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Topic Subject:Micromanagement Challenge
posted 02-22-12 12:10 PM ET (US)         
Plismo's Faster tool and Faster Bronze Challenge Decision

Map Hill Country

Starting with 5 villagers on berries then 120 wood pit at minute 3:00 or 3:20 have pit next to wood. Now, let's change it a bit instead of getting pit at 3 minutes try to get it at 4 having 2 elephants near your base.

What will you do?

I might change a bit this strat as I'd watch Shenglong and RFR_Gold alot lately they send 1 villager at start to cut wood then they build houses and granary. My Vietnamese master told me that building 2 houses is faster than just building one and then berries even at no rev.

In my opinion I would only lure 1 elephant if creating 27 villagers and then later at the end I kill the 2nd elephant; because you can expand more wood is sometimes more important than passing faster; more ranges, granaries and farm better economy at the end if I am Chariot Archer.

If I am gold civilization I will probably go with a faster time and make at least 3 or 4 stables if he walls or house blocks probably will need catapult; I will berserkly try to destroy the houses and walls and don't let any villager get out.

Technique No. 1 Put 6 villagers at berries instead of 5 at hill country equal faster tool and sometimes faster bronze. Even add up 7 it depends; if can't lure anything probably will put 7 faster finishing berries equal more help on pit for wood however, if food is far then maybe more villagers at granary fails.

This technique to tool faster without much wood works if you are going to stop a tool rush then make wall and block entrances and then create more villagers at tool age equal faster villager creation.

What if you tool fast with 25 villagers at minute 9:20 then create more villagers and stop at 11 minutes and then bronze; however I recommend for the 1st pit 7 villagers then add or less to expand wood as wood is important for ranges and economy. If gold army your bronze will be sacrifice 20 or 35 seconds but I would pick more gold maybe one pit spam at pop 19 with 2 villagers at gold.

Water map

Starting with berries not with fish shores. Between 5 or 6 villagers maybe not 7 since water expansion is more important. If I know I am going to get rush less villagers more fishing boats pop faster tool and then maybe defense and then bronze. What if I am rush with slingers and scout ships? Probably, will rush him back with better economy like 3 or 5 more villagers than him.

How about only 5 at berries at start? Maybe if many fish shores are available near. 5 berries plus fish shore pit after 120 wood pit = faster than 6 on berries and slower pit. Hard decisions on each fish shore at least 3 villagers so you don't need to make a lot of pits near water and make docks, berries or hunting plus wood.

The principle of not wasting the elephant 6 villagers on each elephant 3 villagers on each gazelle equal less expansion need even if slower wood.
AoEH Seraph
posted 02-22-12 02:16 PM ET (US)     1 / 5       
Hunting elephants require focusing, if you get distracted, specially because they roam in pairs. If you send the 6 villies to an elphant, on their own and they harvest the meat, a single villager will try to hunt the other elephant if within his los and so get killed :/
posted 02-23-12 11:33 AM ET (US)     2 / 5       
It's true hahaha I forgot that. It is going to be hard and don't let the elephant rot some people kills it quickly.

I sometimes not, what I do I don't hunt them instead I try to find berries as berries more food than elephant it will depend if I am in need of the elephant. However, leaving 4 villagers on it will not be bad but the best as Max_Crazy explains between 6 or 8.

There are some sort of many tricks I know some of them which you can improve resource like pit a bit far from tree not pit on the tree but a bit far so villagers can walk but it will depend on the terrain if it's elevation or plain terrain some Vietnamese or Chinese don't bother they will place pit there sometimes and hilariously wins the match like shenglong.

I'd change my playstyle to be more instinctly than theorically but I still follow building order pattern to have advantage of people that don't know.
posted 02-24-12 07:50 PM ET (US)     3 / 5       
Look at the Minoan Fastboom, and it's Persian Hil Counterpart. From what I've seen, a few people have been able to get under 12:00 Bronze, and Wedsaz (supposedly, at least) got 10:56 Bronze.
posted 02-25-12 01:19 PM ET (US)     4 / 5       
12 villager is no good with only 16 or 12 pop villager. A good fast bronze in my opinion should be between 10 and 11 minutes; 12 is too risky that the other player can build massive defense and stop your rush quickly.

Persian is still the fastest civilization to bronze in 10 or 11 minutes even so, people had done 9 at I watched it before. But, wedsaz minoan fastboom doesn't sounds bad if only attack land but if you want to attack water sounds really bad. The real problem with these strats a build order you do wrong and you bronze slower it would be a dying strat. For fast bronze I'd prefer to have at least 20 villagers instead of getting only 12 or 16.

You can also do a bronze in 12 with pop 24 villagers plus 5 fishing boats that will be like pop 28 or 29. I'd rather prefer to bronze in 12:30 or 12:45 with more pop as that you can totally killed the other guy really fast.
posted 02-25-12 04:02 PM ET (US)     5 / 5       
Sun_Cam_Popov posts I've read some of his thread and yes he clearly booms in bronze between 13:40, 14:40 and 15 minutes a wise player. So many players thinks they are better just because they managed a 12:40 bronze or 13 with only 26 or 28 villagers; wich it's probably the reason of why I remember Mosco used to be unbeaten at hill country at zone on the latin area. He used to do a bronze in 13 or 13:25 or 13:40 with 28 or 27 then he booms really well and walls, he gathers tons of wood more than just playing fast rotations. However, he can be beaten if you build inside his base as he builds archery range inside his base and then at bronze he creates a lot of villagers he booms and and outnumbers your poor fast bronze in 12:40 or 13 with 27 against someone who is only defending inside his walls.

I remember jojo an old zone player that used to be on GR # 3 ranking RM Egyptian told me you need fat wood he played at CGA and ranked like 8 at Hill Country with Chinese and Vietnamese and he's Korean.

Even if you get the best map if you can boom 32 or 34 villagers imagine you tool at 8:20 minutes with 20 villagers
which can be done balance wood I mean have on the 1st pit 6 or 7 villagers and have more food than wood so you can create more villagers and stop at pop 33 or 34 there is no much difference usually a fast bronze in 14:30 or so; one of the best strats I'd tested but only with a really good map; you can even do a 2 v 1 vs some normal fast bronzes lol.
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