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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:Yamato wish list.........
posted 02-16-99 09:54 PM ET (US)         
For yamaot the "Rise of Rome" age is awfully tough to get through. I had the Yamato art pretty well mastered and fine tuned to fit me NO WAY anymore this is TERRIBLE!!! yammy didnt get anything for RoR i hated that because all my work was shattered one good thing is i now know the art of all most all the civs or i think i do LOL...well lets get to the wish list---

-a Catapult upgrade
-and/or Ballista
-guard Tower upgrade
-and a war elephant only or something because they have SUCH a weak iron age

Later, Dec...

posted 02-17-99 08:33 AM ET (US)     1 / 5       
I think yams are fine, they can still kill you early with a scout rush or cav rush. If you don't get camels they still can own you in bronze with cav. If you do get camels they can mix in composites or hoplites and they've made you use a unit that probably isn't your strongest bronze unit. In iron there cav is still good for team support, and massed horse archers are always a threat. They are now an average civ.

posted 02-17-99 01:13 PM ET (US)     2 / 5       
Scythes, but that goes with every civ that doesnt get them.

He who has the last peon standing, wins!

posted 02-17-99 10:55 PM ET (US)     3 / 5       
I'v started using yammy latly for a couple of reasons.... 1) there a break from those constant char battles. 2) they are actually pretty good if used right. send 2-3 hops with the cavs and u dont have to worry about camals. Then once u get the compy upgrade u can slaughter chars and camals. 3) they have pretty good HA in iron but crappy workshop, IMO they should get ballistas then they would really be worth somthing.

FWH_meo (also known as jethro)

posted 02-18-99 07:56 AM ET (US)     4 / 5       
I really think that any civ w/o scythes should get heles. This would at least give them a counter. HAs/Heles would be a descent counter to scythes. Reminder, if gold runs out, your dead meat!


posted 02-22-99 09:07 PM ET (US)     5 / 5       
All i can say is that i am happy if i get yam on a random civ game.

"Long live the mental"!

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