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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:Top 5 priest civilizations.
posted 05-19-18 11:18 AM ET (US)         
#1: Egyptians.

You know, I was kind of split whether I wanted to put the Egyptians or the Babylonians on #1, but I decided to go for the Egyptians simply because Egyptian priests with Monotheism, Afterlife and Martydon are ridiculous. You can theorically convert literally any unit without even giving it the opportunity to fight back ... Oh, and they get all the other upgrades too, of course, but I am just pointing out how good they become even with those three alone XD.

#2: Babylonians.

Although, out of the three civilizations to get a Priest bonus, the Babylonians are technically the worst in terms of Martydon wars... I do think their priests are the best where it comes to using then-Without-Martydon. Martydon is a tech that should be used with some moderation, or at least I prefer to think of it that way, and Babylonian priests are a great defensive tool to protect your walls...

#3: Choson.

Known mostly for their Legion/Priest combo on the Iron Age, the 15% discount may not seem like MUCH, but it can be quite relevant, especially if you like using Martydon-related antics. If you-Dont-Like using Martydon-related antics, then, well, you can never have too much gold on this game, can you?

#4: Persians.

And now getting on the territory of the bonus-less civilizations with fully upgradeable Priests, thus forcing myself to look mostly at their support for their priests... The Persians have several bulky meele units to defend their Priests, the primary one being their Legions( Not AS good as the Choson Legion/Priest combo, but hey, good enough ), and their War Elephants( Due to their sheer meatyness and ability to tackle lighter units such as Chariots and Legions easily due to splash damage. ). As of DE, they now get both Wheel and Coinage, which both HUGELY boost their Gold economy, thus letting me actually put then on this list, as otherwise I would say they dont have the economy to pull these tactics properly

#5: Phoenicians.

Their Legions are slightly worse then Persian ones on virtue of the lack of Metallurgy, but I actually prefer their Elephant bonus to the Persian one, personally speaking. Honestly, I could swap #5 and #4 here, but I am putting then on this order based mostly on personal preferrence.
AoEH Seraph
posted 05-20-18 06:51 AM ET (US)     1 / 2       
I think I'd put Assyrians on the list just after Choson.

They have the best Chariot archers (in terms of damage per unit time) and are the only fully uupgrade priest civ with ultimate siege.

Also in standard RM games they are by far in the top tier.
posted 05-20-18 07:26 AM ET (US)     2 / 2       
Hmmmm, I am not sure of to what extent does the Chariot Archer supports Priests, though... As Chariot Archers are mostly meant for hit and run tactic, and Priests are known for being pretty slow . Maybe I can see Heavy Catapult working on theory, but my instincts always told me to protect frail ranged units like the Priest with bulky meele units . Then again, havent used this tactic a lot, to be honest.
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