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Topic Subject:New Campiagn Coming Rise of Assyria
posted 07-17-10 07:06 PM ET (US)         
ok as it says im creating a new campaign but it will be my first i am not using the composite editor and doing my best for a good basic campaign, my only question is when i am finished how will i upload it to here? and also is there anyway i can make the computer bulid WHAT i WANT him to were i want him to and etc. also includes like certian spots of choice. any info on all of those setting will be highly appreciated. also when it is out if i can get an awesome review on it that would be nice. It is being amied for mainly a moderate play and yes if you fail at a scenario it isn't because it is impossible i have and will play them all to completion with NO CHEATS and win so i know it is fully capable of being beaten. the main enemy is Hittie but it will not be based off actual history i don't have time to read about them. also when finished i can do an updated version for any good ideas and corrections. ttyl tell me what u think. and ask any questions.
posted 07-17-10 08:20 PM ET (US)     1 / 3       
Welcome Sasuna, you came to thr right place to discuss this except this should be in the scenario design forum.

But anyway,

All campaigns and scenarios are uploaded to 'The Granary' section of this site. if you go to the main page you will find a link to 'the Granary' from there its just a matter of finding another link 'Submit file'. Once thats done it can take a few days to a week before the public can download it depending on how active the moderators are.

Two ways to get the computer to build WHERE you want: First make a .cty file. Cty files influnce (not force) a computer player to build in a pre-set build plan. the .cty file editor is found in the Granary. However .cty files don't always work, are a real hassel to work with and the chances of complete success is slim. So the easer way is to use... THe composite editor. Sorry Gumble knows your reluctant to use it but it is the only sure way to get the computer player to build what you want where you want. The lattest version of the composite editor features the abillity to place building foundations in the editor meaning when the game starts there will be building foundations already on the map and the computer player will go build them straight away. When using building foundations in the editor remember not to move them once placed other wise they stop working and turn into proper buildings. The lattest composite editor is in the granary. or you can find a link in Zapdotep's 'Composite Editor' forum page.

Getting a review these days is quite hard as there are only a few (like Gumble) dedicated AoE heaven members willing to write reviews. But leaving a message in the forum is a great way to make someone notive and take the time to write a review.

Now an Assyrian campaign should play to their strengths Ie. the assyrians awesome abillity to charioet rush among other things. Good campaigns are not only historically accurate but are fun and interesting to play and nice to look at (Whch these days made a lot easier using the composite editor). Reading the review guidelines and the design help guide aswell as plaing high scoring campaigns like Andrea's work or even yours trully, Gumble is a great way of finding out how a popular campaign functions.

Gumble hopes these answers your questions and that you have found your place in this upside down world.

Too many people say far too much about Gumble. They also claim Gumble says far too much which isnt true.

One man's truth is another man's lie. Seek TRUTH to escape this moral mire.

'Experts' try to analyse human behaviour and the human condition and make grand conclusions. - Its the same as the guy who explains why a joke is funny and kills the joke.
posted 07-17-10 11:13 PM ET (US)     2 / 3       
yea it helps alot and yes i am making it gumble but i wont influence him if it isnt worth the hassel. personally i thikn the compiste editor is ok but a true campaign can only be made with the orgonial design and i intend to do just that if he build were ever then so be it, yes i understand it is up to their advantages and im doing my best to mix it up assyria is strong chariots so im a try to get them in some situations to be useful mainly a big fight and shit. and it isn't all kill to win . but like i said can make adjustment when it is out due to reviews, or request if i find it worth the time. but like i said as well it is my first campaign ever taking very seriously.
AoEH Seraph
posted 07-21-10 01:08 PM ET (US)     3 / 3       
IMO Assyria has always been one of the most fascinating civilizations, and i think the first real "super" empire. I can't wait for it to be ready (sadly i dunno if i would have time to play it before december)
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