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Topic Subject:What is the best map for the Hittites?
posted 04-28-18 05:15 PM ET (US)         
Hey there. So, when I started plaiyng the game, my first reflex was going for the Babylonians, because of their powerfull defenses... But after a while, I kind of shifted to the Hittites, because it turned out I came to the conclusion that turtling is kind of pointless when your late game sucks . And plus, I like versatility, which the Hittites have plenty of.

So, what is the best map for then? I am thinking something easy to defend should do, as I still find myself turtling a lot with then in the early game thanks to their weak early economy. Now, normally I play in Hill Country because I hate water maps, but I am not experienced enough with the Hittites to know whether they are actually good there...
posted 05-01-18 03:42 AM ET (US)     1 / 1       
WARNING: almost all bonus values are from DE.

If you choose coastal:

Since they did not got Triremes, you should make your strong time in Bronze. War Galleys with extra 3 range and 2 market wooden techs, would get 11 range, which can be deadly strong against Stone Throwers with 10 range (Engineering is in Iron). Your archery bonus +1 attack could find use in Chariot Archers (they did not got Impies). About Stone Throwers, this is your choice, you can mix them with Priests or Hoplites, or do not use it, because it will be only draining wood useful for War Galleys. You should try destroy enemy before Iron age, because if they get Triremes (7(base)+3(market) - not really big difference) and Engineering + Catapults = 14 range, it will not be good for you.

If you choose land map:

No ships, although you can develop your archery strength on Horse Archers. You can advance to Iron and kill everything with Heavy Horse Archers. Also mixing 1,5x HP Heavy Cats with Centurions isn't bad choice. Just, Hittites have broad selection of units (UPatch ruined, but rightfully).

You not be satisfied, because these my opinions is just for rushing...

You can mix it with buildings walls or so..

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