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Topic Subject:Bronze booming
posted 02-21-99 05:52 PM ET (US)         
I need help with bronze booming, I never have more than 40 vils when the game is over, today I had my best at 39 vills.
Any tips on how to do it? I find myself saving food for upgrades and army, which menas that I run into a stalemate where I use all res on army instead of using it on vills, what is a okay number? When to iron?

I am also way to chicken in stone get like 18 vills and 5-10 boats, relies to much on baots, but I just hate to defend myself againt camels or ca's while I have yet to bronze.
In RoR is 18 just to litte now?

I think I need more random maps practice But I have somehow been longing to get AoK for a while now.

Whah ono splelling errrrorsss, well almost


posted 02-21-99 10:15 PM ET (US)     1 / 3       
Hey Pote, nice to see you on. I some how don't think I'm qualified to give you advice since you've been playing longer then I have. But here goes anyway. I usually try to go at least 20-24 vills in stone. If I see an opponent who has fewer vills (14-18) at that point and i'm not shang I'll probably go tool sooner. In tool I make most of my vill decisions. Usually I won't boom in fact I almost never boom agaisn't a human opponent. Everyone seems so CA happy.
But I try to produce as many vills as possible in tool along with some boats. I usually don't build more then 10 FBs all game. Too hard on the wood. From the one successful boom agaisn't human opponents I can remember I had oh over 60 vills tops. I was lucky because it was a med map and my ally had the thought opponent.

I would say only boom if you have your borders under control. I did have a military and I was busy towering the heck out of my one border. My ally was able to control my northern border. If you know what your opponents are doing then its easier to make the decision to boom. I was lucky and good that game and I was able to drive both opponents around the map. But I did have a sizable military in bronze. I was able to shore fish with my villies though and this made all the difference. Once they were done with the close shore fish I had them on wood and stone and gold.

Both opponents had fewer vills then I did probably because I keep producing vills while building a military. I made sure I had lots of food and this allowed my to build more vills with my military units. I don't think I even made fish boats that game. If I did it wasn't many. I had too many vills on food but I had enough wood to iron and make siege. I had a lot of balistas and helepolis's later on but only after I had shifted a lot of vills to wood.


If your going to boom then know your enemy. Make sure you can defend your borders. If you have to field a large bronze army then have enough food on hand to keep building villagers at the same time. Having more vills is definitaley a great advantage. It's hard to find the resources to make more vills when you're fighting. Just takes some more planning and effort.

posted 02-21-99 10:46 PM ET (US)     2 / 3       
Well first of all, just because you are booming doesnt mean you cant field a military. Sometimes ppl get confused, in thinking that booming is to go straight to iron with minimum military made. This is wrong, the purpose of booming is to make TONS of villagers, but dont wait until you have TONS of villagers before attacking. If you work on resource management, you will learn to bronze in like 16 mins give or take on water maps with more vills than him. If you boom properly you should never really have to say to yourself "I wish I had enough food for a villager AND a camel"
posted 02-22-99 07:50 AM ET (US)     3 / 3       
you can make 26 regular villagers in stone age and still bronze by 15. I wouldn't suggest this but I think 18 villagers is too little. You should have no problems pulling off 10 minute tools, 14 minute bronzes with 20-22 villager + a few boats. Try going with 24 villagers for a while.
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