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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:Ripping off Spirit of the Law: Greek Edition.
posted 10-10-19 07:57 PM ET (US)         
Eh... Why not by this point?

Infantry: A+( Their Centurions are actually kind of amazing after the buff they got in Definitive Edition, being cost-effective against... Well, any meele unit, that is. If the rest of their tech tree was as good as their infantry, the Greeks might actually be up to something.

The speed bonus is usefull, but not as much as it looks. Greek Hoplite-line units will still usually not be a good unit to go for against siege units and archers, if this even needs to be said. Although, with Aristocracy, their speed is similar to the one of a Legion( I think Legions may still be slightly faster, but if it is, it is by a very small difference ), and with that and Tower Shield, they can at least take on compies decently well... But still shouldnt be your go-to counter. It is worth remembering on these times that a Centurion has as much health as a Legion while costing about twice as much. It is actually only "bulky" against meele units, which is when its huge armor kicks in.

I also just remembered Greeks lack Metallurgy for some reason, though honestly, Centurions naturally hit so hard it makes a very small difference. Their discount is certainly more important. )

Cavalry: C( So, can you see that Heavy Cavalry? Yeah, it is going to be your best counter against Heavy Catapults and Heavy Horse Archers. Good luck with that. )

Archers: F( Suffice to say that one of the first things you should do upon reaching the Bronze Age as the Greeks will be building a Siege Workshop. )

Siege: B+( Speaking of their Siege... Greek siege is probably the only good part of their army aside from their Centurions, if you ask for my opinion. Heavy Catapults do a great job killing enemy siege and most archers...

... But, sufficiently well micromanaged Horse Archers can theoretically defeat Heavy Catapults through simply dodging their shots. In fact, there is really nothing on the Greek army that cannot be defeated by sufficiently well micromanaged
Heavy Horse Archers. )

Dock: B+( I do not think their bonus is as usefull as the one of other civilizations to actually-Have-A naval bonus, like the Minioans. But, on larger maps, and/or deathmatches simply being able to have your fleet get to your opponent territory sooner-Is-Usefull )

Priests: B-( They dont lack many techs, but the ones they do-Monotheism and Martydon-Are very powerfull and important techs )

Defenses: B( Their defenses are fully upgradeable. Unfortunatelly, they lack any defensive bonuses, though, and I personally value defensive bonuses over just full defensive techs, because I value stronger-Or faster to set up-Early game defenses over strong late-game defenses. )

Economy: B+( They get all Market techs. As the case with their economy, though, they lack a economical bonus( Unless you count their cheaper Hoplites, which... Actually, I guess you kind of could. But it is not as if it is going to help you on the early game, or help you get to the Bronze Age any faster. )
posted 10-11-19 06:22 AM ET (US)     1 / 2       
The dynamics of playing the Greeks are rather complex and unique. Most hoplites are very slow and they serve as a defensive unit. You can't build in your base several academies to pump out hoplites that in turn run across the entire map. Not without serious penalties with the enemy reinforcing their losses quicker than you. But with Greeks you can get away with building slightly further away from your opponent and pumping out hoplites/phalanx/centurions.

Greek hoplites can respond to attacks quicker, they can level a players buildings very quickly by marching quickly through an area, they surround other units quicker to get the bonus of massing them. They are vulnerable to archer fire though or galley fire on island games.

I would say that the cheaper hoplites plus the speed bonus are a double edged sword. It acts as a better defense, it acts as a better assault. The cheaper hoplites make them cost effective and they don't rely too much on the second gold mine till late game. So their economy when making hoplites is at an advantage because by 16min you can be producing hoplites that can chase or corner chariot archers.
You won't be able to mass them quick enough to counter a chariot archer rush but with towers, walls and hoplites you can play a strong defensive early game that gets more in your favour the longer the game lasts because a centurion rush is propably the most over powered rush in the game.

So defenses I would say are overall an A but the lack of archers leaves them exposed in early bronze age.

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posted 10-11-19 07:33 AM ET (US)     2 / 2       
Yes, I do sometimes tend to underestimate the Greek speed bonus myself. The truth is: Even on the original game, it made the Greeks possibly the only civilization that can use Hoplites agressivelly on the Bronze Age. The secret is to still build the Academy relatively close to your opponent base, but not too close that they can easily send a Stone Thrower there: Hoplites are easy to kite with Chariot Archers, BUT, their huge attack stat makes then, even already this early, such effective building destroyers that your opponent wont be wanting to "kite" and slowly whittle away at their hitpoints while they are tearing his buildings apart .
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