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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:What to use against elephant archers?
posted 09-30-19 06:37 PM ET (US)         
My army was stuck in bronze age while theirs made it to iron in a team game. He landed on my island with elephant archers and priests. I was just transitioning from a sea battle to land so I had a smaller army of Composite bowmen and a handful of hoplites. I was using Minoans and dominated the sea easily.

So the question to you all is; what counters elephant archers in the smallest numbers possible.

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Bizarrelly, looking at the unit completely in isolation, on relatively small-scale battles, heavy infantry of all things can do a rather impressive job out of countering Elephant Archers. That is because, due to the Elephant Archer immense hitpoints, firepower is arguably more important against it then speed.

However, siege is probably your best call against then. Elephant Archers are, however, a bit of a circunstancial unit to use. They are not-Useless: They do a great job out of countering other archers, but they are surprisingly not that good against actual meele units, due to the fact they cost a lot yet dont hit that hard. Most civilizations that get then also get at least the Horse Archer, which is usually better.
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posted 10-01-19 06:16 AM ET (US)     2 / 4       
In order I'd say:

Catapults: Elephants have a hard time dodging catapult projectiles, and catapults outrange them by a fair distance. If the elephants are tightly packed (as is not uncommon) and take splash damage the damage per second is also going to be really high. These and the lack of raiding potential due to their slow speed and low attack is probably why Elephant Archers are still rarely utilized in RM.

Priests with astrology: The tech is important. Don't engage EAs with range 10 priests as they'll go down quickly. So yeah, not really an option for Minoa but for Egypt and possibly Cho who lack Catapult upgrades this is probably going to be the go to.

Legions/Elephants/Centurions: Unlike Draco I'm probably going to rank the academy line of units last of these, as they are pretty cost intense and their lack of pierce armor beyond shield upgrades mean they'll take a bit of damage before they engage the EAs. As EAs lack any melee armor except upgrades any Iron Age melee unit will deal a decent chunk of damage.

Ballista/Heleopolis: Actually not that great. If they go head to head the EAs are going to come out on top. However if you can get engineering to keep them out of range while you have melee units that can keep the EAs from advancing these can be very efficient support units.

Camels: In Upatch/DE I think these get the full +8 bonus damage against EAs. In the original game they're probably not going to be that effective.

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posted 10-01-19 10:01 AM ET (US)     3 / 4       
Ballistas/helepolii and your hoplite/compys as a meat shield.
posted 10-01-19 11:01 AM ET (US)     4 / 4       
Fisk is right that catapults are usually a better counter then ballistas against Elephant Archers in large groups( And in smaller groups, centurions are probably better ), but I would like to point out that Helepolis can still do a great job at killing Elephant Archers... IF, there is something meaty standing between it and the Elephant Archer.

I would like to briefly point out that many of the counters we suggested are kind of operating under the assumption Elephant Archers are unsupported, and you are unlikely to ever see anyone with a decent amount of experienced using Elephant Archers by theirselves. For a example: War Elephants are great against Elephant Archers( I forgot to mention then for some reason. Maybe it is my Centurion bias speaking, or maybe it is just that, as you mentioned you were plaiyng as the Minoans, I instinctively begun thinking of how would a Minoan player counter Elephant Archers ), but obviously you should never use then if the opponent is backing then up with Priests.
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