat, open spots where you suspect an opponent might be forward building - towers, raxes and workshops are much easier to kill when they are just foundations
2) consider building a fake rax complex (remember, wood is seldom a problem for Choson) where you know your opponent will find it early on - he will spend lots of resources taking down raxes you have no intention of using, allowing you to build safely somewhere else and attacking from a different direction, or perhaps tower him in

My 2 cents


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