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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:Top 5 worst cavalry civilizations.
posted 05-03-18 12:47 PM ET (US)         
#1: Assyrians.

Although the Assyrians get the Cataphract upgrade, they lack Nobility and Plate Armor. It may not seem like it, but Nobility is actually a bigger deal then the Cataphract upgrade on Randon Map games, as Nobility is relevant right from the Bronze Age whereas the Cataphract upgrade... I think Cataphracts are underrated but even I have to admit it is expensive as heck and the game is going to have to be pretty long for it to be worth it, as a upgrade .

#2: Sumerians.

The Sumerians, alongside with the Egyptians, are the two only civilizations on the game to lack Cavalry on the Bronze Age. The difference between the two is quite simple: Between the Egyptian bonus and Storage Pit upgrade, Egyptian Chariots are-Much-Better.

#3: Greeks.

Well, they have the Heavy Cavalry upgrade. ... Not much else, though.

#4: Minoans.

Although, compared to the Greeks, they lack Heavy Cavalry, the presence of Camel Riders means that at least during the Bronze Age, their cavalry gets to be a bit better then the Greeks. Granted, it sucks on the Iron Age, but so does Greek cavalry, so...

#5: Choson.

Now, they do get Cataphracts! ... And lack Plate Armor! ... And just about every other cavalry unit!
AoEH Seraph
posted 05-06-18 05:56 AM ET (US)     1 / 2       
Huh? Any civ with Cataphract, even if they lack iron age upgrades should rank better than greeks that lack cataphract, I think.
posted 05-06-18 07:02 AM ET (US)     2 / 2       
Although I think that the Cataphract is a underrated unit myself, truth is, even I think the upgrade is so ridiculously expensive that a lot of the time people kind of skip it :/. Which is why I still find Greek cavalry to be not as bad as the cavalry of a civilization that-Does-Gets Cataphract, but lack Nobility: Nobility matters right out of the Bronze Age, whereas on the case of Cataphract, it may or may not actually matter.

Keep in mind that I made this list with Randon Map in mind, by the way. A lot of games are won or lost in Randon Maps before Iron Age reaches, which is why I am treating the presence or lack of Nobility as such a big deal.
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