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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Age of Empires Heaven » Forums » Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition » Remake of aoe ror expansion and reg petition to microsoft request
Topic Subject:Remake of aoe ror expansion and reg petition to microsoft request
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posted 07-22-10 09:41 PM ET (US)         
i want to start a petition and spread this to a few different aoe ror areas in request that microsoft remake the origonal games. hoping to get couple thousand fans woudl be awesome what i would like to see persoanally is ai increase and graphic increase to about the aok level. not the aoe 3 that would ruin it. but a few things to increase kepp all the same fix bugs also more civs and campaigns and etc. what do you think comment here and if interested i want a mod to hit me up and talk about signing one, also hate mail to this or unreasonable denial comments willl get a result of me cussing u out and a friend screwing up ur com LONG LIVE AOE ROR EXPANSION
posted 08-03-10 05:41 PM ET (US)     26 / 34       
And yeah, Spartan has been under development for a while now, but I bet it won't be the same as aoe
Nothing will be the same as AoE!
Where have you been Stevie?
I started a new job in December which sucked up all my energy and time! I moved into a new house during June and have only just started finding time for myself.

I am working as a Junior Developer but during my entire time I have been doing as much work as the other established developers. I have also been going on training courses to get up to speed, so basically for the last 8 months I have been leaving for work at 8am and getting home around 10pm.
posted 08-03-10 06:11 PM ET (US)     27 / 34       
That is why I don't want a completely different gameplay just an update if not I would miss the best bronze time 9 minutes by vietnamese with persian. Raspatch its ok with some additional stuffs.

Yoyo_cl his best bronze time is 8 minutes. We AOE player are known for being fast, fast economy fast attack even in DM you need to click fast and build fast in just some minutes.

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posted 08-03-10 06:20 PM ET (US)     28 / 34       
Hey plismo,

I was planning on flipping the game on its head with the Age of Heroes mod. You would get wall and towers in the first age (new) to effectively turtle early. I was also looking at adding plenty of new barracks units which would contain more alternatives to the standard bronze archer wars.

Ancient warfare was more about spearmen than chariot archers, dont you think?
posted 08-03-10 06:32 PM ET (US)     29 / 34       
Well, I have read some about the egyptians, and it seems like their war with hittite were mostly chariot war, but was only egy and hittite

I agree with you Ras though, CA and cavs is getting boring after a while
posted 08-03-10 06:42 PM ET (US)     30 / 34       
Yeah it sounds good man. If you see the picture on the book you see an elephant with three archers on top and also the war elephant it has some kind of spears. My friend virrey said that hittite invented the 3 person chariot archer that is why hittite got +1 attack and also assyrian got the best arc for bowman.

Before Christ age would be good also before turtle age hehe were people fought with stones, you see more people throwing stones hunting mammoth and some ancient sable tigers will be cool and you can make a cheap tower ouf of wood I guess they use trees as towers to watch far with fire and it will be also cool to add night, rain, snow, storms, etc... effects like warcraft 3 when it turns night you see the fire and flames. Houses made of mud how is that call you can put an effect villagers getting mud and water . Yo could also add walls made of wood or mud or even cutten trees.

Would also be good to have a navy battle with storm on top weather effects.

Add more variety of animals to hunt and better terrain to build in uphills disabling unable to build on uphills and downhills like conquerors.

At conquerors they tried to make every unit useful by upgrading the scout and I don't know what is the name I dont play too much Conquerors.

You could make a wonder use for defending like conquerors like using castle.

Adding more ages will require to add faster gathering you can rush at turtle age or before christ age haha.

Villagers you use their axes or spears for defense or armed them with armor so villagers can survive mor rushes.

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posted 08-04-10 05:03 AM ET (US)     31 / 34       
Scout -> Light Cavalry -> Hussar

But light cavalry sucks, scouts are only for scouting because villagers win them 1v1 with loom. Hussars are quite good though.

Should be some sort of upgrade for scout, slingers and archers in brozne age because they didn't just invent new units in a new age, they upgraded the existing ones.

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posted 08-07-10 00:30 AM ET (US)     32 / 34       
Villagers still runs out really quick upgrading scouts will be better tool rush also villagers will not escape easily from them at bronze, also their cost is 100 people I think will not spend it just for scouting but if they can chase villagers quick only palmyran and macedonian will be at disadvantage. Macedonian villagers should have 8% movespeed, work on farms and wood can carry more and faster work like 1.5% faster will be fair and 20 hp more and palmyran villager should have +2 melee armor and +1 vs archers so lions won't easily kill palmyran villagers on no reveal setts and tool rush will be safer for palmyran instead of having 50% work it should be reduce to 38% to be fair or they can easily tower rush the map on bronze age

Believe me in normal game I can make 24 villagers and tool at 10 minutes with palmyran if I get a good map its like having 28 villagers, so 50% its so much haha.

Persians should have also faster % on farming and also they need to mine faster so they can defend with towers.

You should add choson at bronze age at least camels because they are probably the weakest at bronze age or give them hoplites bonus like legion bonus and romans can attack with slingers and chariots however, I don't think its effective against many CA or Compies they use calvaries mainly online.
Give roman barracks army be train faster.

Change cataphract upgrade to be cheaper and also legions should be cheaper.

Try 4 slingers from greeks and 6 hoplites vs 9 composite bowman both bronze upgrades including missile weapons and everything needed. Put the hoplites to suffer the damage so slingers can take no dmg from compies. Now try this 4 slingers and 6 hoplites from macedonian vs 4 slingers and 6 hoplites from greeks macedonian wins, also macedonian hoplites beats out greeks on 1 v 1 hoplites.

Try 4 catapults from macedonian and 6 hoplites vs any civ 10 chariots archers, it wont work with slingers this time worst with bowman on a real game you don't count them to be effective is better to keep only 2 types of units.

I only do bowman and hoplites against camels or calvaries.

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posted 08-07-10 12:05 PM ET (US)     33 / 34       
Plismo, about the greek hoppers vs mace hoppers, first hit wins
AoEH Seraph
posted 08-08-10 12:36 PM ET (US)     34 / 34       
you sure Basse? remember that Macedonians have metallurgy and if you're talking about them, in bronze age, all hoplites are the same, except by greek's speed and cartha's +25% hps.

Also i don't like the idea of the Hussar...that's getting this game to imitate the conquerors. What if there was scout and prodromos instead...prodromos were light cavalry after all.
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