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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Age of Empires Heaven » Forums » Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition » What are your top 5 infantry civilizations?
Topic Subject:What are your top 5 infantry civilizations?
posted 04-25-18 11:35 AM ET (US)         
By "Infantry", here I mean, both the Barracks units, and the Academy units. With that said, lets get started:

#1: Greeks.

I love the new buff they got. Now, their Centurions went from "Powerfull, but not much above any other Centurion civilization" to "The most cost-effective Centurions in the game". The speed bonus wont be doing wonders, though, they still wont be catching up to Heavy Horse Archers any time soon, but to be fair, it, combined with the cheapness bonus, -Does-Makes a Bronze Age Hoplite rush a lot more viable, as you can both set then up quickly and bring then to your opponent base faster. Yeah, Hoplites arent great at chasing down villagers, but they make up for it because their sheer attack power makes then very good at taking down buildings.

#2: Romans.

Honestly, this is a weird pick to me because I normally hate Legions. I think I have to pick the Romans for two reasons: A: They are amongst the few civilizations whose Legions are kind of sorta viable, on virtue of their faster attack bonus making then actually cost effective against Centurions, and B: They are the only civilization to have both fully upgradeable Legions and fully upgradeable Centurions. So, they couldnt-Not-Be on the list.

#3: Macedonians.

Their Centurions are fully upgradeable, and their bonus pierce armor, plus resistance against conversion, makes then better against their usual counters. Unfortunatelly, the Macedonians have many weaknesses. Being the only civilizations who lacks Priests, they cannot heal their units: And since their Centurions are very slow, ranged units can still wear then out through hit-and-run tactics. Most importantly, their lousy economy doesnt really work well with a civilization that is suppose to focus on costly but powerfull units...

#4: Choson.

I cannot believe somehow both of the primary Legion civilizations on this game made it into this list, but that is because it is hard to think of many civilizations with bonuses for infantry that dont have... Something, that really ruins it( Ohhhhh, I am gonna get to it, allright... ). On their case, the reason is that they actually have a neat Legion/Priest combo. The logic is simple: Priests can convert units that would otherwise be too powerfull for the Legion to handle: Their Legion is good to counter Chariots, soak up arrow fire to give Priests the time to convert Heavy Horse Archers without diyng, and be general meatshields.

#5: Hitti... Oh, wait, they lost their Centurion upgrade as of Definitive Edition? Errr... Minoans, then.

A weird pick, I know, but the reason here is that not only they have fully upgradeable Centurions, but also, their Composite Bowman with bonus range end up making for great Centurion support, because said bonus range lets then pick out at units who otherwise would wear the Centurions down through sheer exhaustion. Besides, their Centurions are actually fully upgradeable, unlike...

Dishonorable mention: Carthage.

What were they thinking? I mean, okay, technically, Carthage obviously doesnt have the worst infantry in the game, but this civilization just reeks me of... Wasted potential. Why does it lacks both Metallurgy and Plate Armor? Why are its Centurions actually-Worse-Then Minoan or Roman Centurions? If they-Did-Had these two technologies, Carthage would have been #2 on this list, above the Romans, and the Minoans wouldnt even be here. Is there any mod that does gives then these technologies? Or, am I using then wrong? As it is, it strikes me as a waste of a perfectly good civilization bonus.

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posted 04-26-18 08:52 AM ET (US)     1 / 5       
Just a prior observation: I've only played AOE and UPatch so I don't know about any additional changes made on Definitive Edition. I mostly agree with you, since the other civs lack a notable infantry/academy bonus, the fifth spot on the list is pretty open:
- You could pick Minoans for their Cents + Compies pairing, Yamato could be another option with Cents + HHA or Cataphract, it's very costly in gold but very powerful if you can pull it off. They also have compies but without extra range.
- Phoenicians have both Legions and Centurions but lack some important Iron Age pit upgrades sadly.
- Although Assyrians don't have centurions and their Legions are nothing special, they have full access to siege. Infantry + siege combo is a popular choice.
posted 04-26-18 09:32 AM ET (US)     2 / 5       
I was originally going to put the Hittites at #5, actually, because their Centurion + Heavy Catapult combo was simply devastating. I think we can both agree that, prior to the changes in the Definitive Edition, the Hittites easily surpassed the Assyrians in terms of both infantry and archers. Sadly, the fact they lack Centurions now means their infantry just doesnt quite have the sheer power it used to have( Although, Hittite Phalanxes, surprisingly, are still perfectly capaeble of slaughtering non-Elephant cavalry. ). What they still CAN pull, though, is a War Elephant/Heavy Catapult combo, what is basically the next best thing. But there is no infantry involved there, so for the purposes of this thread it doesnt count XD.

If I was considering prior to Definitive Edition, the Romans would have been #1, the Macedonians #2, the Greeks #3, the Choson #4 and the Hittites are #5. The Greek speed bonus makes Centurions... Actually still quite slow moving, as you probably know, so it is hardly game-changing . But the Greeks are also capaeble of pulling a Centurion/Helepolis combination. Honestly, I personally find Centurions to be much better to support siege weapons( ... Or just much better in general ) then Legions.
AoEH Seraph
posted 04-29-18 06:09 AM ET (US)     3 / 5       
Well I think it depends what age you play. I think the best infranty with all techs researched would be the roman. Hands down, but I admit fast academy units makes greeks useful tactical-wise.

Also Carthaginian are not a infantry civilization but I think their centurions are up par with the romans because of the small hp boost. But is true, they feel a bit 'wasted'.

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posted 05-01-18 07:46 AM ET (US)     4 / 5       
Hmm, top 5 infantry civs...

You've made a list including Academy units, therefore I shall create a list without. I will focus more on the infantry themselves and not support units. I noticed in your second list you put Greeks as the third best civ before DE (Idk if this is with Upatch, if it is, they're actually stronger in Upatch than DE) otherwise, I would almost always prefer Choson over Greeks in the late game if we were talking about infantry. If we added support units Choson also has priests. Centurions without bonuses are acually worse than Legions imo, because they are slow and expensive. I think a tool age rushing civ would be better on that list than Greeks. Like Yammy, who actaully has Cents but also had the strongest conti rush before DE.

5. Minoans
Despite not having all barrack units like most other units on this list it has access to all market and storage pit upgrades. On water maps cheaper boats mean that they are wood is saved to place barracks in rushes or alternatively, you could have more fishing boats to produce food for your military or economy. The +60 Food on farms means that you save a small amount of wood each time you reseed a farm. However, I've never seen this civ as an infantry civ, particularly with it's more focused tech. tree on compies, siege & sea. However, I place it higher than civs like Shang, Yamato, Phoenician & Assyrian because they don't lack major upgrades (other than Legion) and are fairly well-rounded. Macedonian is debatably better than Minoans when it comes to infantry because of being more difficult to convert but again, like Shang & Yammy, lacks any Iron Age barrack units.

4. Babylonians
Babylonians have faster-working stone miners which means that it can have less villagers collecting stone for a Slinger rush or have spare Stone for towers & walls, both of which have more HP. Towers seem to go hand and hand with infantry civilizations, but outside having full barracks and missing no infantry techs but tower shield. I still don't see this civ having a strong infantry. Yes, it's the fourth strongest infantry but infantry doesn't see much play in the bronze age when you have access to units like Chariot Archers & Scythed Chariots in the Iron.

3. Persians
Persians are currently probably the worst RM civ in the game. However, they arguably have the best infantry rush in the game if they have a good start, that being with a plentiful hunt. As well as having full barracks. It was difficult choosing placings for third and fourth. Because despite that they have a poor economy late game, as the animals are now scarce and you have no iron age market technologies. They do however have full storage pit technologies.

2. Choson
Choson also struggle in RM because they have a poor bronze. Having more HP on infantry is not enough on its own to keep them afloat. It's not till the late iron age till they shine. Once you have a good eco and fully upgraded Legions, they become nigh unstoppable. I've seen good players beat expert players in the iron age with Choson. Their Towers + Legion push is a force to be reckoned with if executed properly. There tool rush is average, and the benefit from nothing and since most great DM civs have been nerfed in DE, they have been surpassed by Greeks as the strongest DM civ, as Academy units and the Academy are now cheaper.

1. Romans
Who else would be in first other than the mighty Roman Empire. In the bronze age, Roman infantry are really the only civilization that could work. But it would be situational. This civ has cheaper towers for support and more importantly, cheaper buildings which could be used to spend fishing boats or farms (which are also cheaper). It's tool rush is very strong but doesn't work as well as Choson in the iron age. Roman Legions can't tank as much Choson which makes them worse. But unlike Choson. It has all upgrades and has strong siege to back it up as well as Scythed Chariots to use once the gold runs out.

P.S Idk if I completely agree with this list, I think I put to much emphasis on the late game, which doesn't really matter in 1v1's & 2v2's but does in 3v3's & 4v4's. Most civs have better options than Swordsman. I won't deny that swordsman as a unit suck and only when given all techs and multiple bonuses for it, or being forced into making with nothing else that's good do I even consider making infantry in the late game. If it were for the tool age only it would probably be 5. Persians 4. Macedonians 3. Yamato 2. Shang 1. Romans

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posted 05-01-18 08:01 AM ET (US)     5 / 5       
Hmmm, making a infantry list while using only Barracks units would be kind of a challenge to me because, as I said before, I am-Not-A fan of the Swordsman-line . Honestly, on this game, for most civilizations it seems like your Barracks infantry is only going to be usefull during the Tool age, except maybe if you happen to be the Romans or the Choson, and the fact that very few civilizations actually get infantry-related bonuses make it even harder to rate then. With that said, I am actually surprised you didnt put the Shang, considering their Tool Age Axeman Rush is actually amazing, significantly better then the Roman one. ... Even if they dont have a lot of use for infantry on the Bronze Age onwards, but hey, arguably neither do the Minoans because just about every Minoan player and their mother will try to switch into Hoplites as soon as possible( Sure, they get the Long Swordsman upgrade, but be honest: When was the last time you-Researched-Long Swordsman as the Minoans, let alone actually trained then ? )
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